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Dare I Say It?

I'm OFFENDED!“That’s Offensive!”

“I’m Offended!”

Why are we wasting so much time and energy looking for reasons to be offended?  Why are we burning up so much of our limited time on this orb being offended (with the marching and the shouting and the rioting and the burning and the general mayhem with accompanying chaos)?

  • People get offended because of a flag.
  • People get offended by the people who are offended by a flag.
  • People are offended by something their ancestors endured.
  • People are offended by those who are offended by something their ancestors endured.
  • People are offended because they are expected to follow the law.
  • People are offended because those enforcing the law didn’t bring them warm milk and cookies and coddle them.
  • People get offended because someone said a word.
  • People get offended because they think they have every right to be offensive.

We waste SO MUCH of our lives either offending or being offended and being angry about it!  Can ANYONE change history? NOPE!   Can anyone change their skin pigmentation? Possibly, but at great financial expense.  Can anyone un-say anything they have said?  Nope!  Can anyone undo what has been done? Nope.

People yell, shout, scream, and demand “justice” when they really want revenge!  People yell, scream, shout, and demand “equality” and “unity” yet they are not willing to stop being divisive.

Let’s be honest: the life is NOT fair!  Never has been and never will be. We are divided because we CHOOSE to be divisive!  If we want to be a united culture then we have got to stop being divisive and start being courteous and respectful toward each other.  We have got to learn to let go of the things we cannot change.

We can only move forward from THIS point in time!  We cannot move forward if we continue to focus on what’s behind us.  Learn from history, learn that cooperation DOES work, and learn to move forward in cooperation!

Think about this:  If you take 10 people and give each of them $1M.  Within three generations, at least half of them will be broke (or in debt). And about 1% will be the wealthiest among the group (by fair means or foul).  Why? Because we focus more on the MONEY instead of the PEOPLE!

But that’s just my two cents worth.

And, by the way, I am offended that the symbol for cents is not found on my computer keyboard while the $ symbol is very clearly placed.

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Seems like an eternity since I was able to collect my thoughts enough to put them down on “paper”, although in this format they are MUCH more legible, and far less confusing by the stream in which they joogle forth from my consciousness.  Consciousness……there’s a thought worth pondering.  We spend part of our lives unconscious in order to rejuvenate and refresh, yet our minds are bongling around with a gazillion and one thoughts that our consciousness dropped on the doorstep of our unconsciousness and then left the unconscious to manage how the pieces fit together and then grundle them off again into the conscious, where our consciousness either complains of being tired, or simply forgot what it was in the first place is was boogling.

Granted, the last several weeks have put the whammy on me and bashed my serenity like King Kong on a bender, but I’m hoping things have reached a peak, a plateau, if you will, and some sense of peace shall prevail upon the lands once more.  To be determined, of course, but then there’s always that bunch who insists on trying to plant their “I’m Your MASTER” flag on my peaceful spot.  Thus far, have been able to fend them off, but of late their attacks are becoming more vicious.  But enough of that.  I hear their flag fluttering in the wind, and I choose to plant my own, albeit it’s not exactly a flag per se as much as it is a mental image:

My Serene Scene Flag

Something that occurred to me just now…… I’ve given in to the temptation to get all in a blither about all that’s going on, that I’ve lost focus.  I ask for your forgiveness for that.  I have veered way off course and must now find my way back.  Might take a while and a several rabbit trails, but hopefully will be back on the path to weirdiousity soon.  Prayers and thoughts are always welcome.

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Boogle On Or Breathe Peace?

Do we honestly take the time anymore to seek for peace?  Are we REALLY so busy that we can’t take a few minutes to slow down for peaceful moments? 

Our lives are such busy tornadoes of activities, meetings, sporting events, extra-curricular activities, and driving hither and yon trying to keep up with everyone’s lists of activities, and jobs, and the carousel seems to spin faster and faster until you either fall off, or throw up…..(or both).

Why are we so busy ALL the time?  Is it any wonder why we have so many sleep aids on the market?  Is it any wonder why we have more and more stress related illnesses?  Is it any wonder why we have such a demand for anti-anxiety chemicals?

I took three days off a couple of weeks ago, and aside from the continual calls from the office, it was rather enjoyable.  However, I caught myself several times thinking of everything I wanted to cram into the three days, and getting tense trying to figure out how to do it all, that I have to literally jump in the pool fully clothed to change my perspective. 

Life comes at us one breath at a time for a reason. Time was invented so everything doesn’t happen to us all at once.  And yet we try to suck all the breath out of living at one time, and we try harder and harder to defy time so we can do more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to search for some peace!  I need to step back and take a deep breath one at a time.  Maybe even slow down enough to howl at the moon.

