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Resolutions? Really!


It’s that time of year again.  That time when we take a look at our lives and decide to make changes in the coming year.  It is a pointless exercise for most of us because we very quickly lose momentum, get distracted, or just forget what we resolved to accomplish altogether.

So why do we resolve to make changes when we have failed again and again to the point that we just shrug our shoulder, laugh and say “Well, there’s always next year”?

Here is a bit of wisdom that I have garnered regarding Resolutions:

  1. Change cannot be contradictory. If you are determined to lose weight, go to the gym, stress less, and spend more time with family, then, while all these SOUND wonderful in and of themselves, they are really quite self-defeating.  Losing weight requires dietary changes and exercise changes.  Change CREATES stress!  And stress tends to cause us to isolate ourselves from our families.  Not to mention you will have the fitness gurus screaming at you that “It’s EASY IF YOU JUST TRY!” or the ever famous “If I can do it, YOU can do it!”.  Ever notice that most of the fitness gurus who do most of the screaming and wielding of the guilt stick are the ones who are thin and have the energy of the Eveready Bunny?  Very seldom do you have people who are just as out of shape as you are asking to become part of a team so you can lose weight together.  Hmmmmm….
  2. Change must be achievable.  Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that one of my resolutions is to eat healthier.  Sounds good, but what does “healthier” really look like?  Does that mean I go from eating cheeseburgers every day to nibbling on celery instead?  Yeah, THAT resolution will last.  Set goals that are achievable.  Healthier eating might mean you have salad instead of fries and drink two bottles of water for every soda you consume.
  3. Change must be enjoyable. I have people in my life who are dead set on setting my changes for me.  Not only that, but they never miss an opportunity to remind me of the changes THEY have “encouraged” me to make.  Here’s the way change works for me, if I don’t like it, I won’t do it.  This applies to eating habits, exercise habits, work habits, any change I need to make.  If it feels like slavery, that change will not last long and I will become resentful of those pushing me.
  4. Change works best as a team.  This is true in pretty much any format.  Get a bunch of people who are pretty much in the same situation and you have a team.  If the team sets a goal, then the team can make the goal a reality.  Encouraging each other, being accountable to each other, working together, pretty much any goal can be realized.
  5. Change will only happen when I make a plan I can stick to. I am NOT a morning person by ANY stretch of the imagination.  I have absolutely NO inclination to drag myself out of bed before daylight so I can go to the gym and torture myself while my brain is trying to make my body die so rest can be had.  So if my resolution is to get to the gym, then I must make a plan to do it.  Therefore, I can go to the gym instead of stuffing pizza in my face at lunch, or I can go when I hit that mid afternoon slump and just need a think.  If I make a plan that my mind can work with, the resolution can become a reality.
  6. Change can only work if you are willing to forgive yourself.  When we start making changes, we’re going to slip up!  We’re going to miss a day at the gym.  We’re going to indulge our craving for meat once in a while.  But if we beat ourselves up over these slip-ups, or worse let others beat us up over them, the guilt will destroy any hope of lasting change.  If we mess up, okay, we messed up….get back on track and try to make the time a little longer before we mess up again.
  7. Change can only happen if it is realistic.  We’ve all heard the fantastic claims by the “Healthy Eating/Exercise” companies who peddle their powders and machines and supplements and “systems.”  They all claim that you can have the body you always wanted in just a few months if you will only go broke, sign over your life, and surrender everything to them (and if you help generate more followers of their cult, you can “get rich” too).  Listen, the body I have always wanted is currently being occupied by someone else who doesn’t know I exist, so let’s just put that puppy to rest.  The body I currently have could use a bit of renovation, but nothing drastic.  After all, Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day or a month or even a year.

Hopefully you will join me in welcoming the new year with realistic, achievable resolutions!

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And The Cycle Continues

vicious cycleI am more than a bit confused. Realizing that such a feat is not all that difficult, I beg you to continue reading anyway if you please.

Think about this:  We are bombarded by food adverts day in and day out.  Most of these are not for healthy food.  Such unhealthy foods lead to such things as obesity which can lead to liver damage, diabetes, arthritis, and more obesity since we are too ill to exercise.  With me so far?

Now, factor in the boom in gyms all advertising for your money to “get healthy.”  And factor in all the “quick health remedies” with their powders and their pills and all their expensive products and their cheerleader sales reps telling you that all you need to do to get healthy is sell your home to afford the first month of their products.  If their products don’t work as advertised, these cheerleaders cheer even louder that you must use MORE of their products.  The next month you have to sell off your kidney or lung, but hey, you are making progress because you are 10 pounds lighter and 500% broker.

