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Synaptical Stroll

Sometimes, you just have to say “WOW!”

I realize that there are times, more often than not, when my mind tends to zongle about zinging and pinging from thought to thought, every so often slowing enough to wander, and, even then, somewhat aimlessly strolling off from point to point.  Today’s Mental Constitutional consisted of following various rabbit trail and weasel runs through the underbrush of the cranial scenery.  Happened upon a few photos that caused me to pause and gaze in wonder.

 Upon losing myself in the process of staring at these images, I said to myself, which is a completely different conversation completely, “How is it possible that such sights exist and yet we miss or ignore them?”  Talking to oneself is NOT a mark of insanity.  However, arguing with oneself and losing said argument is a good indication that the pot of grits ain’t exactly boiling.

 Just look at these images and let your mind wander about for a bit.  That wander is called a “mental vacation” and is a very good way to, not only, relieve a touch of stress, but also to appreciate the world outside our cubicle.  Imagine….there IS a whole world out there waiting for you to discover and enjoy, and it starts right outside your cube.  Just a thunk of a think for today.


WOW Again!

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We go puttering through our day set on maintaining our schedules, appointments, meetings, and activities.  We are glued to our watches, cellphones, tablets, gadgets and gizmos.  We must remain connected!  We have to be in constant contact with our social group.  The one with the largest set of contacts is somehow deemed the most important?  Why? Would it not be much less strenuous to have a few close friends than to have a myriad of contacts you wouldn’t leave alone in your house for the weekend? 

 But my mind has begun zookling about like a monkey stuck in a banana field. We spend so much time trying to add to our social register, that we forget what it is to be human sometimes.  I overheard a young person (“young” being rather relative) boasting that they had over 1000 Facebook friends.  Which made me wonder how many of these “friends” has actually taken the time to talk to face-to-face over coffee or if there has been ANY meaningful communication between them.

 We are becoming calloused toward one another.  I saw on the news one night that a crime had been committed which left one person severely injured from the beating by their attacker.  Sadly, no one came to the victim’s aid because they were recording the incident on their cell phones.  Seriously?  Have we ceased to care about people? Is being “popular” REALLY that important?

 We’re becoming more like a ship out of water.  Not of much good except as a place for seagulls to poop.


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Boogle On!


Ever notice how every problem, regardless how deeply rooted or intricate, can be solved by the artful pursuits of the television characters in under an hour?  Or our beloved movie characters can bring worldwide resolution and peace in less than 90 minutes?

Guess what?  That is not how reality works!  Many issues have taken years to develop, and will not be resolved in an hour.  For example, people who want to lose weight should never try to “shortcut” to their weight goal.  Why? Because eating habits must be changed and habits change over time, not instantaneously.  Granted, life could be more interesting if our problems could be solved as quickly as on television………But we most likely wouldn’t learn anything. 

“Time is the great healer.”  That means time (and effort) are necessary to reach resolution. You can sit on the mountaintop and wait, which changes nothing except you get older without results, or you can take steps to find a solution, which brings change. 

It helps to develop a plan and get help to proceed.  But it also helps to talk to trusted friends who might be able to offer some new insight or perspective. So please, take time to think and for goodness’ sake…….BOOGLE ON!!!


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Whilst bungling about one morning, yes morning….meaning before coffee, I was having a bit of a stroll at O-Dark Thirty (wee hours).  Normally, I’m not one who enjoys the “bright and early” and am not among the members of the “Good Morning Club” of happy cheerful early risers, my membership card is for the “Don’t Speak To Me Before Coffee Club”.  But on this particular morning there was little traffic (miracle of miracles) and time to spend in reflection and ponderance.

 I do enjoy a good pondering and the occasional contemplation, for they keep my mind sharp as chocolate pudding.  Once in a while a thought will emerge from the mists of the cortex and bounce along the trail of the mind until it reaches a place still in operation and function whereby it can develop from thought into idea and, thus, into concept, and finally into something worthwhile.

Consider, if you will, the following:  We don’t choose to be born, but a lot of what we do after than is by our choice. 

 Yeah, it made my brain hurt too for a bit.  But don’t give up, keep pondering. 

 Follow the logic here:

  1. We are born
  2. We make a decision
  3. If it’s a bad decision, there are consequences and we must decide what to do with the consequences (get ticked off or learn from them)
  4. If it’s a good decision, there are consequences and we must decide what to do with the consequences (consequences aren’t always negative).
  5. As a result of our decision, we decide where to go from here.
  6. This continues throughout life.

I’m going to get more coffee now!!!

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What? Life can go on?

Volcanoes are dangerous.  Nothing new to point out there, except to say these people who wongle about poking into volcanoes to see what they’re doing is beyond me.  I know what they’re doing, they are doing what volcanoes do!  That being chewing up rocks, and eventually overindulging in consumption, projectile hurl their meal.  Destructive dingits they are!  As anyone who survived Pompeii.

