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A Ticked Off Rant


Have we truly ceased the mental processing of information (a.k.a. “THINKING”) and resorted to sheer absurdity? Is it really necessary to be so obnoxiously loud?

I understand the desire to get one’s point across and wanting to gain the attention of the masses so they will come and do whatever it is you’re being loud about. Yet the continuous “Rah-Rah” sessions of buzzwords, catchphrases, and other such nonsense is rather a bit much. Perhaps it’s only me (wouldn’t be the first time), but I and my ears, not to mention my ever melting mind, are weary of being bombarded about going to “the NEXT LEVEL” and going “OVER THE TOP” and trying to be ever more “EXTREME” to the point that my mind simply chooses not to listen any longer.

Sadly, it’s not just advertisers who have elected this method of brainwashing. When the barrages of horrendously thunderous attempts at indoctrination begin and their over-used verbiage doth hang upon the tree of my desire like rotting pilchards nailed to a brick wall, my instinct is simply to walk away and find something suitably less irritating in which to participate.

From my days in college, learning about many things which I have long since forgotten, one of the few things that has always stuck with me was this lesson: “If your product or service is worthless, be loud. If your product or service is good, you don’t need to shout because it speaks for itself.”

I ventured forth considering where to spend a portion of my allotted Christmas Budget. I knew the product to be purchased and I entered one of the various establishments which proffered said object only to be bulldozed by the sheer volume of their displays (of electronics, for I was seeking to purchase a tablet). I was almost gang raped by several salespersons each attempting to scream louder than the rest that they were desirous of assisting me. Apparently, they were ready to assist me in going deaf or receiving my first aneurysm. I honestly could not get out of that torture chamber quickly enough and left a portion of my hearing behind.

Once my ears stopped bleeding, I found a rather quaint shop which advertised the desired product. The first thing I noticed upon entering was barely audible music and people speaking to each other in a reasonable tone. I browsed for several moments and was approached by a perfectly charming salesperson who won my business simply by saying (in a conversational tone), “Good Afternoon, may I be of service?” It was as if the storm had ended, the clouds parted, the sun shone brightly, and the angels sang “ taaaaaaaaaaahhhhhdaaaaaaaaaahh hhhh.”

As a footnote, I PROFUSELY thanked the salesperson, promised them all my future business in purchasing electronics, a pint of blood, what’s left of my hair, and a kidney, should they need it. That’s how pleasant the experience in a calm, inviting, and not over abused environment. To the LOUD, I have no use for, nor desire to enter, their presence.

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Blog Opportunity Of The Year



That’s right!  Tatjana nominated me (Happy Dance) for a BOOTY Award.  Oh wait……it’s a BOTY, but I like BOOTY better.  Oh yeah, there are these “rules” that I’m supposed to abide by:

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So who do I think deserves some BOOTY?  My mind must ponder for a moment:



Currie Rose

Jam Cracker

Cribbings, my sweet friend!

Lill And Jill



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Before I *GASP* Die?

Before You Die

I can think of a few things I’d like to accomplish before I die.  And I can think of some rather outlandish dreams that would be interesting as well…….perhaps “amusing” would be a better word.

  • First, the one thing I’d like to do before I die is……well, NOT die.  Seems a tad obvious, but there it is.
  • Next, I’d like to conquer Mt. Everest.  Then again, it’s all cold, snowy, thin air, and a LOT of climbing about on icy rocks, so……..NO! I have no interest in that.
  • How about diving to the depths of the sea? The ship crushing water pressure, the creepy critters swimming and/or slithering blindly about……no thanks.
  • I would like to find myself swaying gently in a hammock as the ocean’s gentle breezes nudge me back and forth, whilst someone brings me frozen beverages (slushies, slurpies, etc.) and let’s me nap in peace.
  • At some point, I think I’d enjoy visiting several places like the St. Peter’s Basilica, the land of Hobbits, someplace without mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.
  • Wouldn’t mind writing a book, perhaps even one that made sense.
  • Find a nice talking rock.
  • I’d like to know what my dog is thinking…..then again, that might be a bad idea.
  • But for absolute certain, I would like to say that I left a seed of inspiration.
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We’re ALL “Normal” and Other Absurdities

I spend a lot of my work day listening.  LIstening to people talk about their families, their jobs, their fears, their likes and dislikes, their sins, their triumphs and their habits.  Everything that is said to me is confidential, just like in a confessional.  So, in a sense, I’m not unlike a priest, or sorts.

