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I’m NOT Dead? Well, Then…What Now?

not deadEach morning, I hear the birds chirping as they begin their busy day of bug hunting, nest building, and flitting from hither to yon.

Each morning, I smell the air through the open window.

Each morning, I taste the exquisite flavor of the juicing of that naughty bean we call “coffee.”

And each morning is a reminder that I am not yet dead!  My life is not yet over.  I still have opportunities and choices.  There are still people to annoy; books to read; stories to write; songs to sing badly;food to enjoy; beer to savor; family to…well y’know how family is.

Each morning is a reminder that we are ALIVE and we should not sit about wondering what to do (as if we’re surprised we’re not dead), we should be about the business of reminding ourselves and the rest of the world’s patrons that WE ARE ALIVE DAMMIT! 

Not get the hell away from my coffee!!!

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WhatI have always been quite the curious lad.  My mind seems drawn to what many take for granted and I want to know of the origins, the reasons, the causes, and such.  As a child, I was encouraged to hold my tongue and keep silent (usually with the ear pinch or whack to the seat of the pants).  But my mind is relentlessly curious and occasionally observant.

  • Why does Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal promote cannibalism by showing their cereal bits devouring each other on their commercials?
  • Who was the first person to get a college degree?  How did they know they had learned enough to earn that degree?
  • Why do we, as a society, continue to make stupid people famous?  Do we truly have nothing better to do with our lives than to watch their lives implode?
  • Why do we insist on enhancing our bodies surgically in an ongoing effort to “look younger”?  What’s wrong with being who you are?
  • Why are there no quiet wrappers on foods or candies so you can eat in peace without having the scroungers coming around to pester you for some?
  • Why do parents bring their children to a quiet place, like a library or a coffee shoppe, only to let them run rampant like screeching monkeys attacking each other for the last banana?
  • Why do we demand respect yet believe showing respect is a sign of weakness?
  • We spend so much time working that we have to have someone else raise our children (that we somehow found the time to create and birth), and then complain about how tired we are only to take a vacation to go someplace coastal only to spend the time either cramming so many activities into our time away that we return more tired than when we left, OR we spend the time away working through our phones, tablets, and various other devices?
  • Why do people poke holes into their bodies big enough to show the inner workings of their bodies then complain that no one will hire them and expect those with jobs to support them?
  • Why is it that on all the episodes of people being stranded in the wilderness or on some deserted island or forsaken encampment it is only the men who end up needing a shave?
  • Why is it on these same episodes that only the beautiful girls get lost?
  • Why do we need “reality shows”?  Do we not live true reality every day?  Of course, true reality is not as melodramatic or so badly overacted.
  • Why are there some people who simply seem incapable of NOT talking?

I’m just a curious lad whose mind seeks answers.

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See With Vision, Not With Sight!

EpictetusI happened upon this quote of Epictetus, “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”  How odd that this nugget of wisdom from the ancient Epictetus is still a resounding truth today!

Take, for example, the idea that for centuries we feared sailing beyond the sight of land because we just KNEW that we would fall off the edge of the world. And yet, we were eventually able to learn the truth that the earth doesn’t just drop us off when we go so far.

For many years we just KNEW that the Moon was made of cheese, yet we were eventually able to overcome that thinking to realize that attempting to make a sandwich with the Moon was not exactly ideal for the digestion.

Consider, also, the notions regarding diet.  For a while, eggs are bad, then they are good, then they are back on the naughty list with bacon and all the other foods I find thoroughly tasty.  We also have been told that meat is bad, then it is good, then it is bad again.  The same can be said for bread, butter, sugar, coffee, beer, and other delectables.

We go to the beach and are told that the sun can cause skin cancer so slather on lots of sunscreen. Then we are told that the ingredients of the sunscreen are ineffective as sunscreen but make an excellent skin softener.

I mistrust anyone who claims to have the final knowledge on any subject!  How many times have you decided not to order something from the menu because someone you knew told you THEY didn’t like it?  How many times have you had a wonderful experience at a business only to have that experience jaded because someone you knew had a bad experience?

We seem to miss out on so much wonder found in this world because we think we already know all about it, yet we make new discoveries quite frequently.  We need to start opening our own eyes and senses to experience this world for ourselves!  Stop relying on the declarations of, let’s face it, other human beings as flawed as we are.

Why do we elevate the opinions of others above our own?  Are they the ones who will be living YOUR life?  NO!  You live your life!  You experience your own adventures!  Let’s open our senses and LIVE our own lives!  See the world with your own vision!

