And The Question Is…

Stress ReductionHaving a bit of a mental wander today. Part of my habit includes listening to people. And of all the conversations I have been party to, there are a few things I’ve never heard:

  • Will you hold my kangaroo while I paint the piano?
  • I really don’t have enough stress in my life.
  • I never learned to smile.
  • I like being around crabby and critical people.
  • Love doesn’t exist.
  • If this makes me look fat then I’ll just have to go naked.
  • Would you please pass me that honey badger.
  • I think I’ll start working on becoming an alcoholic today.
  • Why no, my poop really doesn’t stink.
  • Don’t need to turn the light on, the furniture will move out of my way.

There are probably more, but that would require more coffee and another mental wander.



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7 thoughts on “And The Question Is…

  1. I like being around crabby and critical people! Oh wait, that would be me 🙂 and I like being around me! 😀

  2. Nice, lol. I like the if this makes me look fat I will go naked. I would almost be tempted to tell that person… why yes, it does make you look fat 😉 Just to see if they would really do it, lol.

  3. well of course I can’t hold a kangaroo and paint a piano at the same time … or the other way around .. and every day is a great one to start becoming an alcoholic …and don’t we all go naked anyway????? PS just ordered the moving furniture am so excited to wake up every morning in a different room

    • Moving kangaroo furniture that paints itself would be awesome! And naked is a good feeling…might not be a pleasant sight for those who see me, but I enjoy their stunned expressions.

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