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Begin At The Beginning…

Why is it so necessary to begin at the beginning?  We just assume that the beginning is a good place to start, but what if there’s not anything notable to report at the beginning?  Why can’t we start from right here and pugger along?

I was very young at the beginning of my beginning, so I don’t remember much.  Some photos were taken, I got footprinted, and generally don’t recall anything momentus.  So I shan’t be beginning there, except to say…..well, there it is! 

I must have had a beginning, else I wouldn’t be here in the middle of this right now, but if I could’ve begun right here, I’m not so sure how that would turn out. 

I do like the way we begin and then follow sequentially along progressively.  I imagine it would be slightly uncomfortable to bounce about the spectrum like a golfball that fell off an overpass.  I mean, today you’re an “adult” and you’ve got your look just the way you want it, then tomorrow you’re a hormone secreting gawk that has “nothing to wear” and can’t be given the least bit of constructive direction (oh wait…….), and then next Thursday you awaken to find that you’re ready to retire and you’re grouchy, crabby, teeth don’t fit right, prune pudding eating…..again, hmmmmmmmmm…..

Point is, as we troggle along this lifeway, we do it in sequence for a reason.  Because it makes sense!  And if we only started a book on page 167, we’d be lost as to the plot and characters, because they were explained at the beginning.  Unless you happen to be reading one of those authors who likes to introduce random characters all throughout the story.  But I digress…..regress…..egress….wait, now I’m just lost!  Oh yes, while it is true that we have to begin at the beginning, we always have the opportunity to make a new beginning! 

Ah HA! And you thought there was no point to this babbling!

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Message In A Bottle

When I was younger, how much younger is irrelevant, just stick with I was younger, I was boogling about the seashore one morning looking for shark teeth that weren’t still in the shark’s mouth, when I happened to see something sparking in the surf.  I couldn’t resist watching it for a few moments until it slid across the sand, then I simple HAD to bong along and see what it was.

Oddly enough, it was truly a message in a bottle.  I couldn’t wrap my head around this treasure!  From from merely gazing upon this new found communique, my mind conjured all sorts of potential calamaties which could have caused someone to send out this, seemingly hopeless, message, this desperate plea, this legacy of their existence.

Therefore, I took the bottle to my room and set about opening it, which was much more difficult that it seemed given the heavily waxed seal.  All the while daydreaming about who may have sent it and where they might be.  As the daydreams reached their crescendo (with the cannonfire, sinking ships, mermaids, plank walking, marooning, etc.) I managed to get the wax off without breaking the bottle.  The cork slipped right out with a “POP” and then there was the message.

Carefully, so as not to mangle the message beyond readability, I coaxed it out of the bottle, unrolled it gently and read these words:

“Bottle empty….bring more rum!  Thanks!”

Before you shriek, there IS a point to be made here….if you had only one message you could send, what would it say?

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Let’s Get Adventurous!

“The most beautiful adventures are not the ones we go to seek.”
~Robert Louis Stevenson~
There are many kinds of adventures, and I can’t speak for you, but for some reason when I see the word “adventure” I hear the theme from Indiana Jones.  Indiana Jones has had enough adventures in his lifetime that I do believe his next big adventure will be something along the lines of Indiana Jones and the Pudding of the Day.  What think you when you imagine adventure?  What would it take for you to see yourself as adventurous?
     Perchance, could it be that you might think adventure is something only for the strong of heart?  Something along the lines of climbing a cliff, jumping off of it into a thimble half full of jello, while your shorts were lit aflame?  Ah, I see the confusion…..there truly IS a fine line between “adventure” and “stupidity,” and I will admit that, being a male of the species and prone to selective bloodflow at times, I have crossed to the wrong side of that line many times.
     Sometimes we can be adventurous with our palates.  Try dining on fried hog snout on a stick and see how adventurous you feel in about an hour.  Here in Mosquitoville, we are prone to deem pretty much anything a delicacy as long as it is deep fried and there’s a stick involved in some form or fashion.  Fried twinkies, fried Snickers bars, fried jello, fried octopus, fried Adidas laces, and last year’s State Fair favorite…….fried stick of butter on a stick!  If you heat the grease, they will come salivating.
     But my question to you is……are you adventurous?  Are you willing to take a chance?  Are you willing to step out of the ordinary?  I’m not suggesting that you pop into a tiny airplane only to hurl yourself (and your lunch) out at 20,000 feet; nor am I suggesting that you take a papercup of water into the desert to see how far you can go before you discover the lost city of Aquaticus.  Are you willing, though, to walk over and say “hi” to a new co-worker? Yes, I know….GASP, SPEAK to the newbie? Are you insane?….I get it.  How about just trying something new?
     OR are you like Bilbo Baggins who said, “We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” Some days it’s an adventure of a lifetime to open ones eyes in the morning to find you’re still breathing.  Sometimes the adventure comes in the form of a 10:00 staff meeting and you arrive in the carpark at 9:50 in search of a parking slot.  Or you’ve studied very hard for the exam, only to discover that what you studied was the section before what you’re being tested on.
     I am NOT a fan of “reality television” and certainly not anything like “Survivor” or “The Amazing Race.”  To me, if I can make it home with just as many bits as I left with, I’m a survivor.  And, why, pray tell, would anyone want to dash about the world in such a hurry without taking time to enjoy what’s right there around them?  For money? Psssshhhh! Adventures are anything out of the ordinary, anything beyond the humdrum of every day, anything that isn’t “normal” (stop looking at me that way).