I say that to say this…listening requires that I drink a LOT of coffee.  Not as a means of staying awake, but simply because I happen to enjoy coffee.  Coffee is my addiction.  I admit it, I confess it, deal with it.  I like coffee.  The more the better.

Now, during the course of all this listening and coffee drinking, a few items stand out more than others.  The idea that we’re all “normal” is one of the concepts that people seem to want to believe.  Regardless what the situation or issue, people want to be reassured that they are “normal.”  This, of course, is a fallacy of the first order.  Let’s face it, if the cable guy shows up at your door wearing antlers and a Spandex Wonder Woman outfit, chances are, you would switch to satellite very quickly.  Why? Because that’s just not “normal” attire for the cable guy.

Let’s say you go to talk to a coworker about a project you’re both working on. Let’s say, said coworker, instead of discussing the myriad of charts, figures, and PowerPoint slides with you, simply walks up and wraps your hair in his wad of chewing gum.  After the violent assault upon his person that you would deliver, chances are you would speak to your manager (and perhaps the police) about your coworker’s rather abnormal behavior.

Thus, let me point out that people, as a species, are not “normal” because that would imply that the same standard applies to all persons and we know this is not the case.  If you were to meet my family, you would understand this a bit better.  My grandfather and his brother married the sisters across the road, thus shaving the branches from my family tree and leaving merely a stump.  My own father has a female cousin that could be his identical twin (down to the mannerisms and vocal qualities).  My brother has the distinction of tripping over a painted line on a basketball court and donking his noggin on the brick wall of the gymnasium, thus rendering him unconscious (and explaining a multitude of subsequent idiotic actions).

I, myself, had the honor of having to be admitted to the hospital for several days due to an injury received from falling UP a tree.  No worries, the insurance company gave me the same derisive snort and chuckle.

So you see, not everyone is “normal.”  Nor are we all completely abnormal.

Some of our other absurdities:
* telephoning someone at home and asking “What are you doing?”  (Ummmmm….rather obvious what they are doing, talking to you on the telephone.)
* continually pressing the elevator up button believing that such actions will somehow cause the elevator to arrive sooner.
*  If the previous action proves futile, we try the same approach but by pressing BOTH buttons.
* ordering a hot beverage, and then express our surprise that it is, indeed, HOT.
* a telemarketer calls and has the gall to believe that you are so enthralled with their presentation that you’re not about to hang up after uttering a string of vile words and creative phrases
*  drive around and around a car park in search of a parking space that will save us 10 extra steps.
* leaving a two pence gratuity and expect MUCH better service on your next visit (nd also expecting your meal not to contain the saliva, dishwater, or bug bits that your “shamed” server added to the “special sauce.”

Now that you understand that we, as humans, are a rather absurd and creative wad of cells, go out and enjoy your day!

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Curiously Curious!

Curious Kitteh

Curiosity has always been part of my personality. Spending time wandering about while my mind wandered off on its own, seemed to raise ever more questions.

