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The Good….The Bad…..And Stuff

I remember watching the old spaghetti western “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and thoroughly enjoying it.  Of course, the inevitable “discussion” arose between my brother and I as to which of us was the Ugly.  He claimed the “first born” benefit, while I merely pointed out that his being the first born actually meant he was merely the “prototype” and that I, as the newer model, was far superior in every way.  This usually lead to physical engagements of violence that only siblings can enjoy, which usually was followed by the sound of something crashing to the floor that should have remained upright and undisturbed.

Dashing from the room in different directions, believe it or not, never returned the destroyed item to its original undisturbed and upright position.  All that dashing about did two things: Let my parents know we had been fighting, and that one (or more likely, both) of us were at fault.

Over the years, I learned a little trick.  When my brother started preening and strutting like he were King Midas and he was untouchable, I would walk over to Mom’s lamp and give it a nudge.  My brother would turn sheet white, but would sit down and act like he had some sense (for a few minutes).  If he started punching me again, I would yell, “David quit touching the lamp!” and then I’d kick it off the table onto the floor.  My beating ceased, and my Dad would storm into the room with THE BELT! 

A word about parents….the are not as slow and ignorant or gullible as kids may think.  WE learned the hard way that Dad had already worked out the scenario of the lamp and had concluded that if one of us was involved, the other of us was also involved.  Thus, we both tasted the wrath of the belt.

I tell you this for a purpose: “Good Judgment Comes From Experience.  Experience Comes From Bad Judgment.”

Go figure!

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Zippy Zoom?

Why ZOOM Through Life?

We zip along through life, usually with head down, cellphone glued to our head, and coffee cup in our hand, all the while wishing we were an octopus so we’d have more hands to get more done.  Through our minds race the endless lists of what we need to accomplish, what deadlines are coming up, what we have to finish to reach our deadlines, which child has what activities at what time on what days, not to mention the myriad of minutiae that requires our attention and demands our time.

Then there’s the whole traffic issue.  Jammed bumper to bumper trying to reach child A to get them to activities 1, 2, 3; and child B to make sure they are at their activities 1, 2, 3; not to mention the gym where we’re expected to put in time and energy, then it’s home to race around to find something to feed the hungry herd, then toddle off to do the 1001 tasks that go into keeping the household running, and at some point we fall into exhausted insomnia as we prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.

Technology was supposed to help us have more “free time” and be able to do more in less time.  However, a couple of observations:  First, apparently technology allowed us enough free time to make more of us; Second, since we can do more in less time, instead of taking advantage of lowering the stress load, people are expected to increase their work load and actually work longer to get ever more accomplished.

 We bounce from activity to activity with increasing velocity, and the only way we know what our family looks like is when they zing through to grab something to eat.  Or we might be able to recognize each other from the tops of our heads as we go through life texting, emailing, or otherwise glued to our gadgets.

We take pills to sleep, feeling groggy in the morning, we guzzle strong coffee and energy drinks, and then wonder why we feel stressed?

Let me be clear, this scenario does NOT apply to everyone.  But it is a scenario that I’ve witnessed countless times before.   

Somewhere along the way, we seem to have run ourselves into a rut that just keeps getting deeper.  Why? 

Let me ask a question: When you draw your last breath, will you have accomplished everything that was required, or everything that is important? 

Slow down and appreciate living!  Take time to breathe something besides the fumes of the rat race rats.  Stop kissing ass long enough to actually see the sunshine.  Pace yourself!  You only get this one life, make it worth remembering.

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Heave Ho


Give it a good Heave Ho!

Balance……feels like we have a difficult time joogling along that fine line of stress and calm.  While my mind was engaged in aerobic processing the copious volumes of morning caffeine, we zingled through the list of today’s schedule and a pattern began to materialize.  I gasped in amazement as the image of a weightlifter formed within the haze of my mental fogstorm.

What amazed me about this image was the simplicity of the example.  Ponder it!  If you are lifting barbells, free weights, or whatever you choose to call them, it is important to make certain that you bung on the same weight on each end of the pole.  Why? Because a loud crashing sound will be heard otherwise accompanied with many vile words, various screams, lots of bloodshed, and many injuries.

Balance is the key!  Equal weight on both ends.  It also is most helpful if you make sure that it is a load you are able to lift.  Too much weight, and you’ll give yourself a hernia.  Thus, the idea of balance comes back into play.

Why am I cantering on like some insane beetle?  Hang on!  Here’s my point:

Balance in life keeps us sane (for some to a larger degree than the rest of us).  Too much stress and we find much pain.  Not enough stress and we find ourselves unmotivated.  Balance!



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Consider This Ponderance….

There are days when we see the world like this:Image

But the face of the matter is simple, storms DO pass.  AND they may seem destructive, but they have a way of bringing to our attention some things which need to be bungled off and mooshed away.

And if we’re completely (and I do mean COMPLETELY) honest with ourselves, we know that were it not for storms, we wouldn’t appreciate the peaceful times nearly as much.


Just a bit of brain squeezing today.

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