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Welcome To The Dork Side


For my wonderful friend DOC this is our club!

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You CAN Fly!

You CAN Fly!

Sometimes the best way to fly is to close your eyes, open your mind, and spread your wings.

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Voices In My Head – An Answer to Rachie’s Tag

Well…….Thank you to my new friend RachieBear for tagging me in a post, as if there’s something interesting about what goes on in my head.  Shhh…The voices are singing Barbershop Quartet!


  1. Post these rules. (Tah Dah)
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

(The photo is how I see me and I have difficulty counting to 10, so we’ll see how this goes).


3.   Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post. (okey dokey. Might want to sit down for this).

4.    Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. (define: NEW PEOPLE)

5.   Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged. (Must I?)

Facts About Me:

  1. I’m an Introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m shy, it means I like to think in quiet.
  2. I, big surprise, drink a LOT of coffee.
  3. I collect Sockmonkeys.
  4. I read a LOT. Mostly historical fiction and textbooks, but sometimes something fun like “The Gunseller” by Hugh Laurie (yeah, the guy from House). Sometimes I even read between the lines of a conversation.
  5. I have a specific place where I sit when I go to my favorite pub. If my seat isn’t available, I go home.
  6. I sing very loudly when I’m alone in the car (with the windows up).
  7. I love squirrels. They’re funny, adorable, and tasty.
  8. I have a greyhound who is SUCH a Drama Queen she should have been in “The Birdcage” with Hank Azaria, Robin Williams, and Nathan Lane.
  9. I am a dog person. Not because I dislike cats, but dogs are fun while cats make me feel like I’m their employee.
  10. I have a something called Misophonia (when I concentrate and focus, noises I can’t control piss me off), which makes for an interesting life.

Questions from Rachie for Moi:


  1. What Is Your Super Hero Name? (If you haven’t already made one for yourself this is your chance to make one up).  I am (dun dun DUHHHHHH), MANATEE MAN!  I am cuddly and can be docile in a split second.  My superpower is looking adorable in water.
  2. What was the last thing that actually made you laugh out loud? I suppose you mean besides seeing my reflection in the mirror as I exited the shower, soooooo I’ll have to go with the dude next to me at the stoplight; he was on his cellphone arguing with someone (I could hear through my closed windows). He stopped to sip his Starbucks coffee and the lid came off.  His expression as the hot coffee dribbled on his suit and into his lap was priceless!
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush? It was and still is Helen Hunt. There’s a story there we won’t get into.
  4. What foods are your picky about, and why? I am very picky about the food that goes into my mouth. Not so much about the food I wear as clothing (also known as dribbles). Why? Because I like the things I ingest to be recognizable to me as something I want inside of me.
  5. What do you hope people will remember about you? I don’t want to be remembered consciously. I want to be incorporated into their lives where they don’t even know I’m gone.
  6. What is the worst pick-up line that’s been tried on you? I can honestly say I’ve never had a pick-up line used on me. Well, not that I’m aware of.
  7. Do you play an instrument and which instrument? If you are asking if I play an instrument well, then NO.  But I do sing (in the car) and I once played the saxophone.
  8. When you hear the word “prayer” what are your first thoughts? My first thoughts are “continuously” because prayer, to me, is a conversation.
  9.  Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid, and what was their name? As a kid? Jeremy is still with me. We talk often, which might explain the weird looks I get.
  10. If you could pluck one memory from your head and record it on a DVD to share with others, what would it be? I can’t think of anything worthy of a DVD that has happened (well, anything I should put on a DVD anyway).
  11. Do you think the nature of time is linear? Why or why not? I believe time is more oblong than linear. I think that way because that stupid thing I do today will eventually come back to bite me. It can’t come back on a line. No, I’m not a scientist and it shows.



Eleven Random Questions for the Taggees:


  1. What is your quest?
  2. If you could select any character from the Big Bang Theory to describe yourself, which one would you select and why?
  3. When was the last time you laughed hard enough to snort (aka Donkey Honk) and what was so funny?
  4. If you could travel anywhere and live all expenses paid for a year, where would that be? (No you may not select Uranus. Stop giggling!)
  5. What was the last book you read that you actually enjoyed and why would you recommend it?
  6. What is your motto or mantra for your life?
  7. You have one chance to witness first hand any event, you cannot alter it only witness it, what would it be?
  8.  A book is being written about your life by an observer, what would the title be?
  9. What would creep you out the most? (seeing me naked is NOT an acceptable answer!)
  10. You have a friend who really needs a laugh, how do you get them to laugh? (dress in a hamster suit and dance the Macarena is funny)
  11. What is the worst pick-up line you have heard used that worked?