  • Why is there no such thing as quiet cheese wrappers? If I even touch a cheese wrapper, I am greeted with an eager face of Abby, the greyhound, thinking “This One’s For ME?”
  • Why has no one invented “church candy” that tastes good, is quiet, and lasts for at least an hour?
  • Why do sticks not grow in straight lines?
  • Why can a bumble bee fly, even though, according to the laws of physics, it’s not supposed to be able to fly, yet a brick, even thought the same laws of physics apply, cannot fly?
  • Why does pie taste good and asparagus not so much?
  • Why does it feel good to have your back scratched but not the soles of your feet?
  • Why is it okay to scratch certain itches in public, but not okay to scratch others?
  • Why does food that is good for you a LOT more expensive than the stuff that will kill you?
  • Why does one of the medications that help slow Alzheimer’s have side effects I’d rather not remember?
  • Why do some think they’re more important than the rest of us? (“Don’t you know who I am?”)
  • Why are so many people wrapped up in the doings of “celebrities”?
  • Why does “Some settling may occur during shipping” usually mean you just paid full price for a third of the product?
  • Why are 10 ounces of coffee being labeled as a pound?
  • Why did Captain Kirk not use Cling Free to be rid of the Klingons?
  • What were the requirements for the very first Ph.D. awarded (if it was the FIRST to be awarded, who awarded it? Someone with a Masters?)
  • Why does it cost more to buy recycled products?
  • How did someone come up with all the steps to make the first cup of coffee?
  • How did someone figure out where to poke all the holes in a clarinet?
  • What’s the purpose of buying a super fast (and expensive) sports car to drive to and from work in rush hour traffic?
  • Why are most of the things that taste good to me also bad for me?
  • If “curiosity killed the cat” does that mean all nine lives were snuffed out at once?

This is how my mind tends to wander throughout my sojourn through the day and usually continues well into the night. However, throw some sort of alcohol into the mix and there are still lots of questions, just of a vastly different sort.

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My Ears FINALLY Quit Ringing

Beach Tree

Those who know me know that I like to think.  True, imagination can be rather creative and a bit pushy on propriety, but I do enjoy a good think anyway.  I’m concerned, nay, baffled by the ever increasing use of HYPE of late.  Yes, I do realize that hype has been around for years, and perhaps I’ve lived in a shell for most of my life, but the saturation with LOUD, FAST, IN-YOU-FACE, HYPE is not appealing at all.  It’s bad enough when commercials on television yell and scream, hoping you’ll pay attention.  Suffice it to say, I do not purchase the items that rely on that sort of “advertising.”

Consider this, I went to church this morning and the music was SO loud and the atmosphere was more like a cheerleaders at a football game than it was a time of reflection and learning.  I was appalled.  Please don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy honest enthusiasm and energy, but this was NOT enthusiasm and the energy appeared forced.  When the singers seem to have to scream to be heard over the music, that’s a bit much.  It wasn’t until well into the afternoon that my ears FINALLY stopped ringing and I could actually hear full sentences again.

Like I said, I’m not against enthusiasm, excitement, and energy.  They are wonderful qualities if you have a point of interest to make.  If you want to get my attention, speak clearly, concisely, with levity and brevity, and let me ponder your point.  If it’s In-Your-Face approach that you choose, prepare to watch my elbows and shoe soles as I walk away.

I am a ponderer and a contemplative.  Respect me enough to allow for that. Just Sayin’.

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Rocket Science?

Is it REALLY so difficult to grasp?

· If you would have a friend, BE a friend.

· If you want to be respected, RESPECT.

· If you wish to be loved, LOVE others.

· If you want forgiveness, FORGIVE.

· If you want encouragement, ENCOURAGE.

It’s not rocket science. Or is it?

“Life is simple. It is we who complicate it.” – Confucius.

Btw, if you want coffee…..make your own! There are some things I don’t share.

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Whatever Happened To Christmas?

Whatever Happened To Christmas

Whatever happened to Christmas?

Each year the adverts seem to appear earlier and earlier to “buy lots of stuff for Christmas.” Each year the commercials we are bombarded with spew the greed of “this is what we REALLY want for Christmas” sending the message that without such high dollar (and high quantity) items, there can be no love.

We spend untold thousands on gifts that satisfy for a moment, and then are forgotten. Or that are appreciated for a moment, then the giver is forgotten.