However, that’s only ONE perspective.  There is another perspective that, while agreeing volcanoes are destructive mibbins, they ultimately create as a result.  Hmmmmmm….you say?  Islands are usually volcanic.  The only way the island arrived from the birth canal was when the volcano threw up enough to make it pile up above the surface of the water.  Then came the birds and critters who seem to have had seeds in their pockets and dribbled them about, thus plants began to grow.

Here’s my rather tedious point: Out of destruction comes renewal.  This applies to us too.  We may feel as though our life is beyond repair or beyond any hope of good.  Yet it is worth noting that from the ashes rises the Phoenix.  It may take time and a LOT of patience.  It might take changing friendships; it might even take professional help.  But you only get this one turn, make it count!

Boogle On!

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Go Ahead……Be Weird!

People fascinate me.  Yep, even you.  Why?  Partly because I’m a student of human nature, and partly (and mainly) because ya’ll are some REALLY strange and weird critters. Don’t believe me?  Here are a few examples:

  • Attending a visitation recently of a coworker’s relative who had passed away.  The guy in the box was dressed in a suit that no one would ever see again.  Many of the “mourners” looked like they’d just wandered in after a week long bender (flip flops, bathing suits, board shorts, moth eaten jeans).  These same people walked by the coffin, glanced in, greeted the family, then spend the next several hours grazing at the buffet that had been provided for the family.  Did I mention that three of the “mourners” showed in bathrobes, house slippers, and hair curlers?
  • Buying a car, that claims to be the fastest production car on the road, for the sole purpose to drive back and forth to work in rush hour.  Or how about those who purchase the outlandish off road vehicles that never leave the road?
  • How about those who are SO uptight that you would swear you could hear their buttcheeks squeaking together like balloons when they walk.  I would not want to be their doctor during their annual physical.
  • What about those who will drop $1000 on an outfit to wear to a restaurant and leave the server (who gave excellent service) a $2 tip on a $700 dinner?

People are weird!  People are odd!  People are eccentric! And, yes, some are just thoughtless, rude, and/or idiots.

We look at the animals and call them odd?  Look around you, if you don’t see someone weird…….guess who it is then?  😉

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Time Is An Artist

Time.  I remember as a student in elementary school, staring at the clock.  In my mind I was pleading for the minutes of Math class to MOVE FASTER!  But time is immovable.  Believe it or not.

 You see, time just marches on, with or without our permission or desire.  Time does not stand still, even if we want it to.  Time waits for no one.

 We can waste time, but we can’t horde time.  We can spend our time being productive or relaxing, but we cannot put it in a pouch or a bank to be used later.

 Our schedules are based on time, but time doesn’t schedule itself to us.  One might think we were irrelevant to time, and to a degree we are.  Everything works on a timetable, but we are seemingly the only ones concerned about tracking time.

 Why is that?  Why are we SO focused on time when we cannot control or alter it?

 Time is an artist though. Just look around you.

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Stubborn? ME?

How stubborn are you?  Some might call themselves “adamantly decided” or “unswayably determined” or some such rot.  But the hard truth is we are a stubborn lot.  I am not using the word “stubborn” in a negative connotation, so don’t take it that way.  Woggle back from the brink of stubborn close-mindediousness.  Stubborn can be a good thing, especially when it involves the resolve to make positive changes (such as drinking more water, exercising, reading more, discussing instead of arguing). Being stubborn can be good.

 Having said that…..brace yourself! Being stubborn isn’t always a good idea.  Have you ever noticed how stupid and stubborn go hand-in-hand sometimes?  It’s not that we, as humans, are inherently idiots.  Well………not ALL of us.  There are some who seem to be stubborn about that issue too.  Like the person who goes through the drive thru to place 20 special orders, or the person in the “express” check-out with enough groceries to go on a walking tour of the Nile, or the person who chats on their cell while standing in line at the coffee shop until they get to the counter and suddenly seem to forget why they are there and what language they speak.


I was told the story of a Cop (by a Cop) who was working night shift in the “wilderness” of the very rural part of the county.  As this officer was patrolling one of the single lane roads, his headlights revealed a goat standing in the road.  The officer stopped his cruiser and honked his horn.  The goat just stood there staring at the car.

 The officer hit his siren…still the goat stood there staring at the cruise.  The cop tried the spotlight and lightbar lighting the road up like a crime scene.  The goat was not impressed, undeterred, and unmoving.

 Finally, the cop decided a tazer might be more effective, so he walked up to the goat, and tazed the goat in the rump.  The goat pooped, but didn’t move.

 By now the cop was pretty ticked off, so he got back in his cruiser, floored the accelerator, and drove around the goat.  Looking in his rearview mirror, he saw the goat still standing in the road.

 What’s the purpose of this little tale?  I liked it and wanted to share it.  So there! 😛

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