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Between Here and There

I was reminded of an riddle from my childhood:

“How far can you walk in the woods?”

“One step…then you are walking out.”

Into The Woods

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it was thought provoking when I was a child. Think about it though, one step can make a difference.

  • Miss one step on a staircase and you can trip or fall or worse. I have the distinction of being able to trip and/or fall without ever missing a step.
  • What happens when you “miss your mouth” when drinking coffee? You get scalded and stained.
  • Miss your exit on the interstate and you have to go WAY out of your way.
  • Miss one step of a recipe…..

One step can make a huge difference.  There was a point to make here, but I missed the step of writing it down first. Go figure.

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Vacation of a Lifetime!!!!!

This term is one that is frequently used with GREAT excitement each year as holiday draws near.  This is one of those phrases that baffles me no end.  How can one have a Vacation of a Lifetime every single year?  So imagine my thought processes when I considered what I’d like as a Vacation of a Lifetime.

For some, vacation is something extremely pleasant such as:

Vacation Spot

Some seem to prefer something a tad more adventurous, such as:

Vacation Hmmmm

And then there’s are those who are more into the “extreme” idea of vacation, such as:

Vacation Volcano

Here’s my dilemma…isn’t the whole idea of vacation to relax, rejuvenate, and rest?  My idea of a vacation is simple….

My Dream House

Whether you like to scuba dive, base jumping, reading, or just sitting quietly reading, let your vacation revive you!  If you only got ONE vacation, what would YOURS be?

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Take Over The World! Well, At Least Change It.

We all want to change the world in one form or another. Yes, I know how Pinky & The
Brain-ish that sounds, but it’s still true. Be that as it may, and
let it lie where it will, but the facts are the facts…that being,
that all of us have the potential to change the world. If only for
that one person. I rather fancy you’ve already begun the mental
sauntering down the lane of logic here. But let me toss a bit of a
squishy rock into your path:
Yes, I do realize it’s
been quite some time since last I put words to screen. There are a
number of factors which caused this, which I shan’t get into all of
them, except to say study has been a huge factor. Yes, that’s
right, I said STUDY.
Those who know me, and have taken the time to talk with me, know that I do so enjoy a good
observatory sit where I can see people interact with one another. I
study people and learn from their behaviors. One of the things I
have learned, and yes I DO actually learn things, that my mind is
screaming to share is the gift of gratitude.
Gratitude, the simple act of expressing appreciation for the actions or words of another.
Some show their gratitude with the phrase “Thank You”, while some
prefer the dumbfounded-befuddled “who-are-you” facial expression,
and others opt for the tears-of-joy, whilst the grumpier of the
societal inhabitants choose stoic ignoring of the act entirely.
Did you know that the act of simply saying “Thank You” to others makes their day a
little better? Try it. You see, expressing gratitude is not only a
mood lifter for others, but it also has significant benefits to YOU.
  • Stress hormone levels or cortisol and norepinephrine decrease, creating a cascade
    of beneficial metabolic changes such as enhanced immune system;
  • Coronary arteries relax, thus increasing the blood supply to your heart (yes, you have
    a heart in spite of what you may have been told);
  • Heart rhythms become more harmonious, which positively affects your body’s
  • Breathing becomes deeper, thus increasing the oxygen level of your tissues.
  • In short, gratitude is physically GOOD for you!
If you’d like to change the world, or render someone else speechless, practice
gratitude; after all, you may not always see it, but you DO have
quite a lot to be grateful for…think about it. Especially if
you’re still breathing.



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Broken or Sculpted?


How is it that a masterpiece of sculpture comes about?  Does the artist happen upon the finished works whilst having a putter about the forest?  I seriously doubt it, but when do we stop to consider what it takes to create a masterpiece?  Consider this, the artist sees a stone, envisions the completed project, and then has to remove all the stone bits until his vision is revealed.  Have a stare at any floor of the sculptor’s workshop and you will see lots of stone bits, parts, shards, rubble, and dust.  If you focus on those, you’d think the artist merely took a stone ans smashed it to bits.  But look above the piles of debris and you will behold the masterpiece.

The same example can be used with us.  When something happens to us, either we can give up and stare at the debris, OR we can understand that the masterpiece is slowly being revealed by the chipping away of the bits that hide it.  I’m sure it’s no bowl of ice cream for the stone when the chips begin to fly.  Not is it a pleasant feeling when we feel the cracks and dust as detritus of our lives lay about the floor of our world like great piles of laying about things.

