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Wandering Mind

While driving along to a destination I’ve been to many times before, so much so that “auto-pilot” often kicks in, and having turned off the radio, was having a wonderful think. As you know, I do enjoy having a contemplation. Yet is was during this thinking time that my mind apparently toddled off into the mists in search of a more suitable vacation spot, because I missed my exit and had to drive another 15 miles out of the way to backtrack.


This, believe it or not, began yet another contemplative moment. While I cannot speak for everyone, I can tell you that, according to a news report, scientists have decided that the mind never stops working throughout our lives. The more I thought about this, the more sense it made.  It would certainly explain my bouts of insomnia, some of the daydreams, perceptions, the way my imagination takes over and brings a book to life.  There was a time when my mind would bounce from thought to thought much like a pinball machine (for those who remember them).  However, as time has passed, my mind doesn’t bounce as much any longer, it tends to amble from door to door seeking things to think about.


Take yesterday, for example, I was beginning to think about having another cup of coffee when my mind began its saunter:

  • Coffee.  I like coffee.  Coffee is good.  But only hot coffee, not that iced sugar laden stuff they call McSomething at the McPalace of McCholesterol.
  • Coffee comes from beans which come from the cherry of the coffee plant. Cherry cobbler would be good with ice cream.
  • Wait….did someone scream?  Oh just my tummy rumbling. Must be time for something to eat.  Did I eat breakfast? Did I take my meds? Who is that talking in my head.  Sounds like Robin Williams on a bender. 
  • Bender….Futurama comes on tonight! Woo Hoo. Bender likes beer. Beer…bean….they sound similar.
  • Wait….coffee comes from beans.  Beans….Oh yeah, having Mexican for lunch.
  • Lunch is coming up soon. Wow, I need to get fuel. And maybe a soda.
  • Soda makes me belch. Good thing the windows are up.
  • Windows are up, no wonder it’s hot in here. Turn on the A/C.
  • AC/DC rocks! Where’s that CD? Wow, we use a LOT of abbreviations.


All this internal discussion was within a few minutes.  Then I began to wonder, What if your thought process could be written down. What would your reader say about you?


Hmmmm……something to think about.

Mental Vacation

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I Wonder……

What Motivates You?

I’m curious…what motivates you?  I know what motivates me and what has motivated me in the past.  Oddly enough, the motivators change from time to time. 

  • There was a time when an emotional appeal would motivate me. 
  • Then there was the time when a profanity shouting Drill Sergeant motivated me. 
  • There was that period when I was motivated by the stipend.
  • I was once motivated by promises, which usually turned out to be empty, so this phase didn’t last long.
  • And I found myself motivated by stuff.  Weekly excursions to StuffMart to get more stuff so I could add it to the stuff I got the week before and the stuff I had in storage.

As time has skoodled on the motivators had evolved, devolved, changed, shifted, grew, sprouted, pick what you want.  What is it that gets you moving, thinking, pondering, contemplating?  What gets your blood pumping?  What gets your goosebumps goosing?

I have discovered that if my intellect is stimulated and intrigued, I am motivated to think.  To ponder.  To contemplate. Hence, I turned to books.

Music also moves me to motivation.  Not just any music.  When I am feeling depressed or lethargic, I find motivation in music.

One of my motivators


Music makes me think, helps me dream, helps me learn!  So do books!  So do people!

What makes your thoughts bongle about like an electric eel?




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