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Inspired by…..Kool Aid!



Inspiration comes to us in so many ways.  Isn’t it odd how we are all basically the same, that of being humans for the most part, yet we are inspired by different things.

I find inspiration in the beauty of objects while another can look at the same objects and see only the utility of them.  One might see beauty and inspiration in numbers, while I find them to be a good cure for insomnia.  One of my friends is completely enthralled by the beauty that he finds in science, whilst all I get out of it is an annoying buzzing sound behind my eyes.

 I thoroughly enjoy the vibrancy of colors, being that I enjoy tie dye like a true hippie (except I do believe in bathing and shaving regularly).  But I have never heard of a vibrant shade of bright brown. Why is that? Who is responsible for the color scheme?

 Inspire and you will have given a gift of immeasurable worth.  While I do not advocate cavorting about in yellow pajamas out of doors, nor having a frolick in lime green spandex (gratuitous Green Lantern reference). I dare say, find what inspires you and share it with others.

 Speaking of spandex, why does that seem to be the material of choice for almost every super hero? Just a wandering thought that popped in during the contemplatory process.

 Inspiration…what is it that inspires you?  If you aren’t sure, perhaps this might be an opportunity to go with me to the grocer.  I always enjoy a wander through the grocer.


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Just A Wee Bit Odd


I think I have shared before that I have some rather unique friends, and again, yes, I DO have friends.  A wide spectrum of them. Some of them are even quite intelligent.

The other day, a discussion of odd conversation starters seemed to leap from somewhere occupied by drunken trolls.  Here are some of the kinder ones that came to topic:

     *  If a rock falls down the mountainside and no one is there to witness it, can a woman apply mascara with a closed mouth?

     *  Wouldn’t truly evaporated milk be a gas?

     * If a burger was truly made of ham, what would it be called?

     *  Is it possible to be cornered in a rotunda?

     *  Why don’t ghosts fall through the floor if they can pass through walls without effort?

     *  If Pinocchio said, “My nose is about to grow”, what would happen?

     *  Are your hands always so sweaty?

     *  Your earrings are beautiful, may I have one?

     *  Guess what I found in the neighbor’s medicine cabinet?

Some of my friends can come off as a bit on the weird (creepy weird) sort of way, but with a wider spectrum of associates, the more “normal” I appear to be.

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Are You MAD, Sir?


When was the last time you did something that wasn’t part of your normal routine?  When was the last time you took a risk and tried something new, and I’m NOT talking about broccoli or asparagas? 

We are critters of habit and we can be BORING!  Look at your daily walk through and you’ll see what I mean.  Usually, and I realize there are alterations, exceptions, and this doesn’t apply to everyone, the routine is something like this:
     * Beat the alarm senseless with vile words, thoughts of violence against all things alarm clock related.
     * Perform the Herculean task of sitting up.
     * Engage in various stretching, yawning, and scratching as you stumble blindly toward the bathroom.
     * Spend a few moments wondering where you are and who is that horrific beast staring at you.
     * Realize that you’re staring into the mirror, wipe the mirror hoping the beast will change into something better.
     * Take care of the various evolutions and toddle off toward the coffee pot.
     * Perform the remaining 3 s-steps, while wondering what you’re going to wear.
     * More coffee.
     * Perform the sniff test on the shirt and smile you can get by with another wear.
     * Look into the mirror and make your final adjustments.
     * Realize your underwear are on backwards and flip a coin to decide whether to fix them or let it go.
     * More Coffee.
     * Grab the briefcase, top off the coffee, and head off to work.
     * Bored Meetings (yes, that was intentional), Memos, Reports, Clients, Return Telephone Calls
     * Lunch, More coffee
     * Finally get around to fixing the underwear issue.
     * More Coffee in preparation for the 3 pm energy slump.
     * Respond to e-mails, sign off on files and reports, put files and reports in “TO BE FILED” box.
     * Get in car for the drive home, and wait in traffic as some bonehead has decided that SLOWER traffic should NOT move to one lane, but should race to see how many others can get backed up behind them before the road rage begins.
     * Change clothes.  Think about the laundry that needs to be done.  Put it on list marked “Tomorrow”
     * Eat dinner.
     * Doze off with the television on “The Big Bang Theory.”

While there may be variations of this ritualistic peek at the daily routine, we are creatures of habit.  Most of us are anyway.  Here’s the good part, we don’t have to be.  Understand that I’m not suggesting, even remotely, that we should live our lives in total chaos.  But a little chaotic behavior is not a bad thing.

Life is, after all, an adventure….and you only get this one turn on the ride.  Take some chances!
Instead of simply following the road, make your own path.  A path only becomes a path by traffic. 

I have a Bucket List (see my page marked “Bucket List”) but I have several things I’d like to try:
     1. Spend a week with no plan, no schedule, no itinerary, in a place I’ve never been before (but want to visit).
     2. Collect a shot glass from every state and any countries I can manage.
     3. Learn how to take photographs that don’t include my fingers.
     4. Visit Licthtenstein.  I just like saying that name.
     5. Yell “MOVIE” in a crowded Firehouse.
     6. I would say, “learn to sing opera” but that’s pretty much not going to happen.  I don’t even sing well in the shower or the car, so opera is out of the question.
     7. Help someone discover that life is fun if you let it be.  Confucius said, “Life is simple, it is we who complicate it.”
     8. Try a beer from every microbrewery in the U.S. and Canada.
     9. Be able to spend a year writing a book that people would want to read.
     10. See a flashmob do the Time Warp in Grand Central Station. (Yeah, I’ve still got that song bouncing around my cranium).

