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I Wonder……

What Motivates You?

I’m curious…what motivates you?  I know what motivates me and what has motivated me in the past.  Oddly enough, the motivators change from time to time. 

  • There was a time when an emotional appeal would motivate me. 
  • Then there was the time when a profanity shouting Drill Sergeant motivated me. 
  • There was that period when I was motivated by the stipend.
  • I was once motivated by promises, which usually turned out to be empty, so this phase didn’t last long.
  • And I found myself motivated by stuff.  Weekly excursions to StuffMart to get more stuff so I could add it to the stuff I got the week before and the stuff I had in storage.

As time has skoodled on the motivators had evolved, devolved, changed, shifted, grew, sprouted, pick what you want.  What is it that gets you moving, thinking, pondering, contemplating?  What gets your blood pumping?  What gets your goosebumps goosing?

I have discovered that if my intellect is stimulated and intrigued, I am motivated to think.  To ponder.  To contemplate. Hence, I turned to books.

Music also moves me to motivation.  Not just any music.  When I am feeling depressed or lethargic, I find motivation in music.

One of my motivators


Music makes me think, helps me dream, helps me learn!  So do books!  So do people!

What makes your thoughts bongle about like an electric eel?




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Hype? Don’t Need It!

Don’t Need The Hype!

Every once in a while, I feel compelled to share a rant.  This one has been gnawing on my cranial closets for quite some time and has, thus, fermented enough to be let fly before it explodes. I am not a fan or disciple of hype, by any stretch of the imagination.  

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy encouragement, but not the fakery of hype.  

  • If you wish me to learn, teach me so I may learn.  
  • If you wish my support, inspire me by fulfilling your word, not with loud rah-rah speeches
  • If you wish my loyalty, convince me through intellect.
  • Emotions are fleeting and change with the mood. Do not appeal to my emotions, for that is not lasting.  

In short, I will kneel before no one.  I will, however, give my loyalty to those who prove to be loyal.  If you‘re idea of appeal is through the loud and the hype…..keep moving, there’s no one home here.   

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Take Over The World! Well, At Least Change It.

We all want to change the world in one form or another. Yes, I know how Pinky & The
Brain-ish that sounds, but it’s still true. Be that as it may, and
let it lie where it will, but the facts are the facts…that being,
that all of us have the potential to change the world. If only for
that one person. I rather fancy you’ve already begun the mental
sauntering down the lane of logic here. But let me toss a bit of a
squishy rock into your path:
Yes, I do realize it’s
been quite some time since last I put words to screen. There are a
number of factors which caused this, which I shan’t get into all of
them, except to say study has been a huge factor. Yes, that’s
right, I said STUDY.
Those who know me, and have taken the time to talk with me, know that I do so enjoy a good
observatory sit where I can see people interact with one another. I
study people and learn from their behaviors. One of the things I
have learned, and yes I DO actually learn things, that my mind is
screaming to share is the gift of gratitude.
Gratitude, the simple act of expressing appreciation for the actions or words of another.
Some show their gratitude with the phrase “Thank You”, while some
prefer the dumbfounded-befuddled “who-are-you” facial expression,
and others opt for the tears-of-joy, whilst the grumpier of the
societal inhabitants choose stoic ignoring of the act entirely.
Did you know that the act of simply saying “Thank You” to others makes their day a
little better? Try it. You see, expressing gratitude is not only a
mood lifter for others, but it also has significant benefits to YOU.
  • Stress hormone levels or cortisol and norepinephrine decrease, creating a cascade
    of beneficial metabolic changes such as enhanced immune system;
  • Coronary arteries relax, thus increasing the blood supply to your heart (yes, you have
    a heart in spite of what you may have been told);
  • Heart rhythms become more harmonious, which positively affects your body’s
  • Breathing becomes deeper, thus increasing the oxygen level of your tissues.
  • In short, gratitude is physically GOOD for you!
If you’d like to change the world, or render someone else speechless, practice
gratitude; after all, you may not always see it, but you DO have
quite a lot to be grateful for…think about it. Especially if
you’re still breathing.



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