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Time Well Spent?

Spending Time

Isn’t it odd?  Each day we have approximately 24 hours to spend (give or take a few microseconds).  Each one of us.  

Some facts about time:

  • It marches on at the same measure, even though sometimes it feels like it drags or rushes.
  • It always moves forward.
  • It cannot be stored, saved, earned or purchased.
  • Once it is spent, it can never be unspent.
  • We aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of time.

What do we do with our time?  Some of us try to cram as many activities as we can into the time we have.  Some seem to put in more and more hours at work.  Some choose to do nothing with their time.

Time is a gift to be spent. Time is precious, invest it well.   

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I’m the curious sort of shpek.  Nothing special, just intensely curious.  There are so many inspirations blonking about around us and yet we don’t (or can’t or won’t) see them. 

Spent time chatting with a new friend the other day, yes, I do make new friends on occasion, and one of the topics of discussion had to do with inspiration.  I asked my new friend, “What inspires you?” to which came a blank look.  This, in itself, inspired my mind to begin churning and the squeaky wheels began klunking along.  The more I pondered this, the more my mind began to aimlessly wander about.  Then…….like the piano out of nowhere that smacks Wile E. Coyote on the noggin, it hit me!  Some people are inspired to be uninspired! 

Now before you give me that sideways, “You’ve got to be missing a few beans from the pot” look, consider the implication!  There are some people who seem to be completely lacking in creative thought and haven’t seemed to have a creative thought in their lives.  Why?  Because they are inspired to be uninspired.  Some appear to be rather robotic.  Some seem to be without a spark of life. 

And then there are the others.  The ones who are find inspirationalosity at every turn and in every speck of floating dust bit.  Yet the proof is in the answer to the question, “What inspires you?”  Everything……nothing…..or “uhhhhhhhh…..wut?” 

What inspires YOU?


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Broken or Sculpted?


How is it that a masterpiece of sculpture comes about?  Does the artist happen upon the finished works whilst having a putter about the forest?  I seriously doubt it, but when do we stop to consider what it takes to create a masterpiece?  Consider this, the artist sees a stone, envisions the completed project, and then has to remove all the stone bits until his vision is revealed.  Have a stare at any floor of the sculptor’s workshop and you will see lots of stone bits, parts, shards, rubble, and dust.  If you focus on those, you’d think the artist merely took a stone ans smashed it to bits.  But look above the piles of debris and you will behold the masterpiece.

The same example can be used with us.  When something happens to us, either we can give up and stare at the debris, OR we can understand that the masterpiece is slowly being revealed by the chipping away of the bits that hide it.  I’m sure it’s no bowl of ice cream for the stone when the chips begin to fly.  Not is it a pleasant feeling when we feel the cracks and dust as detritus of our lives lay about the floor of our world like great piles of laying about things.

We are works in progress.  Masterpieces in the making.  When we hurt, it helps to talk.

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What’s It To You?


I’m one of those people who try to see things from a different perspective.  It doesn’t always work, but it does work more often now than it once did.  Takes a conscious effort, but it is most definitely a learnable feat.  It seems that as we mungle through our lives, we slowly become cynical.  When we were children, we were optimistic and everything was exciting and new.  As we learn to deal with experiences of living, we become tainted, jaded, and cynical. 

We may not have the life that we wanted.  We may not have the experiences we had planned.  We may have even had some horrendous experiences.  But as long as we have breath, we have a choice: either make the best of it and adapt, or surrender and be defeated. 

Some will look at this photo and see only a missing pane of glass.  Some will look at this as a repair that needs to be done (not to mention painting and wood replacement).  And some will see something artistically beautiful about it.  That’s not to say I would want to live there without the repairs, but for a moment, I can see and appreciate the beauty.

Cynicism is a drudge and trudge through life.  Why drudge and trudge?


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We seek perfection.  Just look at the advertisements that bombard us every single day. 