Why do we make life so boring and routine?  Why must we get in a rut?  Is it for comfort or is it because we don’t know any better? 

LIFE IS SIMPLE!  LIFE should be an adventure.  When I come to the end of mine, I want it to be because I’ve truly lived all the life out of me; not because I gave up and quit living.

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Lessons Learned From Time Warping

You know the song is in your head

You know the song is in your head

I’ll admit it….I remember when the Rocky Horror Picture Show first was released.  I was one of those oddballs that would get up and dance the Time Warp in the aisles along with all of my classmates.  While we won’t discuss why, frankly because I have no earthly idea, I will tell you that, yes, I have been pondering the lessons learned by Time Warping.  It’s a catchy little ditty that you should really YouTube, or simply click HERE.  While you listen to the song, or let it play in your head, consider the following:

  1. Given the chance of not being embarrassed, people in a group will do pretty much anything.
  2. Music is a wonderful mood changer.  Try it.  Listen to something like a Gregorian Chant and see if it doesn’t cause your eyes to want to slam shut.
  3. Many of my friends used to do stupid things.  Yes, it was my friends!  I took no part or pleasure in the antics, except as an observer, or perhaps to use the experience for extortionary purposes should they ever run for public office.
  4. People, and I say this while gazing into a mirror, without a sense of rhythm should refrain from dancing, running, walking, or any other effort of graceful movement.
  5. As I have gotten older, doing the Time Warp has become a LOT more difficult.  One of these days, I’ll probably break something or suffer severe injury (to my pride as well as my person).
  6. Some songs will stick in your memory forever.  Usually pushing out other important things……such as your name.
  7. It IS possible to do the Time Warp in a car traveling along the highway at 80 miles an hour.  No, I haven’t tried that recently and NO the driver did not take part except to control the volume.
  8. One should never Time Warp with a soda in one’s hand.  Especially when one’s girlfriend is in front you one in line.  Spilling icy soda down her back onto the cashmere sweater she “borrowed” from her sister will NOT, and I cannot emphasize this enough, WILL NOT, win any positive points with said girlfriend, her sister, or her parents (who have to listen to those two bicker about the sweater).
  9. When doing the Time Warp, one can make new friends.  CAUTION: The Time Warp will not make you new friends if you are the only one doing it.
  10. There are bits of me that keep right on Time Warping well after the music has ended.  Hence the decision for some dietary and exercise changes being implemented.

The Time Warp is quite simple to learn, I mean, the instructions are right there in the lyrics, and it is fun when done in the proper environment.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to slather myself with Capsasin and try not to look in the mirror whilst the music plays.

Besides….It’s Just A Jump To The Left!

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Wide-Eyed Weirdiousity

Eccentricities!  Let’s be honest, we are ALL eccentric, weird, odd, different, strange, and very unique.  Guess what?  We’re unique just like everyone else!  But it’s our oddities and wide-eyed weirdness that makes us who we are.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  Think about the experiences that have shaped you.  Some are pleasant, like the first time you got to ride a bicycle by yourself.  Some are not so pleasant, like the first spill you took on that bicycle.  And some are down right horrific, like that awkwardity of a first date.


When we are faced with a new experience, we have a choice to make: Either we can let it drain us of our energy or we can let it shape our weirdity.  You are who you are on purpose.  There’s no accident in that.  Be Wide-Eyed Weird and enjoy your eccentricities!

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Go Ahead……Be Weird!

People fascinate me.  Yep, even you.  Why?  Partly because I’m a student of human nature, and partly (and mainly) because ya’ll are some REALLY strange and weird critters. Don’t believe me?  Here are a few examples:

  • Attending a visitation recently of a coworker’s relative who had passed away.  The guy in the box was dressed in a suit that no one would ever see again.  Many of the “mourners” looked like they’d just wandered in after a week long bender (flip flops, bathing suits, board shorts, moth eaten jeans).  These same people walked by the coffin, glanced in, greeted the family, then spend the next several hours grazing at the buffet that had been provided for the family.  Did I mention that three of the “mourners” showed in bathrobes, house slippers, and hair curlers?
  • Buying a car, that claims to be the fastest production car on the road, for the sole purpose to drive back and forth to work in rush hour.  Or how about those who purchase the outlandish off road vehicles that never leave the road?
  • How about those who are SO uptight that you would swear you could hear their buttcheeks squeaking together like balloons when they walk.  I would not want to be their doctor during their annual physical.
  • What about those who will drop $1000 on an outfit to wear to a restaurant and leave the server (who gave excellent service) a $2 tip on a $700 dinner?

People are weird!  People are odd!  People are eccentric! And, yes, some are just thoughtless, rude, and/or idiots.

We look at the animals and call them odd?  Look around you, if you don’t see someone weird…….guess who it is then?  😉

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Weirdly Unique

Each Day Is Unique









Each word perfectly describes us. There are no two of us that are exactly the same.  Our feelings, looks, temperament, perspective, insights, talents, gifts, everything about us is completely unique.  We may be similar in many ways, but we are individual in our uniqueness.

No two days are exactly the same.  No two sunrises are exactly the same.  No two situations are exactly the same.

So what’s my point?  We are weirdly unique, yet similar.  Our differences and similarities can make us fit together like pieces of a mosaic form a beautiful picture.  Or they can drive us into fragmented segments as…..well, just look at the news.

The choice is ours.  Use your unique weirdness to benefit someone else, or push them away.

I’m not lost, just weird!

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