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When Life Feels Too Hard

candle light

Of late, life has felt overwhelming. There never seems to be enough time or energy to accomplish all I want, and there is never enough money to help those I want to help. The busier I get, the more I know a difference is being made, but it can be overwhelming.

You see, I am a Law Enforcement Chaplain. Yes, I have theological training and am credentialed by a religious entity to perform the rites and rituals. But, I don’t try to convert anyone or preach to anyone to become part of my way of belief.  My job is to take my training and experience (lifetime of making mistakes) to listen to Officers and their families and offer counsel (if requested).  It’s a lot more difficult to listen and NOT speak than one might think.

When I first began this life adventure, I didn’t think I could possibly make a difference. The best I could do was offer encouragement and perhaps a little different perspective. Then one night after spending an entire 12 hour shift with one of the Officers, I was walking to my car and heard the cruiser back up and get ready to pull away. But then I heard the cruiser stop for several seconds.  I turned to wave to the officer, and the officer rolled down the window, grabbed my hand and said, “Thanks for listening Padre.” And with that, the officer drove off home, leaving me standing in the dark parking lot next to my car.

When I got into my car, I sat there for a minute and just looked at the sky watching the stars flicker.  Then an image came to mind that I hadn’t considered: One can only see the stars when it’s dark.  Hmmmmm….  The more I thought about it, the more I kept remembering some of the lessons I had learned over the course of my life. A single candle doesn’t produce much light, but in the darkest place where there is no light, it’s almost blinding.

From that day, I have remembered that even though I may not understand or even see how my light may help someone else, in their darkest moments, hopefully they will remember.

Watch this video and see what I mean:

Light Up The Sky



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Cerebral Snack

Not feeling like an inspired lunatic today, odd how such days tend to come.

But one thought did pop in and bounce around the cranium a bit….

“Darkness cannot hide light.”

Ponder that for a bit, if you will.  You can enter the darkest of darkness and strike a light, and that light will be seen. 

Just a little cerebral snack for today. t

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You Can’t Hide

"Dark Cannot Hide Light!"

I try, usually without much success, not to blather on and on seeking to make a point.  Sometimes, however, a tidbit of wisdom is hurled at you and you must either dodge it or feel the sting as it smacks you between the eyes.  So, if you’ll look past the bruise, I’d like to share a nugget learned.


“Dark cannot hide light.”


While that may not sound very impressive, think about it.  Let it sink in for a moment.  Let it percolate (which reminds me to get another cup of coffee).


* If you are in darkness and you strike a match, that little light can be seen at great distances without much effort.  Can your shadow? 


Negativity, believe it or not, is like having to carry a HUGE weight around your neck.  It causes enormous stress and turns living into existing. I’m not saying you should never have a tough day or bad experience or anything of the sort, because without the valleys, we can’t truly appreciate the view from the mountain.

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