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Ah Am Vers-EE-Tyl Too!

Rules!  Always with the rules!  While I am a fan of order, not exactly a fan of rules.  So I’ll post them, but may not follow them as such.


-Thank the person who gave you this award and provide a link to their blog.

-Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or that you follow regularly.

-Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

-Include this set of rules.

-Inform your nominees by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

FIRST, I wish to thank the wonderful people who nominated me for this award:



Without these two incredible minds, this would not have been possible and I would, at this point, be rambling to myself like some schizophrenic monkey on a drunken bender. And then there’s the armadillo taxi service that would be a potential source of amusement. But I digress, more and more is would seem, into a state of inspired lunacy which has its good points at times.  But to these particular two individuals, Thank You for your nomination for this award.  I truly don’t know what to say so we’ll muddle through somehow.

Second, I have included the rules for this award, and have posted them forthwith above the therefore and whereas and heretofore.  Thus, we shall toddle forth and enjoy the day, legalities aside, and raccoons in the fore.


Parte The Third, nominate 15 others bloggers for this award.  Do I even know 15 people?  I wonder sometimes.  But I’ll have a go and see whose names get pulled from the pudding bowl:

1.  Thirdstoryapartment

2.  Colddeadheart

3.  lifeintheblueridges

4.  creativenessed 

5. lillandjill

6.  atwlifethoughtsandfitness

7.  ames

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9.  babybellykelli

10.  ideascausechange

11. sarahonthego

12.  deanjbaker

13.  bobwhitehand

14.  karmicdiva

15.  GabrielaVargas

Third Parte Plus One, tell 7 things about yourself.  Are you REALLY sure you want to delve into that right now?

  • I have two-toned eyes (brown in the middle and hazel around)
  • While I do enjoy lots of coffee, the occasional tea is much appreciated…especially if followed with lots more coffee….and perhaps a pastry or two.
  • I have a pet rock. No surprise there, but I get inspiration from it and have rather interesting conversations with it.  The odd argument (I win most of them).
  • I’m really a boring person most of the time, but get tired of the routine.
  • My favorite actor is Kevin Kline.
  • I don’t have a favorite genre of music, but have a rather eclectic taste.
  • When I was a child, my brother fed me dog biscuits, and I didn’t think they tasted too bad.  Kinda liked them actually.
  • Not always an idiot, just during the waking hours.

And now, got forth and be versatile, or just odd or perhaps a tad strange.

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Flash Fiction – Wasted Time

I was challenged by the extremely talented realityinprogress to write a bit of Flash Fiction, which is rather new genre for me as I can get a bit wordy at times.  But here are the parameters:

Flash Fiction

Topic – Wasted Time

Word count – 120

Mood – Raw Emotion

Genre – Realistic Fiction

He turned off the light and prepared himself. All the shades were drawn, all the doors locked. No one could save him now.  He removed the battery from his phone and set it on the dresser along with his wallet, watch, keys and various bits of loose change.

“Odd,” he thought, “this is much more difficult than I ever imagined.  How do people do this?  How are they able to look into their own eyes and do this?”

No more thinking about it, just have to be quick about it before he lost his nerve.  Stepping forward he turned, closed and locked the bathroom door.  He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and stepped into the *gulp* bubble bath.

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Creative A Bit Of Chaos

Each Day Is New!

Have you ever wanted to create a little chaos?  And did you?

Did you know you can create chaos without getting arrested?

You will probably get some pretty odd looks, but it’s perfectly legal and safe!

So here is how you Create some Chaos in your world……

Are you ready?

Sure?  Go get a snack.  We won’t start without you.

Do you need to feed the tarantula?  The snake? The dog? Cats are on their own.


In order to Create some Chaos…….change how you think.  Simple, isn’t it?

Think about it, every single day of your life is new!  A brand new day every single day.  Instead of trudging about as if you were attempting to pull the Titanic off the ocean floor, make sure to enjoy the gift of today.  It’s the only today you get before it becomes yesterday.  And….since you can’t change yesterday…make the most of today!