Then there are the physicians, who fuss and fume about eating habits and exercise habits, while they require test after test, exam after exam, and referral to other physicians who are thrilled you have insurance and they all prescribe medications which require more funds you don’t have.

So you decide to eat healthier.  Go to the grocer to purchase healthier foods, where you are faced with a dilemma: do I pay the $60 water bill this month or spend that $60 on healthy groceries I can hold in one hand?  And the cycle continues.

I am not convinced that I want to be healthy while living in a cardboard box under the overpass down by the river, or live the life I have, die sooner, but have a LOT less hassles and VASTLY fewer hands digging into my meager stipend!

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“Special Orders Don’t Upset Us”…Oh But They DO!

Fast FoodI remember those lyrics from my youth, and would sing along with the commercial, thinking what a wonderful utopia this must be that doesn’t get upset when I place my order of a burger without condiments.  You see, I am one of THOSE people who like to actually taste my burger instead of gobs of goo and gunk passed off as condiments touching my supposed meat. But I digress.

My job is one where I must, on some occasions, grab a meal on the go. Today was one such day, so I pulled into the wonderful advance in fast food technology otherwise known as….the drive-thru.  You pull up to this little speaker, speak clearly into the speaker, pull around, pay, receive your order, and off you go to toddle on with your day.  That is how it is SUPPOSED to work. That is the concept.

Today……my utopian dream was shattered, ground into dust, and blown in my face with a lawnmower!  There were only two cars ahead of me in line. I was stoked to be so close. I rolled down my window so I might better render thoughts of encouragement to those passing before me.  And then…the speaker said, “May I take your order?” and what followed was a long pause before an elderly gentleman leaned out of the window to shout back… “WAT? YOO SAY SOMETHING?” and the voice from the passenger side…”WHAT DID THEY SAY?”

This exchange went on for several minutes before an employee stepped out of the back door and acted as the interpreter between patron and mechanical speaker.  Lots of loud questions, shouting to each other, and finally the conclusion of this part of the transaction.  Please pull ahead to pay for your meal, accept your food, and have a nice day (somewhere else please).

The line moved ahead, the employee went back inside, and I was only one car away from the speaker! The work van ahead of me slowly pulled to the speaker, as noxious clouds of toxins freely billowed from the place that once contained an exhaust pipe.  The driver leaned out, and proudly stated that he had six orders, each to be rung up separately, and each to be paid separately.

I considered parking and going inside, but when I looked in my mirror, 7 cars had already lined up behind. I had no escape. So I rolled up my window, turned off my ventilation, and honestly fumed. After another 17 minutes, all of the work vans orders had been registered, and they pulled forward.

MY TURN!!!  I was elated!  Finally, I could get a bite to eat and only be 10 minutes late to the session I was to conduct.  I rolled up, placed my single order, heard the weary voice give me the price and to please pull forward.  I enthusiastically told the speaker box “THANK YOU” and drove around the corner of the building to see the van waiting for the elderly man (who had gotten out of his car) counting out EXACT CHANGE for his order

Serenity Now

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So…You Like Lists?

I’m given to understand that people who read blogs enjoy the odd list or two, as it tends to be easy to read and personalizes the author.  I’ll admit, lists do intrigue me somewhat, but I find that if one wishes to personalize themselves, then perhaps an anecdote from their daily life or some opinion they wish to be made known, would serve the better purpose.

 For those who like lists, I have two:

Liste The Firste

  1. Eggs, large
  2. Laundry Detergent
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Shaving Cream
  5. Oranges (or other fruit)
  6. Coffee
  7. Butter (the heart healthy stuff, not the good real stuff)
  8. Rice – non bleached
  9. Tea – it IS the South, after all and Iced Tea IS delicious.
  10. Peanut Butter

 This is part of my list for the grocer. Hope you found it helpful and informational.


Liste The Seconde

  1. Exercise a bit more.
  2. Write more with pen and ink.
  3. Coffee Mug
  4. Fan blades
  5. Blinking Voicemail Light
  6. Almost Empty Candybox
  7. Day Dreams
  8. Sock Monkeys
  9. Facial Tissues
  10. Cheese


This is merely thoughts that popped into my mind whilst writing my list for the grocer. Hopefully you found this equally informative and enlightening.

On a more conclusive thought, (yes, there IS a point to this ramble) a quote caught my eye this morning.  The quote did, in fact, return my eye while it rattled around my mind seeking a place to grow.  Oh yes, the quote: “Little by little, one travels far” – J.R.R. Tolkein.