We are works in progress.  Masterpieces in the making.  When we hurt, it helps to talk.

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Keep Your Sanity To Yourself!


It’s in the silence that we hear life speak.

We bongle through our day, bouncing from scenario to scenario, sometimes from place to place, sometimes from thought to thought, always trying to stay in control of as much of life as we can.  It’s not that we don’t like the odd adventure, but we do seem to have this rather intense desire to control.  Let me change that to MANY of us like to control. 


Yes, I am one of those who like to know what’s going to happen, how it will happen, when it will happen, how often it will happen, and be in control of as much as possible.  Why?  Because if I can control the situation, I can control the outcome.


Sounds logical.  On paper, it diagrams out as a logical argument.  Let’s be brutally honest here…just because I wear a rubber chicken costume does not make me a rubber chicken.  It merely makes me sweat a lot and look rather silly.  Think of yourself as a surfer and life as the ocean.  You won’t always get the perfect wave, because you can’t control the oceans.  BUT, you can learn to ride the waves!


The key to life is simplicity itself: “Life can only be taken one breath at a time.” 


Shhh…that’s the secret.



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Boogle On Or Breathe Peace?

Do we honestly take the time anymore to seek for peace?  Are we REALLY so busy that we can’t take a few minutes to slow down for peaceful moments? 

Our lives are such busy tornadoes of activities, meetings, sporting events, extra-curricular activities, and driving hither and yon trying to keep up with everyone’s lists of activities, and jobs, and the carousel seems to spin faster and faster until you either fall off, or throw up…..(or both).

Why are we so busy ALL the time?  Is it any wonder why we have so many sleep aids on the market?  Is it any wonder why we have more and more stress related illnesses?  Is it any wonder why we have such a demand for anti-anxiety chemicals?

I took three days off a couple of weeks ago, and aside from the continual calls from the office, it was rather enjoyable.  However, I caught myself several times thinking of everything I wanted to cram into the three days, and getting tense trying to figure out how to do it all, that I have to literally jump in the pool fully clothed to change my perspective. 

Life comes at us one breath at a time for a reason. Time was invented so everything doesn’t happen to us all at once.  And yet we try to suck all the breath out of living at one time, and we try harder and harder to defy time so we can do more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to search for some peace!  I need to step back and take a deep breath one at a time.  Maybe even slow down enough to howl at the moon.

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Don’t Mess With The Car Park Girl!

During my sojourn about town, I happened upon this guardian of the gardens that I found to be fascinating.  Not that there’s anything particularly breathtaking about it, I mean it’s just an old hitching post, but there’s something about the feel of this place.  The history is almost palpable and oozes from every brick and sidewalk of this amazing town.  Whilst boogeling along seeking the unusual (not the weird) I was taken by surprise by the varying sights and situations that are all about.

One of the scenes I observed served as a reminder of the fragility of life.  I found a grave marker of Lieutenant Philip Harvey of the British Royal Navy who died in his 33rd year. The marker itself was pretty amazing, but it was his age that caught my eye.  Let’s face it, 33 is not old now, but during that time, it was quite the respectable age.  And the fact that a British Naval Officer would find himself being buried here in South Carolina humbled me as I thought about the honors with which he found his rest.

One other observation of my adventure…..Parking costs!  It costs you to park your car in this town.  You will pay for it one way or another. And, I’m sorry, haggling with the Car Park Attendant will not get you a free parking space.  Nor will threatening, screaming, debating, or otherwise attempting to scam by without paying.  The young lady in the photo below apparently was having a lively and rather animated (almost hostile) discussion with the attendant about his decision to have her car booted for parking and walking off without paying.  It’s only $5.00 to park your car ALL DAY, while you wongle about the city looking for things to purchase.  Let’s face it, the average parker will mosey around the town and easily drop several hundred dollars on paraphernalia and other chachkees that will merely take up space and collect dust.  Why the indignity of $5 to put your car someplace?


“What do you mean BOOTED?”

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Begin At The Beginning…

Why is it so necessary to begin at the beginning?  We just assume that the beginning is a good place to start, but what if there’s not anything notable to report at the beginning?  Why can’t we start from right here and pugger along?

