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Encourage Me…Don’t Tick Me Off!

Better Motivation

I need to lose some weight. And I need to move more…I get it.  Way back when I was in the Army, I didn’t have a problem with weight loss or moving more because we all moved as a squad.  Rather an “All for one and one for all” arrangement.  We encouraged each other and if one needed something we ALL took the burden on.

That was then.  I honestly miss those days quite a bit because that tight-knit group of comrades has long since gone their ways, have their own families, and lives.  So here I am trying to go it alone with the moving and the weightloss without their support.

I have begun changing some of my eating habits, mainly because I like simple foods.  By simple, I mean, as little effort as possible.  I eat my salads without dressing because I discovered that most of the fat content in the salads is found in the dressing, but mainly because I just don’t like salad dressing.  I opt not to use condiments, except for a pinch of salt or pepper, because I want to actually taste the FOOD not just have a mouthful of condiment guck!

I do have friends and family members who believe they are being helpful in their methods of “encouragement.”  While I do appreciate their desire to help me become healthier, their methods are reminiscent of Drill Sergeant Hartman from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ or they nag continuously.  Neither approach is what I consider encouraging because the only motivation I get from that is to let my stubborn bull-headedness dig in its heals and tune them out.

When I was with my Squadmates, we all started in the same basic shape of, in military terms: “out of.”  Together, we began from basically the same starting point, and together we worked our weight down and our shape in.  And it worked perfectly, like a greased herd of hogs through the arms of the catchers at a County Fair were we.

Now I am older and my job requires little movement because it involves mostly brain work and listening.  And I honestly admit that I have become “comfortable” with my life.  I like SIMPLE!

I have people trying to show me how to count calories and then count the calories of proteins, carbs, fats, sugars, measure cholesterol intake, waste output, multiply it by .247 times the distance from the Sun to Uranus, swing that flaming mossy branch over the smelly shoe inserts……you get how my mind finds this quite overly complicated.  I like SIMPLE!  By “SIMPLE” I mean: I like it, I eat it, I’m done!  Don’t complicate things, just fix it and be done!

This is why I am NOT a nutritionist.  Nor am I an exercise nut.  I am willing to walk as long as I enjoy doing it.  When it becomes a chore, I stop.  NO! I’m not all gung-ho about pushing myself.  Yes, I realize I am going to die, at some point, because we ALL do.  So guilt no longer works on me; pushing no longer works on me; nagging no longer works on me.

If I like it, I will eat it.  If I like it, I will do it.  It’s JUST THAT SIMPLE!

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Storms Are Inevitable

You hear the gentle rumble.

You see the wind begins to blow a bit harder.

Then the rains begin.

The sun hides behind the darkening clouds.

The wind sends the branches flailing and whipping about. 

The thunder booms

The lightning slashes the sky like a crooked rapier, piercing the darkness without effort.

Soon the winds are howling like ravenous wolves

Tearing at whatever they can find

Shredding all in their path.

Isn’t this how we feel when our own storms come tromping into our lives?  Have you ever asked “Why?”?   Have you ever felt more like you were a leaf in a storm….helpless and floundering at the whim of the winds?

Here’s the thing about storms, and I speak from a lifetime of experience with doing things wrong.  Storms come.  That’s inevitable and may not sound like fun, because they’re not fun, but they come anyway like it or not.  Storms don’t care if you’re ready for them or not, they’re coming anyway.  But here’s the good thing about storms…..they always pass.  Might take some time, and, true, there might be some damage, but they WILL pass.

Sometimes we feel like it’s easier just to be at the mercy of the winds and let them whip us about as they will.  But hang on and you’ll find out a lot about yourself.  By hanging on, you will be pulled and stretched and maybe even battered a bit, but you’ll come out stronger!

I don’t know how true it is, but it’s still a good story.

The story goes that Admiral Horatio Nelson, in preparing to engage Napoleon’s fleet, ordered that all of his ships of the line were to be built exclusively with the trees from the EDGE of the forests. This was because they had survived the storms and were much stronger than the trees in the middle of the forest.

It’s not easy being a Rider on the Storm.  But nothing worthwhile IS easy.


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