We expend far too much of ourselves trying to either cling to the past, fight the past, or prepare for the future, that we neglect the present!  Take that chance and annoy those around you by laughing more, smiling more, lighten up, have more fun!  Remember when you were a kid and you’d take off outdoors at full speed to a day of fun?  What happened? We quit living and “grew up” which to some people means you are no longer allowed to enjoy anything forevermore.

Have you seen those people who look like they’re angry ALL of the time?  Don’t they look old?  Create Some Chaos and BE WEIRD!!!

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Are YOU My Twin?

I wonder how many will join the ZenTwins is the destination for over-caffeination?


My ZenTwin From Anotha Mutha?

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Mental Flotsam

I awoke this morning, much the same way as every other workday morning, with great physical violence and verbal abuse being directed upon my alarm clock.  Then came the slow realization, once again, that the coffee pot has not yet been purchased that will bring the steaming nectar of elixir heaven to my bedside.  Thus, with immense effort, I pushed myself upright and toddled off toward the kitchen.  At some point in my sojourn, I apparently opened my eyes (most likely to avoid breaking a toe or some other useful bone by tripping of the odd piece of furniture), and that, in and of itself, proved my mental faculties were still functioning somewhat.

While waiting for the Keurig to stop hissing at me, a few thoughts floated through the open window of my mind:

  • No matter how fast the invention, it never seems to be fast enough.  The Keurig is fast. Much faster than my drip coffeemaker, yet I still find myself almost apoplectic waiting for the coffee to finish.  Computers are ever faster, but we insist they’re not fast enough.
  • Why did we decide to participate in the Human Race. Will there be prizes? How do you know if you win? Isn’t the “finish line” pretty much a downer for the living?
  • If we’re so genetically close to monkeys, why aren’t there more Orangutan Ice Cream Shoppes?
  • Every part of my body has been sunburned at some point, and you may stop laughing now, EXCEPT for the palms of my hands. How did that happen?
  • Why is it that the Mission of Star Trek’s Enterprise was “to go where no man had gone before” yet their GPS (aka Computerella) always knew where to take them?
  • We get upset when someone has the nerve to fart in the elevator, yet fish swim around in their collective waste all the time without complaint (and we swim right along with them in the stew).
  • How does Kermit the Frog know it’s not easy being green?  Has he ever tried being aqua?

At this point the burning sensation in my hand told me that perhaps I should have placed a cup beneath the spout.  The second attempt, if the lesson has been properly learned, usually goes much smoother.  

This, in turn, sparked another round of mental detritus:

  • Since yawns are so contagious, wouldn’t it be fun to catch a speaker’s attention and just start yawning?  
  • How can you know when I’m having a mid-life crises? Do you know when I reach the mid-point?
  • I figure time must be relative because every clock I see has a different time on it.
  • Cigar smoking is frowned upon, but smoked salmon is encouraged?
  •  Why do some put so much time, energy and effort into looking good, then get offended when people look?

Such is the mental flotsam that tends to bounce about the recesses of emptiness between my ears.  And now, here I am at my desk pondering such things.

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Wisdom McNuggets…

Sometimes the best step to take is a step back!

Some ideas seem brilliant until they're actually carried out!


Sometimes the best place to be is alone.

When you feel overwhelmed, don't fear reaching out.


Sometimes the path may seem unclear.
It that case, move a little slower,
but keep moving!



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Well Now…

YOU are inspiring to someone!

Eyes creaked open as the alarm rudely screamed its skin shredding shrillness!  After several vile words, some thoughts what were far from kind, and a smidgen of violence, the noise ceased and I had a moment to contemplate whether or not to take a sick day or not.  But I’m not exactly ill…..just unmotivated.  Why is that? 

I managed to accost the coffee pot, and having retrieved the soothing elixir, toddled off to the shower for my daily ritual (yes, I shower daily…..most of the time…..whether I need it or not).  Drove to the office, after having dressed, so you can stop snickering, and was still feeling unmotivated.  Nothing I could truly set my finger on, just a general feeling of BLAH-ness.  I began to ponder this, as my mind is wont to do. 