Go!  Do something amazing…..or maybe amusing!

I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand… Adventure is a state of mind – and spirit.

Jacqueline Cochran (1910 – 1980)

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A Bit About Where I’m From

     I live, currently, in the “deep South” of the United States, where mosquitoes are larger than most aircraft, and where the language can, at times, vaguely resemble something that might be English, but at least it’s not quite Cajun. 
For example:
     Corn which has been ground into sand-like consistency is referred to as meeyull.  That is, until boiling water has been added along with a huge glop of butter, then the cohern meeyull instantly becomes greeyuts, which is a substitute in many homes for oatmeal.
     At almost every meal, there are a few items which will accompany every entrée.  One is a small glob of bread slathered with bud-dah.  These are not called “rolls” at any time.  These nuggets of dough are always called, in all their various forms, biskits.  Most homes will offer some sort of meat grease which has been thickened with flour called grayveh. This concoction is ladled atop the entire contents of the plate.
     Also accompanying every single mealtime in the true South will be the thick, sweet almost to the point of being chewy, heavily lemoned beverage called Ahsstee or the abbreviated form tee.  If you are desirous of something Earl Grey or Darjeeling or Oolong, one must, in this venue, specify that you are requesting HOT tea.  Brace yourself, because it will most likely arrive thick, sweet, and lemoned. Ahsstee has an alternate purpose as well.  If one were to find themselves at a meal without sore-gum or mole-assis, one can merely heat up some ahsstee and pour it over their biskits or pankayks.  Or in a pinch, one might also be able to pour it into their engine’s oil receptacle, since the fluidity and thickness are about the same.
     True genteel Suhthun laydeez, when presented with overwhelming news or when they wish to have all attention on them, for whatever reason, will suddenly get a case of tha vaypahz. This is a light-headedness which supposedly leads to fainting, this, in turn, has resulted in an entire branch of furniture called the Fainting Couch.  The remedy for tha vaypahz is to fan the victim, place a cool (not cold) damp cloth behind the neck (so the makeup is not disturbed), and set a glass of ahsstee on the table at hand (on a coaster so there won’t be a ring on the table).
     Contrary to popular belief, people who live in the South are not ALL married to their cousin/sister/aunt/mother/half-sister/2nd cousin.
     One term you will encounter whilst wandering about the South is yawl which is a tricky word, as it refers to the singular person whose family is no where within shotgun range, as well as, the singular person who happened to stroll over (and their absent family), as well as, a large group that has gathered.  When you are referred to with this word, it is always best to look about to gather the context.
     If you are new to the area, just passing through, or have been kidnapped and dropped off in the locale, you will undoubtedly be asked Yawl yaynt frum rownd cheer.  This is not exactly a question, as it is more of a statement of observation.  If this phrase is aimed at you, then prepare to be met with suspicious glances, ahsstee n biskits, and wary whisperings.
     I’ve been in the South now for several years and am still undergoing the culture shock of having been born in California only to be transplanted in the Swamp Land of ticks, mosquitoes, and chiggers.  Oh yes, chiggers are tiny bugs that burrow into your skin and make you itch terribly. They can only be cured, according to my Grandmother, with raw bacon or ham fat being applied directly to the affected area.  Raw bacon or ham fat cures just about everything, depending on who you talk to (and how far past the treeline into the woods they reside).
     This is not to say that ALL Southerners are leftovers from “Deliverance,” because there are many who are absolutely wonderful, friendly, surprisingly normal people.  Some are even normaler than me. Go figure.
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Mental Walkabout

After four cups of Steamy this morning, none of which were able to alter the sluggishness of mind, either individually or collectively, the thought occurred to me that perhaps my mind had gone on a walkabout.  Thus, I inquired within, and discovered the cranium empty, the plants had been watered, the fish had been fed, and the note left on the fridge read:

“If you’re reading this, I’m not here. 