You’ve Been Tagged:


The Fabulous LaLa






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Perhaps I’m A Smart Aleck

Perhaps I'm A Smart Aleck

I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop (office away from the office) doing the research and observing that I so enjoy, when a rather boisterous friend came in. Apparently my expression was not as inviting as she would want, so she made a b-line to my table and said, in a rather loud tone, “What’s wrong with you?”

I met her gaze, smiled, and replied quietly, “I’m working on research for a presentation.” And returned to my observing of humanity and its interactions.

My response, apparently, bounced off her understanding like a bullet hitting a steel block, and she said in an even louder tone, “Why are you watching all these people?”

So much for my unobtrusive research! Again, I met her gaze, smiled (or grimaced, as the perspective might interpret), and asked quietly (yet insincerely), “Is there something you want or need?” She gave me a confused expression as though I had asked her to solve for pi to the 1,000,032 point. I even thought she had suddenly developed a tic of sorts, as if her circuits were shorting out.

She plopped down, uninvited I might add, in the chair across from me, almost toppling my coffee, leaned over the table to look right into my eyes and said, “Why are you always SO QUIET?”

By now, my head was about to explode, and I honestly tried to stop the words from blazing forth like a cannon shot, but they were out before I could manage, “Because YOU WON’T BE!”

Perhaps, it was because she got angry by that response; perhaps, she got her feelings hurt; perhaps, her mind imploded at the notion. Sara hasn’t spoken to me since.

I do enjoy the quiet. It’s like a vacation.

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Confessions of a Coffee Fiend

coffee and writingI have some favorite past times: reading, coffee, writing, coffee, thinking, coffee, dreaming, oh, and coffee.  Hopefully you picked up on the theme here. I love coffee.  Not in that creepy, “I Love You Man,” sort of way, rather an intense enjoyment of copious amounts of this dark nectar.  My day begins with coffee and usually ends with it too.  Not to mention the volumes between.

One might think that all this coffee would create indigestion or, at least, jitters. But I have found that it sparks my imagination and helps this introvert deal with the gaggle of extroverts.  Let’s face it, it’s bad form to speak with your mouth full. Thus, coffee allows me the opportunity to sip and remain quietly within my own fortress, speaking only when I have something to say. 

More times than not, I venture forth boldly to my office away from the office, get my juicings of that naughty bean we call coffee, find a table away from the herd, and ponder. Sometimes a thought will bing around my brain until it thonks firmly at the feet of my consciousness begging to be written down, much like a dog anxious to go for a walk.

The other day I witnessed a phenomenon that completely baffled and befuddled me. Yes, that would encompass any number of situations, but this one actually made me wonder about humanity.  Whilst I was enjoying my much needed caffeine, a group of young people came in.  I say “young” because they were younger than me and that could be quite the range.  But they excited got their “coffee” amidst their animated discussions about who likes who, what teacher “sucks the big one,” how lame their parents/siblings/anyone not them were, and just as my mind began to reel from this cacophonous revelry, I noticed that their “coffee” was more cream and sugar than actual coffee.  As a matter of face, it looked more like a milkshake that anything resembling the beverage I adore.

There was a part of me that wanted to run screaming from their proximity, but there was also a part of me that pitied these poor people who were enjoying their dessert beverage (I cannot bring myself to utter the word) with such enthusiasm.  Ah life, thou hast dealt a vicious blow to this poor soldier.

Alas, I will get yet another cup and ponder a while longer.


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Please Return My Mind To Its Original Upright Position


Last night I was perched in my spot, you recall that I have a particular spot at my favorite watering hole where I sit, enjoying a quiet sit and soaking in the words of a book when my peace was shattered by……a chatterer!  Please don’t misunderstand, I have nothing against conversation in and of itself, but I find small talk, chit chat, and chattering for the sake of making noise, to be extremely disconcerting and quite annoying. When this person sat down next to me, I did look over and nod acknowledgement of his existence and place in proximity to my personal space. And, upon said acknowledgement, returned my attention to my interesting tome.

This was, evidently, the incorrect move on life’s chessboard, because “Tim” (as I learned his name to be), thought I looked lonely and he had a story to share rather insistently (story, I quickly discovered, was actually a wandering through bits of his recollection where time, space, and coherency are irrelevant). I admit to the occasional chuckle with some “hmm”-ing, a smattering of “you don’t say”, and many “uh-huh”.

