Between Here and There

I was reminded of an riddle from my childhood:

“How far can you walk in the woods?”

“One step…then you are walking out.”

Into The Woods

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it was thought provoking when I was a child. Think about it though, one step can make a difference.

  • Miss one step on a staircase and you can trip or fall or worse. I have the distinction of being able to trip and/or fall without ever missing a step.
  • What happens when you “miss your mouth” when drinking coffee? You get scalded and stained.
  • Miss your exit on the interstate and you have to go WAY out of your way.
  • Miss one step of a recipe…..

One step can make a huge difference.Β  There was a point to make here, but I missed the step of writing it down first. Go figure.

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7 thoughts on “Between Here and There

  1. I like the connection you made here. πŸ™‚

  2. love it … and one step is all you can take at a time

    • One step at a time…I tried taking two sreps at a time until I was informed that was called “jumping”

      • yes and leaping, hopping on the other ‘foot’ is on one leg skipping a rhythmic change from one to the other, a little like walking and running … and falling well that can start as one foot but does often lead to both feet leaving the ground

  3. You dont necessarily walk out after one step in. Geesh πŸ™‚

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