No worries, back soon. 



PS – the milk in the fridge is a bit whiffy, so best not to drink any.”

Fairly good indication of a mental vacation, I’d say.  But whilst my mind is flitting off to some tropical paradise, the rest of me is still seated at my desk doing……well……desk things, like reading reports, filing bits of detritus, making sure This gets put in the That bin, and all the rest of the ‘where’s my pen?’ routine.  It’s not often that my mind gets to wander off alone, but apparently today had been on the calendar for quite some time.  What’s a body to do when Elvis has left the building and the dust bunnies are having free reign of the cavern?

We all could use a break once in a while, to clear the cobby webs, and let the dogs have their run.  Yet we tend to march about, ever forward, trundling over the gardens and tromping about on the flowers, ever onward, as if the world would shut down without our daily input.  And yet, the world was still here when you awoke this morning, and the trams still ran, and the water still flowed, and the air still gets breathed…without you.  We work ourselves into a rut and then wonder why we can’t see out, then we quit trying to see out of the rut because we’ve just accepted that there’s nothing aside from the work to be seen, much less enjoyed.

I can remember the serious look on the face of my parents.  It’s as if they didn’t believe in having anything resembling fun.  Our family “vacations” seemed to revolve around my father’s work.  My parents never seemed to be able to relax.  Which partly explains their deep “need” to control everything and everyone. But that’s another story for another day.

My point is simple…..let your mind have a vacation once in a while.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a wealthy widow.”  Just saying.

Let Yourself Relax

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Unless You’re An Elephant…..

Think about all the places you’ve traveled in your lifetime thus far….all the experiences you’ve had (good and not-so-good).  Here’s a little factoid that we seldom think about, but let’s, for a moment, take a bit of a detour from our tromping about this earth and focus on what you’re carrying with you.
Did you know that every single experience, whether we consciously realize it or not, has shaped us?  As we march through our lives we take our experiences and relationships, tuck them into the great steamer trunk of our mind, and trundle on to the next station.  Think for a bit……is it time for you to go through your trunk and, perhaps, unload a few souvenirs? 

     Sometimes we merely need to rifle through and toss a few things out to make room for new goodies. 

     Sometimes we might have to do a touch more of a surgical removal of some things (and gangrenous some people). 
     Then there are the odd occasions when we must go all “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on some because they just refuse to let go (clingy bits of issues can create a whole web of poison).

Here’s some advice that I would give to anyone and everyone:

  • “Watch were you go when you go.  In nature, snakes tend to get pissed off when they get pissed on.” 
And the OTHER piece of advice would be,
  • “Take time to take inventory.  Unload what’s weighing you down, hunching you over, or just making your head hurt.”

Life is too brief a play to carry about a great trunkful.  That is, unless you’re an elephant with a head cold.

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Living Passionately Award

It’s one thing to live simply, yet a completely different set of dishes to simply live!  We spend so much of our time going through the motions of:

  • work,
  • go home,
  • eat,
  •  sleep,
  •  kill the alarm clock,
  • feed the dog,
  • gesture rudely on our commute,

only to do it again and again….day after day……year after year. And for what?  A paycheck?  I agree it IS important to pay our own way through this saunter through sanity, but what about living truly.  What about being passionate?

Have you ever seen someone and wondered “What’s it like in their mind?” I have.  I’ve wondered that about some of the people I’ve seen whilst people watching (again…..not in that stalkery way), while I enjoy coffee (which is FREQUENTLY), and even wondered that about some of you. Before you go all paranoid ninja on me, let me explain…..I read your words, look at the pictures you paint with them, I look at the photos you post, and I wonder “What are they REALLY like?”

So I came up with an award for those I perceive as living passionate lives (aka Adding Color To Life)!

And, yes, there are rules:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Think about who you’d like to pass this on to
  3. Do something weird and out of the ordinary today. (NO, that doesn’t NOT include drinking my coffee!)
  4. Post the award someplace conspicuous…..the underside of the hamper lid, inside of the lav door, at the bottom of the bird cage.

So……… The VERY FIRST nominees are:

  1. DOC

Oh yeah, the award.  Sorry, where IS my mind.  Of course……it’s in that jar on the top shelf.


Now….GO FORTH AND STALK THE WINNERS!!!  Leave wonderful comments on their writings.  Perhaps invite them to tea. But don’t just sit there…..LIVE!!!

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