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Exploring The Abandoned


Yesterday was an interesting day.  I accompanied a friend and we explored one of the long forgotten buildings on the grounds of a psychiatric facility.  The building we explored was where once was housed the “patients” who could not be allowed to mix with the general population of the area.  The facility was now very creepy looking due to the fact that the indigenous flora had begun the reclamation process.  Yet still visible were the windows.  They had been encased in thick metal mesh to allow in light and air, but not allow the residents to send out their various bodily fluids upon any passing staff.

The area had long ago been abandoned to nature, yet there was still a sense of fear, misery, and confusion within the walls.  It was as if the walls themselves had absorbed the feelings of those they once contained.  The walls did not just absorb, the walls feasted on the minds of the confused to the demented.

As we poked around within the remnants of the facility, we located what was once the single shower in this dormitory.  A single rusted large shower head hung uselessly from the shadows of the ceiling like a bat in the dark.  Every step resounded through the vacant dorm like cannon fire; each pane of glass that had fallen to the floor seemed to explode.  My companion told me there were faces in the glass panes, although I couldn’t see them.

When we completed out tentative exploratory incursion within these rotting walls, a sense of sadness and feeling of being abandoned to the unknown coursed through my being like electricity.  I was just about to step back into the car when my eyes fell upon what appeared to be a teddy bear trapped within the vines as if lost by some poor soul seeking release.  However when I drew near enough to touch this bear, it crumbled like ashes from a long dead fire.

I hope to return soon and spend time feeling what these walls hold and listening to the tales left untold.

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Let The Adventure Begin!

dangerous business stepping out

As you may or may not be aware, I have been existing in absentia from my pages for quite some time.  Call it a “Reflective Vacation”; Call it “Extended Contemplation”; Call it “lazy”….they are all, in some way, correct.  Having wearied of this self imposed exile, ’tis time to, once more, take up the virtual pen and release the mental horde upon this community.

Life is, in and of itself, a rather dull existence.  We sleep, wake, eat, work, eat, home, eat, only to start the routine all over again.  *sigh* How boring is that?  Why even bother?  Just the same old thing every day, day after day……after day……..after day……until we realize that we are dead and have the courtesy to lie down.

Where’s the adventure?  Didn’t the brochure at birth promise us limitless adventure?  Mine also advertised fun filled relaxing holidays in an all inclusive package where I get to sit on the beach all day (baking in the sun, getting all sweaty and sand covered) whilst people whom I have never met bring me drinks of varying colors, textures, and alcohol contents.

Here’s the fact of the matter: If you want an adventure in life, then get off the couch and out of the chair!  Remove yourself from your comfort zone and step outside.  Adventure awaits the Adventurous!

Want an adventure? Go to Walmart at 3:00am wearing a rubber chicken costume.  Or go to the zoo dressed as Tarzan.  Or swim in the ocean with raw meat strapped to you.  How about starting a conversation with someone you don’t know?  Perhaps as you walk through your day make it a point to smile and speak to everyone you meet?  Better yet, do a random act of niceness and do it anonymously with no possible way for anyone to know you are the perpetrator.

Adventures don’t have to include spiders, snakes, and assassins!  Adventures are what you find to be adventurous!

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Walkabout Wonderings

Wandering Mind

While driving along to a destination I’ve been to many times before, so much so that “auto-pilot” often kicks in, and having turned off the radio, was having a wonderful think. As you know, I do enjoy having a contemplation. Yet is was during this thinking time that my mind apparently toddled off into the mists in search of a more suitable vacation spot, because I missed my exit and had to drive another 15 miles out of the way to backtrack.


This, believe it or not, began yet another contemplative moment. While I cannot speak for everyone, I can tell you that, according to a news report, scientists have decided that the mind never stops working throughout our lives. The more I thought about this, the more sense it made.  It would certainly explain my bouts of insomnia, some of the daydreams, perceptions, the way my imagination takes over and brings a book to life.  There was a time when my mind would bounce from thought to thought much like a pinball machine (for those who remember them).  However, as time has passed, my mind doesn’t bounce as much any longer, it tends to amble from door to door seeking things to think about.


Take yesterday, for example, I was beginning to think about having another cup of coffee when my mind began its saunter:

  • Coffee.  I like coffee.  Coffee is good.  But only hot coffee, not that iced sugar laden stuff they call McSomething at the McPalace of McCholesterol.
  • Coffee comes from beans which come from the cherry of the coffee plant. Cherry cobbler would be good with ice cream.
  • Wait….did someone scream?  Oh just my tummy rumbling. Must be time for something to eat.  Did I eat breakfast? Did I take my meds? Who is that talking in my head.  Sounds like Robin Williams on a bender. 
  • Bender….Futurama comes on tonight! Woo Hoo. Bender likes beer. Beer…bean….they sound similar.
  • Wait….coffee comes from beans.  Beans….Oh yeah, having Mexican for lunch.
  • Lunch is coming up soon. Wow, I need to get fuel. And maybe a soda.
  • Soda makes me belch. Good thing the windows are up.
  • Windows are up, no wonder it’s hot in here. Turn on the A/C.
  • AC/DC rocks! Where’s that CD? Wow, we use a LOT of abbreviations.


