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“Special Orders Don’t Upset Us”…Oh But They DO!

Fast FoodI remember those lyrics from my youth, and would sing along with the commercial, thinking what a wonderful utopia this must be that doesn’t get upset when I place my order of a burger without condiments.  You see, I am one of THOSE people who like to actually taste my burger instead of gobs of goo and gunk passed off as condiments touching my supposed meat. But I digress.

My job is one where I must, on some occasions, grab a meal on the go. Today was one such day, so I pulled into the wonderful advance in fast food technology otherwise known as….the drive-thru.  You pull up to this little speaker, speak clearly into the speaker, pull around, pay, receive your order, and off you go to toddle on with your day.  That is how it is SUPPOSED to work. That is the concept.

Today……my utopian dream was shattered, ground into dust, and blown in my face with a lawnmower!  There were only two cars ahead of me in line. I was stoked to be so close. I rolled down my window so I might better render thoughts of encouragement to those passing before me.  And then…the speaker said, “May I take your order?” and what followed was a long pause before an elderly gentleman leaned out of the window to shout back… “WAT? YOO SAY SOMETHING?” and the voice from the passenger side…”WHAT DID THEY SAY?”

This exchange went on for several minutes before an employee stepped out of the back door and acted as the interpreter between patron and mechanical speaker.  Lots of loud questions, shouting to each other, and finally the conclusion of this part of the transaction.  Please pull ahead to pay for your meal, accept your food, and have a nice day (somewhere else please).

The line moved ahead, the employee went back inside, and I was only one car away from the speaker! The work van ahead of me slowly pulled to the speaker, as noxious clouds of toxins freely billowed from the place that once contained an exhaust pipe.  The driver leaned out, and proudly stated that he had six orders, each to be rung up separately, and each to be paid separately.

I considered parking and going inside, but when I looked in my mirror, 7 cars had already lined up behind. I had no escape. So I rolled up my window, turned off my ventilation, and honestly fumed. After another 17 minutes, all of the work vans orders had been registered, and they pulled forward.

MY TURN!!!  I was elated!  Finally, I could get a bite to eat and only be 10 minutes late to the session I was to conduct.  I rolled up, placed my single order, heard the weary voice give me the price and to please pull forward.  I enthusiastically told the speaker box “THANK YOU” and drove around the corner of the building to see the van waiting for the elderly man (who had gotten out of his car) counting out EXACT CHANGE for his order

Serenity Now

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You Want WHAT?

One of my hobbies is people watching.  I like to observe this creature called “human” going about their daily routines and in the habitats where they feel more at ease.  My efforts have revealed some interesting observations regarding the behaviors of these beasts.


The first behavior I observed is one-upmanship whereby when a group of these humans gather in a setting, they begin comparing positions with the following inquiry: “What do you do for a living?” Upon receiving the answer, a perceived hierarchy begins to develop.  For example, a business executive will assert his superiority over the administrative assistant or salesperson.  The successful professional will be judged to be superior to the young professional just starting their career.  Social gatherings don’t seem to function until this pecking order has been established.  I question the validity of this need and wonder why a person’s profession is more important than the person.

Another behavior I observed is the customer service ‘I want to punch you in the throat’ look. I find this in restaurants, stores, DMV, and any other place where a worker is required to deal with the public.  I, also, deal with the public and sometimes feel this way. Why do customers, of any kind, somehow believe that they are the center of the universe and are not expected to be courteous, polite, or even nice?

I will limit my examples to two:

  1. A person comes into a restaurant, is seated, is given a menu and a rundown of the specials. Server goes to take care of another table. Instead of deciding what to order, the customer begins a conversation, phone call, check emails, updates Facebook, anything except pick up the menu and make a decision. Upon the return of the Server, the customer says, “I just can’t decide, what’s good?” The Server would be VERY unprofessional should they ‘recommend’ something that appeals to THEIR taste, because it might not be something that appeals to YOUR taste. And if their suggestion is not something you like, your experience will be noted by you as “bad” and you will tell others how “awful that restaurant is” even going so far as to blast the place (and server) in the VERY public forum of Facebook. I’ve seen it too many times for this not to be true.
  2. If you have had a bad day, this in NO WAY is a license for you to vent your anger, frustration, irritation, or just plain obnoxious arrogance on anyone else.  Especially the one providing you with goods and/or services. For example, if you go to a pub to drown your rough day and call for the “BAR WENCH” you can pretty much be guaranteed some sort of revenge will be wrought. Perhaps your beverage will be brought in a dirty glass, or saliva has been added, or a dead roach was drowned in your beverage and removed before you got served.  Rule of thumb: Do NOT irritate those who provide you with immediate goods and/or services.  If you have had a bad day, take a walk or go to the gym or go play in traffic.

The barbershop where I get what’s left of my hair trimmed (“cut” would be far too drastic), the barber knows I am introverted. As a result, she keeps the conversation to three questions or less.  Why? Partly because she knows I dislike chatty people who talk just to fill the silence. But, more importantly, because she has taken the time to observe and remember.  I am a regular. I like to have the same barber. As a result, my gratuity reflects the extra effort she put in to help establish this relationship.

Gratuity, in and of itself, is a tangible way of expressing GRATITUDE for a job well done. Now I do take offense with establishments that put a “tip jar” right next to the cash register, as if a gratuity is an expectation given PRIOR to the service being provided.  A coffee shop I visited recently had such a setup. When I paid for my coffee, I was given my change in singles (as a hint to tip for a job not yet done). I stepped away from the counter to await the delivery of my coffee, and when it was given to me, I provided the tip directly to the person performing the service. Not out of requirement, but because the service was quick and courteous.

