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Mellowosity….Where Art Thou?

There have been some events of late that have caused enough stress in my life to really mungle my mellowosity.   Stressful situations are not always unwelcome, because I have learned, and am still learning, that a diamond cannot be created without extreme pressure for a long time.  While I don’t claim to be a diamond, I do rather think I have some value.

 Enduring is much like trying to walk into an avalanche.  The things beyond your control will pound the zlop out of you while you attempt to tungle on toward your goal.  It’s the job of the avalanche to either stop you, test your ingenuity of resiliency, or alter the landscape with several of your broken bones to up the ante of your goal.

Never fear though, we’re not promised a jaunt in the jungle while we’re buntering about this place. 

 I won’t and don’t claim to have the answers as yet while the lanche is still pouring down, but thus far the journey continues.  Perhaps a bit slower than I’d like, but the goal still glows and draws me forward.

Meanwhile……..I look more like this:

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Seems like an eternity since I was able to collect my thoughts enough to put them down on “paper”, although in this format they are MUCH more legible, and far less confusing by the stream in which they joogle forth from my consciousness.  Consciousness……there’s a thought worth pondering.  We spend part of our lives unconscious in order to rejuvenate and refresh, yet our minds are bongling around with a gazillion and one thoughts that our consciousness dropped on the doorstep of our unconsciousness and then left the unconscious to manage how the pieces fit together and then grundle them off again into the conscious, where our consciousness either complains of being tired, or simply forgot what it was in the first place is was boogling.

Granted, the last several weeks have put the whammy on me and bashed my serenity like King Kong on a bender, but I’m hoping things have reached a peak, a plateau, if you will, and some sense of peace shall prevail upon the lands once more.  To be determined, of course, but then there’s always that bunch who insists on trying to plant their “I’m Your MASTER” flag on my peaceful spot.  Thus far, have been able to fend them off, but of late their attacks are becoming more vicious.  But enough of that.  I hear their flag fluttering in the wind, and I choose to plant my own, albeit it’s not exactly a flag per se as much as it is a mental image:

My Serene Scene Flag

Something that occurred to me just now…… I’ve given in to the temptation to get all in a blither about all that’s going on, that I’ve lost focus.  I ask for your forgiveness for that.  I have veered way off course and must now find my way back.  Might take a while and a several rabbit trails, but hopefully will be back on the path to weirdiousity soon.  Prayers and thoughts are always welcome.

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Boogle On Or Breathe Peace?

Do we honestly take the time anymore to seek for peace?  Are we REALLY so busy that we can’t take a few minutes to slow down for peaceful moments? 

Our lives are such busy tornadoes of activities, meetings, sporting events, extra-curricular activities, and driving hither and yon trying to keep up with everyone’s lists of activities, and jobs, and the carousel seems to spin faster and faster until you either fall off, or throw up…..(or both).

Why are we so busy ALL the time?  Is it any wonder why we have so many sleep aids on the market?  Is it any wonder why we have more and more stress related illnesses?  Is it any wonder why we have such a demand for anti-anxiety chemicals?

I took three days off a couple of weeks ago, and aside from the continual calls from the office, it was rather enjoyable.  However, I caught myself several times thinking of everything I wanted to cram into the three days, and getting tense trying to figure out how to do it all, that I have to literally jump in the pool fully clothed to change my perspective. 

Life comes at us one breath at a time for a reason. Time was invented so everything doesn’t happen to us all at once.  And yet we try to suck all the breath out of living at one time, and we try harder and harder to defy time so we can do more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to search for some peace!  I need to step back and take a deep breath one at a time.  Maybe even slow down enough to howl at the moon.

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Don’t Mess With The Car Park Girl!

During my sojourn about town, I happened upon this guardian of the gardens that I found to be fascinating.  Not that there’s anything particularly breathtaking about it, I mean it’s just an old hitching post, but there’s something about the feel of this place.  The history is almost palpable and oozes from every brick and sidewalk of this amazing town.  Whilst boogeling along seeking the unusual (not the weird) I was taken by surprise by the varying sights and situations that are all about.

One of the scenes I observed served as a reminder of the fragility of life.  I found a grave marker of Lieutenant Philip Harvey of the British Royal Navy who died in his 33rd year. The marker itself was pretty amazing, but it was his age that caught my eye.  Let’s face it, 33 is not old now, but during that time, it was quite the respectable age.  And the fact that a British Naval Officer would find himself being buried here in South Carolina humbled me as I thought about the honors with which he found his rest.

One other observation of my adventure…..Parking costs!  It costs you to park your car in this town.  You will pay for it one way or another. And, I’m sorry, haggling with the Car Park Attendant will not get you a free parking space.  Nor will threatening, screaming, debating, or otherwise attempting to scam by without paying.  The young lady in the photo below apparently was having a lively and rather animated (almost hostile) discussion with the attendant about his decision to have her car booted for parking and walking off without paying.  It’s only $5.00 to park your car ALL DAY, while you wongle about the city looking for things to purchase.  Let’s face it, the average parker will mosey around the town and easily drop several hundred dollars on paraphernalia and other chachkees that will merely take up space and collect dust.  Why the indignity of $5 to put your car someplace?


“What do you mean BOOTED?”

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It’s Been A While

Fountain I happened upon whilst strolling about.

I realize it’s been a while since last I posted anything, and I do apologize for my absence.  I took some time to refuel, reorganize, and to have a bit of a wonkabout.  In my strollings, several discoveries were made.  Here (posted above) is a fountain statue of Persephone.  Imagine walking in the quiet of the early morning, before even the coffee shoppes were open, if that’s possible to contemplate, and you hear the distinct hiss of water.  I peered through the fence and saw this statue in a peaceful corner of a courtyard. 

Since locks are there for a purpose, I chose to toddle off and await the infusion of coffee and then tonkle back to see if the courtyard was open.  I did and it was.  I sat on the concrete bench for over an hour just listening to the sound of the water.  Then I discovered three things: First, mosquitoes love the coffee infused bloodstream.  Second, concrete isn’t all that comfortable.  Third, five mugs of coffee and the sound of a waterfall creates a completely different pressing issue.  And so off I moved at a brisk pace to deal with the third issue.

After addressing the pressing, I took time to do a bit of wandering.  I like to wander.  While some believe it’s just directionless, I have found that many wonderful sights are discovered off the beaten path, so to speak.  There were sidewalks and pavements on which to tread, so I didn’t trongle through various people’s yards and destroy their gardenry. 

Also learned that one can look up and see interesting bits.  While the store is actually now one of those obnoxious high end clothiers with the pompous sales people, the building itself has been around for quite a while.  Just imagine what tales these walls could share.

I found this particular marker of interest because of the craftsmanship of the hand hewn stone.  But it also served as a reminder to get moving and not let life pass by unlived!

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