Did I get enough sleep? Yes, functionally speaking. 

Did I get enough coffee?  Working on that part, it’s an all day process of careful balance. 

And then, as I was walking across the parking lot, I saw it…a flower growing through the pavement.  “What’s the big deal about that?” Glad you asked, think about how heavy asphalt is.  Now imagine how much sunlight makes it through.  Imagine how much water rushes through.  And yet, this flower still made its way to the surface and shared with me its beauty. 

That is inspiring to me.  In spite of all that may lie against me, to still bring out some spark of wonder is inspiring and motivating.

Or it could be that I just need more coffee!

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Musing of a Wandering Mind

You can stand out just by being you


How many would admit to trying to “fit in” by acting outside of their own personality?  I’ll admit it.  I used to try so hard to find acceptance in the eyes of others and found that their “acceptance” was, more times than not, fickle and unattainable.  I’m just a tad different in ways we won’t be discussing here, but I finally found the acceptance that I craved when I accepted who I am……frightening, isn’t it? 

Look to nature to see this true…

  • How many colors or roses are there?  Different….yet the same.
  • How many animals are of the species yet have different markings?  Different…..yet the same.

So why do we try to be who we’re not?  We are all different…..yet the same!  Embrace your own weirdness and enjoy life much more than trying to keep masks in place.

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How Absurd!!!

I had the occasion recently to talk with a friend.  Yes, I do have friends and, NO, you are not entitled to know their names.  Be that as it may, my friend asked if we could talk.  

Nothing odd there.  Friends talk….talking is how we let someone know when we’re hungry, thirsty, happy, ticked off, and any other need that we would like fulfilled.  Talking is a great tool and a wonderful way to communicate.  But I stray from my point.

I met my friend for coffee (did I mention I LOVE coffee?), and could tell immediately that there was something amiss.  I sat down and said, “Hi”, at which point the floodgates opened and the torrent came gushing forth.  I started constructing an Ark, as a precaution, as the story unfolded.  My friend, you see, had reached the point of frustration about the purpose of life.  The frustration was such that I feared my friend might suddenly dash away to terrorize the countryside, burn, cause a bit of chaos and mayhem, and perhaps the odd looting, but generally just thrashing about the place venting frustration.


During one of the pauses for breath, I took the opportunity to pose, what I thought was a perfectly legitimate question: “Do you think penguins would enjoy chocolate covered pickled herring as a birthday treat?” 


My friend’s astonished, blank stare gave me the moment needed to have a mental pokeabout to see if there was any wisdom to be found in the synapses….when it struck me.  Or more precisely, I heard my answer!  The shop was playing some rather festive and catchy Mozart piece.


After my friend had managed to compose a rather rude retort to my inquiry, i.e. “That’s Absurd you absolute moron!,”

"That's Absurd!"

I shared my epiphany without being soundly pummeled.  I told my friend to listen to the muzak.  It was at this point that I realized that my friend had the musical ear of a deaf rhinoceros, and would require further explanation.  Thus, I continued:

If you were to put life on paper as music, you make a startling, yet plain, discovery.  Music, like life, can only happen to each part one note at a time.  It is impossible, and I asked about this, for a musician to play every single note at the same time.  It can’t be done!  Life happens to us one breath at a time.  

AND, I continued unabated, if you look at the musical score, you will notice that there are lots of parts but not all are playing the melody.  Some are playing harmony.  So must we consider that at times, our lives may be playing the part of harmony instead of lead melody.

We ALL have a part to play

My friend blinked purposefully as this nugget of brilliance sank into the synapses.  And I received a nod of understanding, or agreement, or boredom, I’m uncertain which, but the issue brought to the table seemed to have been resolved with the musical score example.

And, by the way, the zoo would strongly urge that penguins NOT be fed chocolate covered pickled herring at any time.


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Each of us spends our entire lives BUSY.
We're either busy living,
Or we're busy dying.

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