I seriously considered completely ignoring Tim because, first, I am an introvert and interacting with people I don’t know or particularly like, is exhausting; and, second, I was attempting to relax having spent my work day, as per usual, talking with and listening to others. Thus, as the opportunity presents itself, I find a place where I can invoke my Fortress of Solitude in order to maintain my sanity.

Since Tim kept jabbing me with his elbow during his wide ranging tale, I had reached the point where I was less than a breath from acting on the mental images I had envisioned over the past hour of his story (the visions of me beating Tim senseless while the Gilligan’s Island theme played in the background), when I was rescued by a friend (a large hulking mass of humanity) who sauntered up, blocking out the sun, and poked Tim with a finger about the size of my leg, and said “Buddy, scoot down one.”

Okay, I admit it….the expression on Tim’s face was priceless. He left fairly quickly for some reason or another, as my friend and I sat for the next two hours in silence as we read our books.

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Fortress of Solitude

ThailandIn her book, “The Introvert’s Way,” Sophia Dempling writes:

‘Aloneness is an external condition: a person without other people. Loneliness is an internal state. It is a longing to be with other people. Loneliness is how you feel about being alone.’

I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I have been lonely. But simply because I’m an Introvert by nature does not make me automatically lonely. I embrace my alone time; crave it; require it, much as a person requires air to breathe. As a matter of fact, it is how I recharge and recover from interaction with others.

Introverts, as a group, tend to consider having nothing to do as a day well spent. We revel in the quiet and solitude of being able to have time alone to do what we need to do. I, for one, enjoy thinking quietly while engaged in some task that doesn’t require a lot of extraneous thought processes.

She continues,

‘Introverts’ need for copious amounts of time alone is one of the reasons we don’t have a million friends. Friendships require time to maintain, and too many friendships take too much energy.’

Introverts aren’t afraid of people; we prefer a few close friends rather than a gaggle of acquaintances. We like solitude.   Solitude…that’s what introverts crave! It’s how we regroup and unwind. It’s where we escape the awkwardness of socially required intermingling. It’s our Haven; our Fortress, if you will. So,itude sounds inviting, restful, tranquil, and even desireable.

We need a Fortress of Solitude. Let’s face it, Superman needed one.

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Diatribe of an Introvert (Ponderous Pondering)

Diatribe of an Introvert (Ponderous Pondering)

Since yesterday, I’ve been singing “I’m An Introvert And I’m Okay” (in my mind). It’s a catchy little tune that has stuck to the walls of my noggin and resonates throughout every corner of my mind.

Honestly, I was truly astounded by some of the emails I received. People telling me that they, too, are introverts in an extroverted world. So while Dyslexics can “Untie” we, Introverts, can Unite separately.

There’s nothing wrong about being quiet and thoughtful. It’s usually a good idea to think BEFORE you speak (it helps one cut down on the amount of crow they have to eat later). Introverts are thinkers. We are ponderers. We are observers. We are unobtrusive. We are quiet (usually). But never underestimate an Introvert. As my Grandfather used to always tell me, if there’s going to be a fight, watch out for the quiet one.

Being an Introvert does seem to have a few drawbacks in that people sometimes think that, because we are quiet, that we don’t care or are cold-hearted, or even apathetic. Quite the opposite is true. We do feel, we do understand, and just below the surface is a raging storm of feelings we aren’t sure how to let out. We feel comfortable in our shell and letting feelings out is very uncomfortable. We do make good listeners though. We are like sponges sometimes, soaking up everything within range (which can be completely exhausting too, btw).

Please understand, I’m not and will never say, being extroverted is wrong, just as being introverted is not wrong. It’s how we are wired. For me, being an introvert during the high school years was absolute torture. As if being the “quiet one” wasn’t enough, add in acne, body changes, and an obnoxious elder sibling who took great delight in the fact of being an extrovert, and you have a completely miserable introvert. Because of being constantly told that I was “creepy,” “heartless,” “zombie-ish,” “stupid,” and the like, created in my mind a cloud of despair. Let’s face it, if you tell someone something enough they will begin to believe it (look at the advertisers who tell you that without their product you are doomed to look old and aged).

Introverts may be weird or odd or unique or just quiet and thoughtful. But the fact is, we are who we are!

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I’m An Introvert And I’m Okay


This may come as quite a stunner to you, so please have a seat or hang on to something, I am an Introvert.  Let that sink in for a moment, as your heart rate and breathing recover from that shocking revelation.  A sip of coffee or tea would be acceptable about now.