All this internal discussion was within a few minutes.  Then I began to wonder, What if your thought process could be written down. What would your reader say about you?


Hmmmm……something to think about.

Mental Vacation

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Blaze Away!

While reading a post from a wonderful friend of mine, (Reality In Progress  Go ahead and poke about her blog), a thought bonked me in the back of my skull and left an indelible mark.  She produced a work of art called “Naked Necessity” and, no, it’s not about getting naked. At least not overtly.

But the idea of blazing a trail (aka, trying something new) has stuck with me.  People, as a cluster, tend to follow the leader without thinking for ourselves, seldom trying anything new once the trend has been set, and we spend our lives wandering about in the same rut wondering why our lives seem boring.

Why? What is it about taking a path that is new to us that terrifies us so much?  Why do we spend our lives bumping into the walls of our rut? Have we lost the ability to think and dream? Have we abandoned the desire to blaze a new trail?

Here’s my challenge for you: Blaze A Trail! It doesn’t have to be a new trail, just a new trail to you. Have you had a dream of doing something? DO IT!  Have you felt the tug of adventurousity? Follow that tug!  Has the Muse of some artistic endeavour softly sung to your imagination? Heed the song!

Post your adventure!

Blaze Your Trail!

Blaze Your Trail!

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Creative Words And Walking On Water

Two of my life long friends, whom I’ve known since Middle School, decided that we should have an adventure during summer break.  So it was decided that we would ride inner tubes down a local river.  Now this trip would take all day because the river isn’t exactly deep most of the way.  And, being that we were young and somewhat foolish, okay, we were idiots, but we were always looking for something to do that wasn’t ordinary. 

Now, I must preface this with…there was alcohol involved.  Therefore, the planning of this venture may not have been exactly thorough.  On the day chosen, we took a car to the end point, so we could get back home, and off we went to the starting point.  Another point that needs to be mentioned, this river is fed by manmade lake. The water comes from the bottom of the lake through an overflow channel.  What this means is, this water is freezing, having not seen the light of day until it whooshes out of the channel.  This is not something we considered when planning the trip.  The weather here in the Deep South during Summer is usually hot and humid enough that it’s known as “The Air You Wear.”  Thus, as we dropped out tubes into the, what we thought would be, cooling water and climbed into them…..let’s just say it took a moment or two for our voices to return to normal having momentarily gone into the realm of “only dogs can hear.”

Once the blood flow restarted, we paddled off to the middle of the river.  None of us would admit defeat so soon (teen machismo is a curse sometimes).  Besides, we decided that the cold water would help keep the ice in the cooler from melting too quickly.  The cooler, by the way, contained our lunch, snacks, and was strapped into its own tube which was tied to the rest of us.


One of the things about slow flowing rivers in the South are snakes.  Snakes are curious creatures who tend to want to investigate whatever floats into their territory.  The usually won’t come out to the middle where the current will take them into something else’s territory, so we stayed close to the middle for the most part, only venturing toward shore occasionally.  As we floated along, looking more like upturned turtles, the cooler was beginning to float higher in the water as the contents were consumed. And as the contents were consumed the more boisterous we became and the more bravado was displayed.

Towards the end of our pleasantly spent (or misspent) day, we happened upon what we decided was a rope swing.  It was attached to a tree that leaned over the river and was made of an old fire hose.  The hose had been wound around the branch so that it only hung down a few feet.  Given the teenage testosterone and artificially fueled daring, we dared one of our voyage, who we’ll call “Tex”, to climb the tree and swing from the bank and drop into his tube (which we said we would hold in place for him *wink*).  Tex agreed, calling us various creative names, and climbed the tree to the looped fire hose.  He swung the first loop off.  Then the second loop off.  And as he was looping off the third, he was greeted with this face:


Upon being greeted with such an enthusiastic grin, Tex fell from the tree, with many curses to his credit, grabbed the fire hose and swung like Tarzan toward the river, just as we began paddling away frantically yelling “SNAKE!” while Tex was still in mid air.  This is when we learned that Tex could not only form quite the impressive creative vocabulary that would melt medals from any veteran, he also can become buoyant enough to seemingly walk on water back to his tube.  We were laughing like hyenas, Tex was cursing us with every ounce of brainpower he could muster, and such was the passing of the rest of our pleasant afternoon.

The following day, however, was not so pleasant.  Not only were our muscles sore from paddling inner tubes for several hours and laughing hysterically at Tarzan Tex, but having not considered the sun on the water, we were all terribly sunburned but only on one side.  It was at this point we decided that perhaps we should find other ways to amuse ourselves for the rest of the summer. So we got jobs.


