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I’m Just Weird That Way

Bacony Bacon

I have tried.  I have tried many times, and have failed miserably each time.  I like to eat. I’m just weird that way.  I like to eat and I’m not ashamed to say it.

The issue I have with so called “nutrition plans” is that I am a simple guy.  The plans I have seen require that you calculate more equations than a physicist trying to define string theory!

  • How many carbs did you have?
  • Were they good carbs or bad carbs?
  • How many good carbs versus bad carbs?
  • Did you exercise today?
  • How many steps did you take?
  • How fast were you stepping?
  • How much protein is in that salad?
  • Did you have cheese on that salad?
  • Thank you for posting the picture of the salad.  Is that BACON I see on your salad?
  • Did you eat it?
  • Did you eat ALL of it?
  • Did it make you feel dirty?
  • How dirty?
  • What were you wearing?

You see how these things can degrade into something other than helpful.

As I said, I am a simple guy, and I like simple food.  I eat salad.  No onions, peppers, or dressing.  I like cheeseburgers without condiments or vegetables added.  The only condiment I use with any regularity is black pepper.  I like rice, most beans, lentils, barley, beef, most pork, chicken, and some fish.  I am from the Southern United States and, yes, buttery grits, eggs and bacon with biscuits are staples.  I don’t mind oatmeal though.

The difficulty I have with changing my eating habits is everyone has a different plan and they are all “easy” (like hemorrhoids) and want me to STOP eating most of the things I like and START eating things I wouldn’t feed a pig.  Let me be very blunt: If I don’t like it, I will NOT be putting it in my mouth! End of story.

Why can’t someone come up with an eating plan that actually takes inventory of what I like to eat, and make a plan from that list?  Is that REALLY so hard?

Cookie-cutter eating plans do NOT work for me and the Energizer Bunny types who push their plans or “Eating Systems” annoy me enough to want to see them fall into a hole liked with barbed wire!

Keep it simple or shut up!



Rant over for now.

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And The Cycle Continues

vicious cycleI am more than a bit confused. Realizing that such a feat is not all that difficult, I beg you to continue reading anyway if you please.

Think about this:  We are bombarded by food adverts day in and day out.  Most of these are not for healthy food.  Such unhealthy foods lead to such things as obesity which can lead to liver damage, diabetes, arthritis, and more obesity since we are too ill to exercise.  With me so far?

Now, factor in the boom in gyms all advertising for your money to “get healthy.”  And factor in all the “quick health remedies” with their powders and their pills and all their expensive products and their cheerleader sales reps telling you that all you need to do to get healthy is sell your home to afford the first month of their products.  If their products don’t work as advertised, these cheerleaders cheer even louder that you must use MORE of their products.  The next month you have to sell off your kidney or lung, but hey, you are making progress because you are 10 pounds lighter and 500% broker.

Then there are the physicians, who fuss and fume about eating habits and exercise habits, while they require test after test, exam after exam, and referral to other physicians who are thrilled you have insurance and they all prescribe medications which require more funds you don’t have.

So you decide to eat healthier.  Go to the grocer to purchase healthier foods, where you are faced with a dilemma: do I pay the $60 water bill this month or spend that $60 on healthy groceries I can hold in one hand?  And the cycle continues.

I am not convinced that I want to be healthy while living in a cardboard box under the overpass down by the river, or live the life I have, die sooner, but have a LOT less hassles and VASTLY fewer hands digging into my meager stipend!

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