Christmas morning the children rush to the tree like rabid jackals, rip open the packages that parents have saved all year for (or flattened the numbers on their credit cards), and in less than an instant, it’s over. Giftwrap bits still fluttering, hanging in suspense as if afraid to touch the ground too soon for fear of being trampled. It’s supposedly cute and adorable to witness the precociousness of the child who smarts off when they discover that they got something they NEEDED instead of the latest “must have” item.

Don’t get me wrong, I begrudge no one the joys of purchasing gifts. I do not begrudge any business their profits. But I wonder whatever happened to the joy of Christmas?

We have a family tradition of reading the Christmas Story from the Bible each year (Luke 2:1-20), partly because my Dad’s a minister, but mostly because it’s what we believe. It wasn’t so much about the gifts we got as it was about family time. I remember one year, my Mom got a new refrigerator for Christmas. That was the best year EVER! Not because of the new fridge, but because my friends and I got to have the box!

Sadly, I will admit that I’ve witnessed many a meltdown tantrum thrown by some who didn’t get the latest and greatest whatever. I remember doing that once (and ONLY once). My parents took it back and I never saw it again. Part of Christmas is learning to be grateful. Part of Christmas is learning to give freely. Part of Christmas is about learning to let go of greed.

Whatever happened to Christmas?


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What Are We Here For?

“Why am I here?”
“What was I put here for?”
“What is my purpose?”

These are questions that have plagued minds for centuries! The philosophers pondered them seeking answers; the cynics pondered why pondering such ponderances so ponderously was so immensely satisfying when no answer was ever agreed upon (which is not unusual for philosophers, for they tend to be a disagreeable lot opting to disagree about disagreeing).

There truly was a train of thought, for which I purchased a ticket and apparently a distraction caused the train to derail.  Please feel free to hum quietly to yourself whilst the difficulty is noted, addressed, and sorted out once more.

Ah yes.  Lovely harmonious humming by the by.

Some would reason that our purpose for existing is merely a freak accident, and we have no redeeming value whatsoever.  To these people, I would ask that you do the rest of us a HUGE favor and cling to the exterior of the next spacecraft lifting off.  After all since we have no purpose, you wont be missing out on anything important.

Then there are those who believe, while we may not be an accident, our existence is limited to our timespan in this orb, after which we simply become a pile of chemical refuse, stinking up the place and feeding various pests, rodents, and scavengers.  Thus our existence serves only as food for naught.  To these, I simply say, please go ahead and lie down to await the inevitable feast you shall become for the critters.  Oh, and please, for the sake of the rest of us, use some sort of air freshener.  Odor control is the only polite course of action here.

We do, in fact, have purpose and a reason for being.  Just look around you.  Someone within your field of vision, unless you are blind or alone (which means you’re not reading this anyway, so CARRYON), needs what you have to offer.  Perhaps it’s a word of encouragement they seek.  Maybe it’s a hug, or a smile, or a word of counsel, an ear to listen, or that muffin you were saving for later. You have purpose because ONLY you can provide what you have to offer.

As for me? I’m here for the coffee and observation.

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Days Like This……

Normally, when we hear (or read) such phrases we tend to picture this:

Kitteh Soggy

However, not all days are bad.  And simply because we say there are “Days Like This” doesn’t make it a regrettable 24 hours.  Our minds tend to swing to the negative.  It’s in our DNA and it’s just how we are.  If you say you don’t….congratulations, you’ve just proven my point.  Having said that, every single day is a “Day Like This” because, after all, we are living one.  Each day is unique to us because we’ve never lived this particular day as yet, so it’s rather obvious that we’ve had days LIKE this because they may be similar.  But similarity doesn’t always mean bad.

Hence, some days like this might even be something like this:

Kitteh Spa

So whatever sort of day you’re having…….dig through your hamper, closet, or wherever you happen to keep your clothing and say:

Sassy Pants


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