There is no reason to be obnoxious, arrogant, or ignorant. THINK! Reverse the roles for a moment, how would YOU wish to be treated?

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My Train of Thought Seems to be a Clown Car

I’ve stopped reading the news or listening to it or watching it.  Not only is it too depressing (when there’s actually news) but most of it seems to be posturing and rantings of some figurehead of some group spewing hatred for some other group and claiming they want “justice.”  Please!


There are far too many of us on this rotating orb to spend so much time hating.  I hate you. What does that solve? Nothing. I demand “justice.” Justice for all or slanted toward me? Isn’t justice supposed to be impartial and blind?


Isn’t love supposed to be impartial as well?


Anyway, I’ve stopped with the “news” because life is too short to be so bogged down in the mire of someone else’s swamp of crap.  If you can’t get along with others, find yourself an island somewhere and live on your own.  Seriously, please do. I’ll help you pack.


My Train of Thought

My Train of Thought

How My Mind Really Works

How My Mind Really Works



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Control Issues?


I have a friend, I know that in itself perhaps surprises many of you, who is, how might one say this politely…… excitable is a good word. This friend is one who tends to exaggerate in extreme terms quite frequently. For example, my friend orders lunch and it arrives with two sour creams for his baked potato instead of two butters. Most people would shrug it off, eat the lunch, and perhaps order from another vendor in future. NOT this person.

His first response is the highly offended, loud bag rattling searching for the butter. Let’s face it, if one shakes the empty bag long enough, the missing item will appear and spring forth onto the table with sparkles and a loud TAH DAH!

We all know people, or ARE people, like this. We seem to think that life is a series of extremes, usually negative, and off we go bouncing from one extreme to the next like a rubber ball down the street.

Ever tapped someone’s bumper accidently while attempting to park? Even though there is no visible, discernible damage, the person you tapped jumps from their auto as if you just ran over them with a tank. Lots of yelling, screaming, “oh I’m injured, call an ambulance,” bad drama (the same overacting that requires a laugh track so you’ll know when something is supposed to be “funny”), and then lawyers, insurance companies, blah, blah, blah.

We sometimes think that our lives are completely out of control. Really? Out of control…the laws of gravity, nature, physics, and the universe have relinquished their finality and allowed your life to just move about on a whim? The FACT of the matter is that what we may call “Out of Control” is simply not the control we’d like. Everything is still in control of something, just perhaps not what you want.

Meanwhile back at my friend’s potato….imagine the rampage when I reached over, took his naked potato and tossed it into the trash. Through his ever reddening face, complete with various veins attempting to find their way OUT from under his skin; he clinched his teeth and asked my why I took his lunch. I smiled politely and replied that I didn’t, in fact, take his lunch; I merely removed the object which seemed to cause him so much irritation that perhaps one might even say, I saved him from an aneurism.

Oddly, he still hasn’t spoken to me in a week. And while I am enjoying the lack of tirades, perhaps I should buy him a tub of butter as a peace offering.

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A Ticked Off Rant


Have we truly ceased the mental processing of information (a.k.a. “THINKING”) and resorted to sheer absurdity? Is it really necessary to be so obnoxiously loud?

I understand the desire to get one’s point across and wanting to gain the attention of the masses so they will come and do whatever it is you’re being loud about. Yet the continuous “Rah-Rah” sessions of buzzwords, catchphrases, and other such nonsense is rather a bit much. Perhaps it’s only me (wouldn’t be the first time), but I and my ears, not to mention my ever melting mind, are weary of being bombarded about going to “the NEXT LEVEL” and going “OVER THE TOP” and trying to be ever more “EXTREME” to the point that my mind simply chooses not to listen any longer.

Sadly, it’s not just advertisers who have elected this method of brainwashing. When the barrages of horrendously thunderous attempts at indoctrination begin and their over-used verbiage doth hang upon the tree of my desire like rotting pilchards nailed to a brick wall, my instinct is simply to walk away and find something suitably less irritating in which to participate.

From my days in college, learning about many things which I have long since forgotten, one of the few things that has always stuck with me was this lesson: “If your product or service is worthless, be loud. If your product or service is good, you don’t need to shout because it speaks for itself.”

I ventured forth considering where to spend a portion of my allotted Christmas Budget. I knew the product to be purchased and I entered one of the various establishments which proffered said object only to be bulldozed by the sheer volume of their displays (of electronics, for I was seeking to purchase a tablet). I was almost gang raped by several salespersons each attempting to scream louder than the rest that they were desirous of assisting me. Apparently, they were ready to assist me in going deaf or receiving my first aneurysm. I honestly could not get out of that torture chamber quickly enough and left a portion of my hearing behind.

Once my ears stopped bleeding, I found a rather quaint shop which advertised the desired product. The first thing I noticed upon entering was barely audible music and people speaking to each other in a reasonable tone. I browsed for several moments and was approached by a perfectly charming salesperson who won my business simply by saying (in a conversational tone), “Good Afternoon, may I be of service?” It was as if the storm had ended, the clouds parted, the sun shone brightly, and the angels sang “ taaaaaaaaaaahhhhhdaaaaaaaaaahh hhhh.”

As a footnote, I PROFUSELY thanked the salesperson, promised them all my future business in purchasing electronics, a pint of blood, what’s left of my hair, and a kidney, should they need it. That’s how pleasant the experience in a calm, inviting, and not over abused environment. To the LOUD, I have no use for, nor desire to enter, their presence.

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