 Most of my life, I have been aware of this fact, but wasn’t really able to understand what it meant.  I was told I was “stuck-up” because I wasn’t gregarious and loud.  I was thought to be “odd” because I preferred the company of a few people rather than a group (or herd or gaggle or glaring).  As far as I was concerned, there were only three types of people: Friends (who are close and few), Acquaintances (those with whom I would be polite and courteous, but not permit to get too close), and Strangers (those whom I would acknowledge with a nod or wave but little more).

 It’s not that I didn’t like people (although some people I would rather enjoy life without), because I truly do like people.  Okay, most people. Well, to be completely honest, only some people.  I don’t enjoy social gatherings much; rather, I enjoy a quiet evening with perhaps a couple of people.  Sporting events, for me, are to be watched from a recliner with snacks, or read about on the internet tomorrow.

Now, just because I’m an introvert in no way means I am missing out on any part of life.  I simply enjoy life in a different way.  Introverts love to laugh. We have ideas and opinions. We usually speak when we have something to say, not merely to fill the silence with noise. Introverts enjoy elevator rides for the simple reason that most people will FINALLY shut the hell up when the doors close.  When I wander off to my favorite hiding place, I tend to read.  If someone sits next to me and insists on chattering, thank you for ruining my little outing.

 Introverts aren’t lepers. We’re people and we’re normal. We can be outspoken if we need to be, but we process our thoughts differently.  We can smile, work the crowd, and even be in the spotlight; but we find such things tedious and exhausting.  If I must “mix and mingle” then, trust me, I will need some peace and quiet to recover.  Those who know me know that I tend to get grumpy if I am concentrating and get interrupted.  They also know that until I have had quiet time in the morning, I am absolutely cranky and irritable.

Those who think introverts should just “come out of their shell” or “get over it” are complete idiots! 

Here are a few things I have discovered on a website dedicated to Introverts:


Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days.

Myth #2 – Introverts are shy.
Shyness has nothing to do with being an Introvert. Introverts are not necessarily afraid of people. What they need is a reason to interact. They don’t interact for the sake of interacting. If you want to talk to an Introvert, just start talking. Don’t worry about being polite.

Myth #3 – Introverts are rude.
Introverts often don’t see a reason for beating around the bush with social pleasantries. They want everyone to just be real and honest. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so Introverts can feel a lot of pressure to fit in, which they find exhausting.

Myth #4 – Introverts don’t like people.
On the contrary, Introverts intensely value the few friends they have. They can count their close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned their respect as being a person of substance, you’re in.

Myth #5 – Introverts don’t like to go out in public.
Nonsense. Introverts just don’t like to go out in public FOR AS LONG. They also like to avoid the complications that are involved in public activities. They take in data and experiences very quickly, and as a result, don’t need to be there for long to “get it.” They’re ready to go home, recharge, and process it all. In fact, recharging is absolutely crucial for Introverts.

Myth #6 – Introverts always want to be alone.
Introverts are perfectly comfortable with their own thoughts. They think a lot. They daydream. They like to have problems to work on, puzzles to solve. But they can also get incredibly lonely if they don’t have anyone to share their discoveries with. They crave an authentic and sincere connection with ONE PERSON at a time.

Myth #7 – Introverts are weird.
Introverts are often individualists. They don’t follow the crowd. They’d prefer to be valued for their novel ways of living. They think for themselves and because of that, they often challenge the norm. They don’t make most decisions based on what is popular or trendy.

Myth #8 – Introverts are aloof nerds.
Introverts are people who primarily look inward, paying close attention to their thoughts and emotions. It’s not that they are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around them, it’s just that their inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to them.

Myth #9 – Introverts don’t know how to relax and have fun.
Introverts typically relax at home or in nature, not in busy public places. Introverts are not thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. If there is too much talking and noise going on, they shut down. Their brains are too sensitive to the neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Introverts and Extroverts have different dominant neuro-pathways. Just look it up.

Myth #10 – Introverts can fix themselves and become Extroverts.
Introverts cannot “fix themselves” and deserve respect for their natural temperament and contributions to the human race. In fact, one study (Silverman, 1986) showed that the percentage of Introverts increases with IQ.

So……sing it with me: “I’m an Introvert and I’m okay……”


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Imagination. It’s something we all have, but not all of us choose to use it. Some are too pragmatic to enjoy their imagination, while some seem to indulge in the imagination quite a lot.

Imagination can be used for problem solving, as well as, creative outlet. The eyes take in and the mind begins to create through our imagination. In our imagination we can fly. In our imagination we can slay dragons without getting dirty. In our imagination we are the top athlete in every sport. In our imagination we are the best of the best. Our imagination is limited only by our……imagination!

Mark Twain wrote: “You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” (Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court). What does this mean?

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