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Wisdom Comes From Odd Places


It’s been awhile since last I put fingers to keyboard and mind to focus to write.  During my hiatus, I took time to ponder and contemplate (as introverts are wont to do) and I enjoyed one of my favorite movies.


One of the things about a good movie or book is that each time you view or read it, you learn something new.  And such has been this was no exception.  The movie I watched is, in reality, rather cheesy but I enjoy it nonetheless.  Kung Fu Panda actually has some remarkably insightful lines that bear repeating.


My favorite character in this movie is Master Oogway.  He is the gentle wise Kung Fu Master of Masters. He has many sage nuggets of wisdom to share, but here are my favorites:


One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.


Consider this for a moment. Sometimes we make the choice to try to avoid a situation only to find the situation staring us in the face at every turn.  Trying to avoid the inevitable is like trying to live underwater without taking air to breathe….unless you’re a fish, it’s not possible.


Look at this tree. I cannot make it blossom when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before its time.


If you plant an orange tree, you will get oranges.  You cannot plant an orange tree and get bananas.  You might go bananas trying to make it give you something it can’t though.  Be careful what thoughts, ideas, words and attitudes you plant.


You are too concerned with what was, and what will be.


Learn from the past, it cannot be changed.

Change your future by altering your present!


I am rather dorky, I know, but some things just strike me as interesting and worth sharing.


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Chirpy Beware!

I’m NOT a morning person! For the sake of those whose coffee may not have quite activated their ‘start’ button, let me repeat that: I am NOT a morning person. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against morning or its people. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

morning person

When I was in the military, we had to rise at O-it’s-still-dark-thirty, which in civilian speak means “just went to bed.” And what did we do at this glorious time of morning? Dash about with painted faces, hefting our weight in our rucksack, scampering from tree to tree like armadillos on crack. All the while listening to the sweet melody of our drill sergeant reminding us that whatever we were trying to do needed to be done faster, more efficiently, and with greater enthusiasm. We had to decode this encouraging message from the surrounding volumes of profanity, obscenity, and his doubts as to the legitimacy of our parentage.

Upon my exit from the military, my dislike of mornings continued with one exception, coffee! While in the military we were given many things, it just so happens that coffee was not among them. That’s not to say we didn’t make full use of the opportunities to obtain the wicked nectar from various means and methods, but I have gotten off task…

Anyone who knows me will tell you not to speak to me at all before I have had at least 30 minutes of quiet time and coffee. Why? Because, until the second influx of caffeine has been properly infused into my brain, my brain is focused on two things: breathing and not killing those who disturb this routine.

I purposely set my alarm to allow enough time for peace and quiet with my coffee each morning before toddling off to face the day.

Those cheery people who are so perky before my fourth cup has been ingested are like mosquitoes and should be smacked. My job requires focus and concentration, thus in order to be ready for peak performance, I do drink a lot of coffee. While this might explain the bouts of insomnia, I can hardly attribute it entirely as the cause.

I will mere stick to my original premise: I am NOT a morning person!

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Bug Zappers And Recliners


Many years ago, and no you may not ask how many, I was once young.  Chuckle if you will, at the truth. I was young….almost a child.  I thought the universe revolved around me and anyone over the age of 25 was an idiot.  Okay, some proved my point and some are still proving my point, but I digress.

I remember the days when we actually played outdoors. We had pick up games of stickball, basketball, soccer and tag.  We wandered in the woods without fear and rode our bicycles until the streetlights came on.  I used to ride by myself up to the corner store without fear to trade in soda bottles (yes, soda used to come in actual glass bottles. It isn’t a myth, it’s the truth) for candy. This was also before *gasp* cellphones and computer games, and we used to actually spell words out to make complete sentences.  Yeah…..and dinosaurs roamed the earth and we had just stepped off the Ark.

But all that was a distant age.  Time has passed and I have grown.  I would say I’ve grown wiser, except far too many have witnessed the idiotic things I say and do for that to pass.  Honestly, I didn’t appreciate listening to people talk about how things were better when they were young, and I’m not going to say they were better when I was young, because I can’t say that.  I will say I enjoyed my childhood, for the most part, except for the wedgies…..oh and getting my shoes glued to the floor…..then there was the time I got stuffed in the clothes dryer for a 10 minute ride….and the time I fell up a tree (yeah, the insurance company was skeptical about that too).  For the most part, my childhood was pretty fun.

Then I discovered girls…and life completely changed. But we won’t go into that phase.

I said all that to say this, the saddest thing I have witnessed of late was a lady about my age dressed in clothes that I’ve seen teens wear. That sight not only made me embarrassed for those of my age bracket (yes I’m claiming an entire bracket), but made me really not wish to ever go to Stuffmart ever again.