We seek THE perfect body

We try to achieve THE perfect weight

We seek THE perfect complexion

We want THE perfect car, THE perfect tan, THE perfect job, THE perfect spouse.

And the list goes on. 

Why do we seek perfection?  Let’s face it, if we ever become perfect…..what’s left? 

Hi, I’m not perfect and have no plans to be.  Join me?

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Just Saying


It's not over unless you quit

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It’s All In HOW You Say It!

Hrendar The Horrible


Viking ships appear on the shore.  Hrendar Wrathmunger and his Vikings stream ashore and rush to the gate of a walled city.  A tree is felled and used as a battering ram.  After the first thud against the city gates, a peep door in the gate opens and Hrendar sees a man’s face peering at his Viking Army.  Hrendar strides boldly to the gate and pounds on it demanding entrance.


Hrendar: Open this gate for Hrendar Wrathmunger and his hordes so we may have at you.


Mayor: Who is it?


Hrendar: We are Viking hordes!!


Town Elder: (peeking out) Phew! Might whiffy they are!


Town Elder 2: And the full body fur is rather off putting.


Mayor: Quite right! (To Hrendar) Tell you what, go have a bathe and shave, then we’ll chat a bit.


Hrendar: We are Viking Hordes and you tell US to go bathe and shave?


Town Elder 2: It would help.  Smell rather like sweaty fish, you do.  Off you go then.


Hrendar: (reaches through the peep door and grabs the Mayor) We are Hordes of Vikings come to ravage!


Mayor: All the more reason for a bathe and shave.  No offense, but being ravaged before is not exactly exciting, if you know what I mean.


Hrendar: (roaring at the Mayor) Viking Warrior Hordes have no need for niceties. Now OPEN THE GATES!!!


Hrendar and his Viking “Hordes”

Town Elder: (to Mayor) Oh, HORDES……with a “D”  Well, THAT certainly changes things a bit.


Town Elder 2: I’ll go and start the shrieking and terror, shall I?


Mayor: (to Hrendar) Sorry, no one is home, we have no need of Viking Hordes with a “d” today.  Thank you though.  (shuts peep door as shrieking and mayhem ensue)


Point:  Sometimes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it!

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Wide-Eyed Weirdiousity

Eccentricities!  Let’s be honest, we are ALL eccentric, weird, odd, different, strange, and very unique.  Guess what?  We’re unique just like everyone else!  But it’s our oddities and wide-eyed weirdness that makes us who we are.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  Think about the experiences that have shaped you.  Some are pleasant, like the first time you got to ride a bicycle by yourself.  Some are not so pleasant, like the first spill you took on that bicycle.  And some are down right horrific, like that awkwardity of a first date.


When we are faced with a new experience, we have a choice to make: Either we can let it drain us of our energy or we can let it shape our weirdity.  You are who you are on purpose.  There’s no accident in that.  Be Wide-Eyed Weird and enjoy your eccentricities!

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Keep Your Sanity To Yourself!


It’s in the silence that we hear life speak.

We bongle through our day, bouncing from scenario to scenario, sometimes from place to place, sometimes from thought to thought, always trying to stay in control of as much of life as we can.  It’s not that we don’t like the odd adventure, but we do seem to have this rather intense desire to control.  Let me change that to MANY of us like to control. 


Yes, I am one of those who like to know what’s going to happen, how it will happen, when it will happen, how often it will happen, and be in control of as much as possible.  Why?  Because if I can control the situation, I can control the outcome.


Sounds logical.  On paper, it diagrams out as a logical argument.  Let’s be brutally honest here…just because I wear a rubber chicken costume does not make me a rubber chicken.  It merely makes me sweat a lot and look rather silly.  Think of yourself as a surfer and life as the ocean.  You won’t always get the perfect wave, because you can’t control the oceans.  BUT, you can learn to ride the waves!


The key to life is simplicity itself: “Life can only be taken one breath at a time.” 


Shhh…that’s the secret.



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