 Ponder that for a moment. When we journey, we must go in increments.  One cannot travel miles without traversing inches.  One cannot explore the vastness of space without passing through the molecules of the atmosphere.  One cannot learn physics, without learning the mathematical basics. Who we are has been a series of small steps.  We have grown and learned and, hopefully, become wiser one breath at a time.

 We all have goals we would like to achieve. Rush not into that dark night too quickly, or you might not notice the bend in the path. Yeah, feeling philosophical right now.

  Waterfall Rainbow


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Ah HA! There IS Adventure To Be Had!!!


I’m a coffee drinker.  Well, that might be a bit of an understatement. I am one of those who believe that coffee is it’s own food group and is at the top of the food pyramid glistening hotly on the peak of freshness.  But I digress into daydreams.  Whilst enjoying one of many cups of coffee this morning, a thought blitzed me like a blot of caffeinated lightning. 

Permit me, if you will, Gentle Reader, to pose to you a small detour in the train of thought (feel free to blow the train horn as you will).  What constitutes an adventurous life?  Have you had one thus far?  If so, what?  If not, what’s stopping you?

In my mind, scattered and zinging along as it does, an adventure is anything that is out of the ordinary routine.  Actually, now that I ponder it, that’s not exactly accurate. Adventure is what you do with the out-of-the-routine events that happen to us too.  We tend to avoid adventure and cling to routine.  Rather predictable that.  But it’s fun to have the occasional deviance from the norm. 

Call me dull if you will, but I had an adventure just this morning, as a matter of fact.  Nay, it wasn’t as exciting as bouncing down a runway in a wind-up propeller plane whilst soiling oneself.  Rather, I had the opportunity to go to the dentist for my regular check up. 

Trips to the Dentist can be quite interesting and somewhat uncomfortable.  While I enjoyed the polite, courteous, and friendly banter with the hygienist who would be placing sharp pointy things in my mouth and poking at my teeth with them; and also enjoying the relaxing strains of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” wafting gently through the ceiling speakers, while said hygienist was insistent on inquiring about my life since my last visit, all the while being almost elbow deep in my mouth.  The polishing was pretty adventurous as I got to try the new strawberry flavoured paste (which has the consistency of caulk), which is a break from my usual fare of bubblegum.  Finally, there was the gland check, which include maneuvers similar to various professional wrestling submission holds.  I also discovered that Bill Cosby was absolutely correct, it IS possible to walk using your buttocks if there is pain involved.

By the by, no cavities and I got a lolly. What’s YOUR adventure?


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Distracted Thinking…

If you’ve ever seen a ship in a bottle (that is done well) it lends itself to the curiosity as to how did the artisan get that ship into the bottle?  While the truth of the matter is rather simple (it was assembled inside the bottle, which is a talent unto itself), the actuality of my point is this: Why is it SO important for us to know how it was done, instead of appreciating the fact it was done and done well?

Who cares HOW? Just enjoy!

I’ve got one of those personalities that tends to wonder (and wander) about things that are pretty much useless tidbits of information.  For example, I wonder about “Firsts”:

  • What was the first person to eat lobster thinking?  Lobster is usually not a shoreline critter, isn’t exactly pretty to look at, and doesn’t seem to be overly thrilled about being dropped into a of of boiling water. So what kind of person was it that decided on this course (pun intended) of action?

  • Cashew nuts are wrapped in a shell that is poisonous. Who was the first guy to discover the nut inside the shell?  Probably not the first guy that actually bit the shell, obviously, but there are some hardcore people out there that would fight through the poison just to prove there’s a nut.

  • Think about the cup of coffee you’ve enjoyed (or are still enjoying).  That coffee has been through quite a process.  The beans were grown, picked at a certain time of year, roasted at a particular temperature for a specific amount of time, then they are ground up, hot water is passed through them, and voila….you cuppa joe is born.  Who was the first person to think up THAT process.

  • I also read about a particularly rare and delicious coffee that takes an even more bizarre journey. First, the beans are eaten by a particular goat and the outer shell is digested.  The actual bean is pooped out by the goat, and that bean is harvested from said poo, to begin its roasting and water adventure.  Who was desperate enough for a cup of coffee so as to dig through goat poo to get the beans?