I have accepted that I am no longer in my teens.  I have accepted who I am and recognized what I am not (or will never be again).  I have accepted the fact that should I wear speedos I would most likely be arrested by the fashion police.  I have accepted that the all you can eat buffet is usually more of a courtesy than the issuance of a challenge.  I have accepted that I am no longer as athletic as once I might have been and that I enjoy sitting a lot more than I used to. I accept that my mind is not as agile as it used to be, and I enjoy naps more now.

I accept that I am not a spring chicken, but I’m not old buzzard either…yet….am I?

By the way, the title just donged about in my mind and came trundling forth. So there!

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Are You Afraid To Live?

carpe diem-1“It’s astounding….time is fleeting…..” I won’t ask you to take a jump to the left (unless you feel so inclined), but these lyrics ring very true. It truly is astounding how time is fleeting. Okay, unless you are waiting in line at Disney or the DMV, time is whizzing past us at a rate of 24 hours each day. While that may not impress some people, it is still the truth. How many times have you heard or said, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day”? Really? You get 24 hours each day to accomplish all the things you want and need to accomplish.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be busy or to have a lot to accomplish or wanting to do more. What I AM saying is, if we are so pressed for time, then something is going to have to give, what is it? Are you too tired and brain fried to deal with your family? Are you so busy that you don’t make time to eat properly? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you enjoying a sense of accomplishment?

We expend a lot of time and energy trying to do it all, and make sure we don’t miss anything, that we are aging ourselves with stress and strain. This seems to make the cosmetic surgeons and make-up companies pretty happy so they can target their customers with “anti-aging” goodies and services. But my question is “why?” Why do we have this compulsion to constantly strive to do more and more and more? Is there some reward for who does the most in their lifetime? Will someone build monuments to you posthumously, that you won’t get to enjoy, for all your accomplishments?

I am all for Carpe Diem! Seizing the Day and squeezing the most life I can out of it is always a good thing. But I am also including in my squeezing the occasional nap, time to read and relax. Seizing sometimes means “fitting into your day time to do little or nothing.” We weren’t designed to run wide open for long periods of time. To me, Carpe Diem is more about how do I want to be remembered. Do I want to be remembered as someone who worked so much that he got every promotion and yet had no time for friends and family? Do I want to be remembered as someone who studied all the time earning degree after degree but didn’t really do anything with them except hang them on his wall?

No! I want to be remembered as someone who tried to enjoy life and tried to share that enjoyment with others. Why would we want to be completely stressed out to the point of a heart attack all the time? It’s hard to learn to slow down and let go of some things that really don’t matter much. It’s hard to release that Type-A personality, that driven personality, that can’t relax without being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

It’s important to Carpe your Diem. To squeeze every drop of living out of every day. But it’s not a good thing to choke the life out of every day.

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Toddling Unescorted


Hopefully you can forgive me for my absence of late. I gave my mind permission to wander and I’m not sure it’s going to return any time soon. Thus, I shall seek to carry on while it is out boondling about like a tourist at Disneyland.

Isn’t it odd how people will say, “Oh, he’s lost in thought” simply because we are pondering?  I’m not lost by any means.  I know exactly where I am.  And I give my mind leave to toddle off on its own with a question so it can seek answers and perspectives. Some wanders take longer than others, which is why I tend to glaze over during long tedious bouts with “small talk” and chit chat. One of the pluses of being a contemplative introvert is that my mind is in a constant state of wander-readiness.  The downside of such a readiness is that, while I can usually remember faces or names, I have some difficulty putting the two together with any degree of efficiency.  Most people who are familiar with me understand and accept this, and will make it a point to tell me their name again and again, until I am able to put them together.


There are some who state that this lack of social grace is an indicator of the onset of some debilitating disorder.  To which my thought is, if you ever see me at Stuffmart sitting naked in a buggy trying to paddle up the aisles with a pool toy…you have my permission to shoot me (laughter is optional).

Not to change the subject too drastically, but whilst I am penning these words, one of my favorite songs from my childhood is playing.  It’s “Free Ride” by The Edgar Winter Group.  It describes my mind’s vacations quite well: “Come on and take a free ride, Come on and sit her by my side, Come on and take a free ride.” If you haven’t heard it, YouTube it and listen.

A wandering mind isn’t necessarily lost, it’s just meandering along the canals and boardwalks of thought, visiting different places, talking with eccentrics (as if you were the only eccentric), and then scrunting back home to sort through the collection of thoughts and insights.


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Illuminate, Educate, Ruminate


The candle is not there to illuminate itself.

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