Blah BLah BLAH!!!

I am, by nature, a contemplative.  That means I’m pretty much an introvert and speak little.  I love a good read and because of that I can be somewhat verbose in my writing.  I’ve never been able, however, to master the “art” or “skill” or “perfectly dreadful annoyance” of chit chat or small talk. Don’t get me wrong, I can carry on a conversation, but I much prefer conversations with substance and depth, sprinkled with bits of dry humor.

I’ve never been one to understand the “need” to fill every moment with words which seem to have no point.  I overhear conversations every day that almost cause me cringe as my nerves die slowly and painfully along with any intellect which may have found its way within my cranial capacities.

Here are some examples of aforementioned actual conversations I have overheard:

  • “Getting your arm ripped off……that must really REALLY hurt.  What color were her nails? Because THAT would be the worst!”
  • “And then I was all like, like, like, y’know?”
  • “You haven’t seen that movie yet?  Dude, you are SO gonna freak when……….”
  • “And then <insert child or grandchild’s name here> did (or said) the CUTEST thing!  I know I told you already, but I’ve just GOT to tell you again.”

Other topics that might cause me to walk away include:

  • The frequency of your bodily functions. – As long as your plumbing works, I’m good with not knowing about it.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll visit you in hospital.
  • Your personal grooming habits. – While I’m all in favor of keeping the parks and playgrounds under control and maintained, the fact remains, unless I’m going to be enjoying the parks and playgrounds, I’m not interested in how often they’re maintained.
  • Anything having to do with “Reality TV.” – I’m not against people making a buck, but if I want to see reality, I’m not looking at a television.  I watch television in order to escape reality.
  • Unrequested cooking lessons – I actually had a person lecture me for 30 minutes on how their way of preparing Brussel Sprouts was the absolute best.  Two issues I had with this exchange: 1) you just spoiled my beer enjoyment and 2) I don’t eat Brussel Sprouts.
  • Lectures on the bad effects of coffee. – Do not, and let me repeat DO NOT, presume that I will for a single instant listen to this diatribe without punching you in the throat!  Coffee is good!

I am quite certain there are many other topics which hold no fascination or intent on my part of enjoining.  While I will respect the need to talk of those who are so driven, I ask only that my desire to not engage in such be likewise respected.

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33 thoughts on “Blah BLah BLAH!!!

  1. a god silence is wonderful experience and I think like should only be used when 1) you compare things and 2) you don’t quite ove someone or things

  2. amen, believe me, you do not want to hang around here in southern Kentucky because that is all people do, and it is worse.

    • Which is why I ALWAYS keep a book with me!
      I’ve been known to walk off and find a place to read (usually where there’s coffee).

  3. morezennow

    I can’t stand lectures on smoking so I am pretty much a loner and i don’t have friends that i hang out with because I hate idle chatter as well. If I want to blah blah blah I can do that with myself! And I’m quite good at uttering inane replies back! 🙂

  4. a bit crabby today are we?

    dont you know that coffee will make you come back to life after you are dead? oh wait, maybe it is that coffee will give you cancer? ummmm no, ummmm it will stimulate you and make you crazy? hmmmm i dont remember anymore but i do think i need to go find me a cup of it! 🙂

    • YES I’m a bit crabby today! I’ve only had 9 cups of coffee so far…..running behind and need to catch up.

      Coffee causes cancer AND Crazy? Can’t I choose? Oh wait…….can’t fight genetics or any other insanity, just add more coffee and let everyone watch the sideshow.

      Got a Keurig and next to an IV it’s the best thing ever!

      • its ok to be crabby. better to let the crabs out than to keep them inside and eating you up or pinching you nonstop! 🙂

        i just went with the good ol bunn.

      • Every once in a while too much steam gets built up between the ears and needs to be released.

        Coffee is also a GREAT way to relieve stress…..or just buzz past it. 🙂

  5. Oooh, one must be careful not to annoy or bore you 😉
    Anyhow I think you’re right – and your comment about reality tv is really (yes, I really wrote “really”) spot on. 🙂

  6. “parks and playgrounds” – more like “vast and deserted hills and valleys” at this point =]

  7. …tell me again what the question was…?

  8. Except for thatbit about the coffee, I’m with you Bud. Now, if I could just the ringing in my ears to stop.

  9. I’m so with you on all of this, especially the bit about watching reality TV. Television is supposed to be an escape from reality. Not watching someone else’s hot mess while in the middle of my own hot mess!

  10. Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. I have all the reality I need lately and it’s impossible to escape it. Coffee, coffee and more coffee please.

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