Inspired by…..Kool Aid!



Inspiration comes to us in so many ways.  Isn’t it odd how we are all basically the same, that of being humans for the most part, yet we are inspired by different things.

I find inspiration in the beauty of objects while another can look at the same objects and see only the utility of them.  One might see beauty and inspiration in numbers, while I find them to be a good cure for insomnia.  One of my friends is completely enthralled by the beauty that he finds in science, whilst all I get out of it is an annoying buzzing sound behind my eyes.

 I thoroughly enjoy the vibrancy of colors, being that I enjoy tie dye like a true hippie (except I do believe in bathing and shaving regularly).  But I have never heard of a vibrant shade of bright brown. Why is that? Who is responsible for the color scheme?

 Inspire and you will have given a gift of immeasurable worth.  While I do not advocate cavorting about in yellow pajamas out of doors, nor having a frolick in lime green spandex (gratuitous Green Lantern reference). I dare say, find what inspires you and share it with others.

 Speaking of spandex, why does that seem to be the material of choice for almost every super hero? Just a wandering thought that popped in during the contemplatory process.

 Inspiration…what is it that inspires you?  If you aren’t sure, perhaps this might be an opportunity to go with me to the grocer.  I always enjoy a wander through the grocer.


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7 thoughts on “Inspired by…..Kool Aid!

  1. Colors inspire the hell out of me…I can see how kool-aid would do that.

  2. I do enjoy spandex. I’ll even go as far as to say that the awesomeness of spandex outweighs the importance of its color. Although i do enjoy purple. I’ll even go as far… Nah..

  3. Yes, colors are great source of inspiration. The colors that inspire me the most are teal, turquoise, robin’s egg and yellow.
    Like you said inspiration comes to us in so many ways, and it always comes from where you least expect it.

    By the way, great question, the one about the spandex deal. I’ve always wondered why super heroes, who apparently are manly tough guys that fight against evil, prefer to wear not so manly tight suits. The evolution from the metallic suit of armor to the spandex tights should be studied by someone ha ha ha it would explain so much 😀

    • I LOVE colors and find them most inspiring. I would love to read the report regarding use of spandex by super hero types.

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