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I’m THAT Guy!

I am THAT guy

I’m not handsome.  I’m not athletic. I’m not outgoing.  I’m not gregarious.  I’m not anyone who would stand out.  I’m not the person who would garner attention.  I’m not the person anyone would pay attention to.  Yeah….I’m THAT guy.  Invisible!

Yet while I may be invisible, I notice things.  I see patterns.  I hear the whisperings.  I notice the subtle.  Because I’m that guy that no one takes into account, I am also a fountain of knowledge and information.  When you dramatically tell someone how much they mean to you and then tell others what a complete idiot they are…I hear and take notice.

When you think no one sees, I’m that guy who notices.  You see, to the popular crowd, I don’t matter.  To some, I don’t even exist.  But I notice.  I listen. I make a mental note.  I see.

I know how you are.  I know what you do.  I see when you don’t want people to see.  No, I’m not a pervert…it’s because you don’t think I matter enough to care.

I notice that the melodramatic responses are lies in disguise.  I notice that you use people.  I notice that you think I’m not worth your time because I’m introverted.  I notice that I don’t “fit in” because I’m socially awkward.  I take special note when you try to intimidate me because you think I’m a push over.

I’m a LOT smarter than I appear.  I am MUCH more observant than you want me to be.  And I am NOT invisible just because you don’t think I’m worth your time.

Yeah….I’m THAT guy!



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You REALLY Want To Know?


There are numerous things about which we are curious.  Suffice it to say that some information is tedious and some……let’s just say might be best left unknown.

Remember, as a child (of any age from birth through death), asking lots of questions?  

“What time is it?”

“Do we have anything to eat?”

“Are these clean?” – let your imagination run with this one.

“Don’t touch that! Do you know where that might have been?” – again, let your imagination have a field day.

“Do we REALLY have to go?”


Then we have some of the more imaginative inquiries:

“Who won the wrestling match you and Mommy had?” 

“Dad, what does 36DD mean?”

“Dad, what does {insert your chosen expletive here} mean?” 

“Does your Mommy know that your butt is hanging out of your pants?”said to a plumber by a five year old, and NO I’m not a plumber. 


We are just filled with the thirst for knowledge, yet sometimes when we are the subject of such information gathering, it can be most uncomfortable:

“Are those real?”

“How much do you weigh?”

“Do you know why I stopped you?”

“What were you thinking? Or WERE you thinking at all?”

“What do you mean ‘uh oh’?” – Don’t want to hear this from any medical professional.

“Did you like it?” – be imaginative

Our lives are filled with the search for information, as if we’re on a safari and we must hunt down the prey. 


So what’s my point? 


Good question!



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