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My Train of Thought Seems to be a Clown Car

I’ve stopped reading the news or listening to it or watching it.  Not only is it too depressing (when there’s actually news) but most of it seems to be posturing and rantings of some figurehead of some group spewing hatred for some other group and claiming they want “justice.”  Please!


There are far too many of us on this rotating orb to spend so much time hating.  I hate you. What does that solve? Nothing. I demand “justice.” Justice for all or slanted toward me? Isn’t justice supposed to be impartial and blind?


Isn’t love supposed to be impartial as well?


Anyway, I’ve stopped with the “news” because life is too short to be so bogged down in the mire of someone else’s swamp of crap.  If you can’t get along with others, find yourself an island somewhere and live on your own.  Seriously, please do. I’ll help you pack.


My Train of Thought

My Train of Thought

How My Mind Really Works

How My Mind Really Works



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There Has Obviously Been Some Mistake…

I’ve almost reached the point where I no longer bother to read the “news” anymore.  Why? Because of all the detritus, flotsam, and various other forms of refuse. 

“Amanda Bynes Appears In Court Again” – This is news HOW? Millions of people appear in court for all sorts of reasons every single day, why is this person any different?  Because she’s a “celebrity”? Does that mean she’s so much better than the rest of the population that people hang on her every move? It’s Lindsay NoBrain all over again.

My apologies to all who enjoy the doings of the royals, but the birth of a child happens many times all over the world every minute. Why is this particular child so special? Because he’s a “royal”? Tell you what, when the “royals” are able to live without breathing, that will be cause for attention. Aside from that, they are people just like the rest of us.

Here are a few other topics I don’t care about:

  • What a “celeb” wears to some event. Don’t care!
  • What the Kardashian’s are doing, saying, screwing, doing. Don’t care!
  • Who is engaged, sleeping with, married to or divorcing. Don’t care!
  • The latest “get rich quick” or “weight loss quick” secret. DON’T CARE!
  • The fastest production car. DO NOT CARE! In rush hour, it won’t make a difference.
  • Who gets the most “likes.” Guess what? I CARE NOT!

Let me put it as simply as I know how…unless it vastly improves my life or the lives of my family…

Who CaresBut that’s just my two cents worth…not that anyone cares.


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