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Ah HA! There IS Adventure To Be Had!!!


I’m a coffee drinker.  Well, that might be a bit of an understatement. I am one of those who believe that coffee is it’s own food group and is at the top of the food pyramid glistening hotly on the peak of freshness.  But I digress into daydreams.  Whilst enjoying one of many cups of coffee this morning, a thought blitzed me like a blot of caffeinated lightning. 

Permit me, if you will, Gentle Reader, to pose to you a small detour in the train of thought (feel free to blow the train horn as you will).  What constitutes an adventurous life?  Have you had one thus far?  If so, what?  If not, what’s stopping you?

In my mind, scattered and zinging along as it does, an adventure is anything that is out of the ordinary routine.  Actually, now that I ponder it, that’s not exactly accurate. Adventure is what you do with the out-of-the-routine events that happen to us too.  We tend to avoid adventure and cling to routine.  Rather predictable that.  But it’s fun to have the occasional deviance from the norm. 

Call me dull if you will, but I had an adventure just this morning, as a matter of fact.  Nay, it wasn’t as exciting as bouncing down a runway in a wind-up propeller plane whilst soiling oneself.  Rather, I had the opportunity to go to the dentist for my regular check up. 

Trips to the Dentist can be quite interesting and somewhat uncomfortable.  While I enjoyed the polite, courteous, and friendly banter with the hygienist who would be placing sharp pointy things in my mouth and poking at my teeth with them; and also enjoying the relaxing strains of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” wafting gently through the ceiling speakers, while said hygienist was insistent on inquiring about my life since my last visit, all the while being almost elbow deep in my mouth.  The polishing was pretty adventurous as I got to try the new strawberry flavoured paste (which has the consistency of caulk), which is a break from my usual fare of bubblegum.  Finally, there was the gland check, which include maneuvers similar to various professional wrestling submission holds.  I also discovered that Bill Cosby was absolutely correct, it IS possible to walk using your buttocks if there is pain involved.

By the by, no cavities and I got a lolly. What’s YOUR adventure?


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Directionally Challenged


I’m one of those people who would most likely get lost trying to find his way out of a door.  Directionally challenged doesn’t even begin to describe this affliction which frightens those who rely on me and is an endless source of hilarity to those who don’t.

I have a friend (believe it or not) who had finally achieved a dream of acquiring a pilot’s license. As a reward for all the hard work involved in this venture, he offered to fly me to the beach for the day on the condition that I acted as his Navigator.  I readily agreed….I mean, who turns down a free trip to the beach?  Early the next morning, dressed in our shorts and Hawaiian shirts (snort if you will but we were quite handsome), we took our seats as pilot (NOT me) and co-pilot/navigator (me). The flight should have been as easy as following the highway.  Should have been.

About halfway to our destination, we got a call on our radio to “the unidentified aircraft entering military airspace” which we found to be most disturbing. Apparently we had gone off course at some point and had wandered too close to an Air Force base. This became extremely interesting when my friend attempted to respond to the call, only to discover that the mic was not transmitting.  He handed said mic to me with the words “fix it.” I keyed the mic several times to no avail. I looked at it much like a mongoose looks at an invading cobra. And having exhausted my expertise, I used the best tool in the Manly Tool Bag Of Fix It Tricks, I gripped the cord and banged the mic on the dashboard.  This seemed to fix the issue before trouble got too bad.  We came in low and apologized profusely to the tower as we say two jets on the runway ready to take off. The tower graciously accepted our apology and advised us to remove ourselves from military airspace, which we did quickly.

Shortly after this we were back on track and bopping along when the cloud cover became thick enough we couldn’t see the highway any longer. Not wishing another “incident” my friend used the radio (which I fixed, thank you very much) to contact the Grand Strand Airport to give us a fix on our position.  Imagine, if you will, the incredible need to change shorts when the Grand Strand Airport tower informed us that our current position was 10 miles to their South AND 5 miles over the ocean.  Not only were we unable to see the ground but we were headed out to sea!

My friend spotted a small break in the clouds below and to our left, so in a dive bomber maneuver, we threaded that needle, almost colliding with a banner pulling plane.  When our innards caught up with us, sweat was pouring off of us like an industrial sprinkler and we made our way back to the airport, landing in three bounces.

When the craft came to a stop, I jumped from it and lay face first on the tarmac attempting to hug the ground and hoping the heat would dry the accident I had on the way down, which didn’t work, grateful to be once again on terra firma.

The return trip was flown much lower and was without incident except that I was never asked to be the navigator again.  My friend, however, was given the nickname of “Three Bounce” Reid.

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