  • The person who figured out that copper wire was a good conductor of electricity; I can see them in a lab (complete with lots of buzzing electrical thingies) running up to the lab tech with the ends of two copper wires.  “Here, hold these for a second.” Dash back, crank the handle on the generator, and the smell of roasting lab tech hair fills the room, and the Don King hairstyle is born.

I remember as a child, and YES I was once a child, asking all sorts of questions trying to figure out “why?” and being told by many a frustrated (and longsuffering) adult that I should really spend more time appreciating the inventions instead of constantly trying to figure out why or how.  This is true up to a point, I believe.  We do need to appreciate the things of life we enjoy, for we do take them for granted far too often.  Yet if we are satisfied and become complacent, then there can be no discovery or invention.

Imagine if the Neanderthals were satisfied roaming about the countryside fire free and clothing free.  Gnawing on bits and branches they find lying about.  What would we be doing right now? 

Ponder, appreciate, and seek!

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Mental Flotsam

I awoke this morning, much the same way as every other workday morning, with great physical violence and verbal abuse being directed upon my alarm clock.  Then came the slow realization, once again, that the coffee pot has not yet been purchased that will bring the steaming nectar of elixir heaven to my bedside.  Thus, with immense effort, I pushed myself upright and toddled off toward the kitchen.  At some point in my sojourn, I apparently opened my eyes (most likely to avoid breaking a toe or some other useful bone by tripping of the odd piece of furniture), and that, in and of itself, proved my mental faculties were still functioning somewhat.

While waiting for the Keurig to stop hissing at me, a few thoughts floated through the open window of my mind:

  • No matter how fast the invention, it never seems to be fast enough.  The Keurig is fast. Much faster than my drip coffeemaker, yet I still find myself almost apoplectic waiting for the coffee to finish.  Computers are ever faster, but we insist they’re not fast enough.
  • Why did we decide to participate in the Human Race. Will there be prizes? How do you know if you win? Isn’t the “finish line” pretty much a downer for the living?
  • If we’re so genetically close to monkeys, why aren’t there more Orangutan Ice Cream Shoppes?
  • Every part of my body has been sunburned at some point, and you may stop laughing now, EXCEPT for the palms of my hands. How did that happen?
  • Why is it that the Mission of Star Trek’s Enterprise was “to go where no man had gone before” yet their GPS (aka Computerella) always knew where to take them?
  • We get upset when someone has the nerve to fart in the elevator, yet fish swim around in their collective waste all the time without complaint (and we swim right along with them in the stew).
  • How does Kermit the Frog know it’s not easy being green?  Has he ever tried being aqua?

At this point the burning sensation in my hand told me that perhaps I should have placed a cup beneath the spout.  The second attempt, if the lesson has been properly learned, usually goes much smoother.  

This, in turn, sparked another round of mental detritus:

  • Since yawns are so contagious, wouldn’t it be fun to catch a speaker’s attention and just start yawning?  
  • How can you know when I’m having a mid-life crises? Do you know when I reach the mid-point?
  • I figure time must be relative because every clock I see has a different time on it.
  • Cigar smoking is frowned upon, but smoked salmon is encouraged?
  •  Why do some put so much time, energy and effort into looking good, then get offended when people look?

Such is the mental flotsam that tends to bounce about the recesses of emptiness between my ears.  And now, here I am at my desk pondering such things.

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Well Now…

YOU are inspiring to someone!

Eyes creaked open as the alarm rudely screamed its skin shredding shrillness!  After several vile words, some thoughts what were far from kind, and a smidgen of violence, the noise ceased and I had a moment to contemplate whether or not to take a sick day or not.  But I’m not exactly ill…..just unmotivated.  Why is that? 

I managed to accost the coffee pot, and having retrieved the soothing elixir, toddled off to the shower for my daily ritual (yes, I shower daily…..most of the time…..whether I need it or not).  Drove to the office, after having dressed, so you can stop snickering, and was still feeling unmotivated.  Nothing I could truly set my finger on, just a general feeling of BLAH-ness.  I began to ponder this, as my mind is wont to do. 

Did I get enough sleep? Yes, functionally speaking. 

Did I get enough coffee?  Working on that part, it’s an all day process of careful balance. 

And then, as I was walking across the parking lot, I saw it…a flower growing through the pavement.  “What’s the big deal about that?” Glad you asked, think about how heavy asphalt is.  Now imagine how much sunlight makes it through.  Imagine how much water rushes through.  And yet, this flower still made its way to the surface and shared with me its beauty. 

That is inspiring to me.  In spite of all that may lie against me, to still bring out some spark of wonder is inspiring and motivating.

Or it could be that I just need more coffee!

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