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Exploring The Abandoned


Yesterday was an interesting day.  I accompanied a friend and we explored one of the long forgotten buildings on the grounds of a psychiatric facility.  The building we explored was where once was housed the “patients” who could not be allowed to mix with the general population of the area.  The facility was now very creepy looking due to the fact that the indigenous flora had begun the reclamation process.  Yet still visible were the windows.  They had been encased in thick metal mesh to allow in light and air, but not allow the residents to send out their various bodily fluids upon any passing staff.

The area had long ago been abandoned to nature, yet there was still a sense of fear, misery, and confusion within the walls.  It was as if the walls themselves had absorbed the feelings of those they once contained.  The walls did not just absorb, the walls feasted on the minds of the confused to the demented.

As we poked around within the remnants of the facility, we located what was once the single shower in this dormitory.  A single rusted large shower head hung uselessly from the shadows of the ceiling like a bat in the dark.  Every step resounded through the vacant dorm like cannon fire; each pane of glass that had fallen to the floor seemed to explode.  My companion told me there were faces in the glass panes, although I couldn’t see them.

When we completed out tentative exploratory incursion within these rotting walls, a sense of sadness and feeling of being abandoned to the unknown coursed through my being like electricity.  I was just about to step back into the car when my eyes fell upon what appeared to be a teddy bear trapped within the vines as if lost by some poor soul seeking release.  However when I drew near enough to touch this bear, it crumbled like ashes from a long dead fire.

I hope to return soon and spend time feeling what these walls hold and listening to the tales left untold.

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Let The Adventure Begin!

dangerous business stepping out

As you may or may not be aware, I have been existing in absentia from my pages for quite some time.  Call it a “Reflective Vacation”; Call it “Extended Contemplation”; Call it “lazy”….they are all, in some way, correct.  Having wearied of this self imposed exile, ’tis time to, once more, take up the virtual pen and release the mental horde upon this community.

Life is, in and of itself, a rather dull existence.  We sleep, wake, eat, work, eat, home, eat, only to start the routine all over again.  *sigh* How boring is that?  Why even bother?  Just the same old thing every day, day after day……after day……..after day……until we realize that we are dead and have the courtesy to lie down.

Where’s the adventure?  Didn’t the brochure at birth promise us limitless adventure?  Mine also advertised fun filled relaxing holidays in an all inclusive package where I get to sit on the beach all day (baking in the sun, getting all sweaty and sand covered) whilst people whom I have never met bring me drinks of varying colors, textures, and alcohol contents.

Here’s the fact of the matter: If you want an adventure in life, then get off the couch and out of the chair!  Remove yourself from your comfort zone and step outside.  Adventure awaits the Adventurous!

Want an adventure? Go to Walmart at 3:00am wearing a rubber chicken costume.  Or go to the zoo dressed as Tarzan.  Or swim in the ocean with raw meat strapped to you.  How about starting a conversation with someone you don’t know?  Perhaps as you walk through your day make it a point to smile and speak to everyone you meet?  Better yet, do a random act of niceness and do it anonymously with no possible way for anyone to know you are the perpetrator.

Adventures don’t have to include spiders, snakes, and assassins!  Adventures are what you find to be adventurous!

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I Am Still Here

After what seemed like an eternity in Hell, I am still here and kicking.  My mind has been in constant renewal and my thoughts have been rather scattered at times, but I have returned (pardon the Douglas MacArthur quote) and plan to be here for quite some time.

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