I was very young at the beginning of my beginning, so I don’t remember much.  Some photos were taken, I got footprinted, and generally don’t recall anything momentus.  So I shan’t be beginning there, except to say…..well, there it is! 

I must have had a beginning, else I wouldn’t be here in the middle of this right now, but if I could’ve begun right here, I’m not so sure how that would turn out. 

I do like the way we begin and then follow sequentially along progressively.  I imagine it would be slightly uncomfortable to bounce about the spectrum like a golfball that fell off an overpass.  I mean, today you’re an “adult” and you’ve got your look just the way you want it, then tomorrow you’re a hormone secreting gawk that has “nothing to wear” and can’t be given the least bit of constructive direction (oh wait…….), and then next Thursday you awaken to find that you’re ready to retire and you’re grouchy, crabby, teeth don’t fit right, prune pudding eating…..again, hmmmmmmmmm…..

Point is, as we troggle along this lifeway, we do it in sequence for a reason.  Because it makes sense!  And if we only started a book on page 167, we’d be lost as to the plot and characters, because they were explained at the beginning.  Unless you happen to be reading one of those authors who likes to introduce random characters all throughout the story.  But I digress…..regress…..egress….wait, now I’m just lost!  Oh yes, while it is true that we have to begin at the beginning, we always have the opportunity to make a new beginning! 

Ah HA! And you thought there was no point to this babbling!

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Welcome to the Compartment Department

Today has been a challenge to my sanity (oh shut up!), and it’s days like this that reinforce a growing concern.  As you boogle through our day, we sometimes run into many situations we’d rather not have to, but must face them anyway, and because these situations are potentially stressful, we greet them at the door with a hearty “Welcome to the Compartment Department!  Please allow me to direct you to the hole where you will be staying.” 

Then once sequestered therein, we bung along with our lives until we meet more stress, (“Hi, I’m A Stressful Situation. I’d like your undivided attention or a room please.  NOW!”)  And we end up running the Headspace Bed & Breakfast for Stress, dashing from room to room….making sure each client is tucked in, quiet, with the door locked, with the neighbors not making any problems, and we zip about like a Hamster on crack in a plastic ball. 

Everything is well in hand….and we are able to fool the world by appearing calm on the outside, while inside the noggin, we’ve gone from checking on our tenants (yes, they are tenants now) with a skateboard, to zipping about door-to-door on a motorcycle, to scooting about trying to catch one tenant who figured out how to escape and is now screaming naked down the hallway, down the stairs, and through the lobby toward your voice (which you suddenly realize is the one screaming).

Don’t get me wrong, compartmentalizing is quite a good coping method for the short term.  But in the longer term, not so much.  When guests turn into tenants they tend to demand more attention and have higher expectations.  You are expected to be at their beck and call and they can keep you sleepless, weary, irritable, and even perpetually exhausted.  At a Bed & Breakfast, guests are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, enjoy the amenities, have a bit of sleep, enjoy the complimentary hors d’0euvres, and get the hell out! HOWEVER….one difference between a regular B&B and the Headspace Rooms for Rent, is that a regular B&B gets cleaned out regularly.

If you are going to compartmentalize, make sure to air out the rooms once in a while and keep guest, not tenants!

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Message In A Bottle

When I was younger, how much younger is irrelevant, just stick with I was younger, I was boogling about the seashore one morning looking for shark teeth that weren’t still in the shark’s mouth, when I happened to see something sparking in the surf.  I couldn’t resist watching it for a few moments until it slid across the sand, then I simple HAD to bong along and see what it was.

Oddly enough, it was truly a message in a bottle.  I couldn’t wrap my head around this treasure!  From from merely gazing upon this new found communique, my mind conjured all sorts of potential calamaties which could have caused someone to send out this, seemingly hopeless, message, this desperate plea, this legacy of their existence.

Therefore, I took the bottle to my room and set about opening it, which was much more difficult that it seemed given the heavily waxed seal.  All the while daydreaming about who may have sent it and where they might be.  As the daydreams reached their crescendo (with the cannonfire, sinking ships, mermaids, plank walking, marooning, etc.) I managed to get the wax off without breaking the bottle.  The cork slipped right out with a “POP” and then there was the message.

Carefully, so as not to mangle the message beyond readability, I coaxed it out of the bottle, unrolled it gently and read these words:

“Bottle empty….bring more rum!  Thanks!”

Before you shriek, there IS a point to be made here….if you had only one message you could send, what would it say?

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