Not Sure What It Means But….

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  • I have reached the age where my joints sound like someone stepping on bubble wrap when I get up in the morning and stretch.
  • Naps are, once again, an essential part of my day.
  • The noises my Grandpa used to make are now coming from my own mouth.
  • I accept that I am sexy despite what people say to the contrary.
  • Thanksgiving now requires that I wear elastic to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.
  • Friends are more than merely names on a Facebook page. I would LOVE to meet more friends face to face. Words only go so far.
  • The days that are the toughest are the days where experience pays off! Patience learned from a lifetime of mistakes actually does have benefits.
  • I have still never used the geometry I was forced to learn in High School.
  • I still have a “thing” for the girl from my most embarrassing moment. Probably always will.
  • Time is not measured in breaths taken rather than rushed through.
  • Have never figured out how to win at poker. Okay, played Strip Poker a few times and lost on purpose. šŸ˜‰
  • Broccoli and Asparagus are still, and forever will be, PURE EVIL!
  • My imagination is still extremely active and highly creative. Just sayin’.
  • Find a place where you can relax, and visit often.
  • Spend time laughing and being silly every day!
  • Cry when your heart hurts.
  • Share love with someone every day!
  • Oh, and if you’ve read this far…….Thank You!
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13 thoughts on “Not Sure What It Means But….

  1. I hate the holidays! Broccoli and asparagus rock, love them. I need more relaxing!

    • I love the season, but hate the holidays. You, my friend, can have ALL the broccoli AND asparagus. I will not fight you on that, although I might chuckle at the broccoli stuck in your teeth. More relaxing……how might I help you with that? To relax one must pursue an activity one enjoys OR not participate in any activity at all. I kniw that is difficult, it has taken me years to discover and it is still a struggle.

  2. Enjoyed reading this…

  3. All caught up again – you’ve been doing a lot of pondering since my last visit!
    And I have to agree with allthewaydoc, broccoli and aparagus rock.

  4. I too have to wear expandable pants for the holidays….

    Great pond earrings, my friend. šŸ™‚

  5. Damn auto correct! PONDERINGS!

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