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Perspective…It’s All In How You Look At It!

perspectiveMany years ago, when textbooks were written on stone tablets, my Philosophy Professor shared with us a story.

One brilliant professor decided to gather all of his colleagues from across the world for a symposium where they would pose a question and then share their wisdom, knowledge, intellect, and show the world why they were so brilliant.  So he issued invitations which included the question to be discussed: “If you found yourself stranded on an island, what single would you want?”

The Symposium began and each scholar was to present their conclusion to the premise and the others would discuss the answer in order to determine which would be the most brilliant answer to be presented to showcase the amassed intellect.  One professor boldly declared that he would need all of his books, in order to keep his mind occupied for the rest of his life.  Another shouted him down stating that he would need his wine collection in order to maintain some semblance of civilization.  While yet another proclaimed that the only possible answer would be endless delicacies, after all, one needs to eat and should be able to dine well.

Before long the discussion went from simple to ludicrous to bizarre to over-the-top extravagance in which only a mansion of purest polished marble with priceless furnishings and gardens with fountains and endless luxuries would be required in order to survive on this island.

During this Symposium, Wilhelm the Janitor, had been sweeping and emptying the trash in each room in the building.  The conference auditorium was the last one in the building so he waited patiently for these learned men to finish their discussion so he could clean up.  The hosting Professor, thinking to have a bit of fun, told Wilhelm that if he had a better answer than anyone else, then the Professors would do the cleaning for him for the rest of their lives.  Wilhelm agreed.

The professor could hardly contain his smirk, and the others chuckled none too quietly, as Wilhelm was asked the question: “If you found yourself stranded on an island, what single would you want?” Wilhelm, without batting an eye, answered: “To be rescued.”

You see, we tend to take that which is simple and complicate it by taking it to extremes it was never meant to experience.  Perspective is all in how you look at life.

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Rainy Day Pondering


We spend small fortunes over our lifetimes in the purchase of a means to keep from getting wet.  We buy raincoats, galoshes, umbrellas (only to lose them or have them stolen), not to mention the briefcases, newspapers, and other “protective” wear.  All to keep us from getting wet.  I personally believe it’s the clothing that causes this reaction.  Think about it, when you step into the shower, what, besides a smile, are you wearing? And you step into the shower to do what? GET WET!

When you go swimming, you are partially clothed (some more partially than others), and you do what? GET WET!

Let’s face it, when it rains you will get wet.  But rain is peaceful. Rain is gentle. The sounds are soothing and comforting. As a child (shortly after Noah released the animals from the ark), I used to take great joy driving my mother crazy by playing in the puddles after it rained.

Here’s my point, Rain happens. When it does, it rains on everyone, not just a select few. How you look at the rain tells a great deal about how you perceive life.  Are you accepting and make the best of it or are you frantically trying to run for cover?


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Before I *GASP* Die?

Before You Die

I can think of a few things I’d like to accomplish before I die.  And I can think of some rather outlandish dreams that would be interesting as well…….perhaps “amusing” would be a better word.

  • First, the one thing I’d like to do before I die is……well, NOT die.  Seems a tad obvious, but there it is.
  • Next, I’d like to conquer Mt. Everest.  Then again, it’s all cold, snowy, thin air, and a LOT of climbing about on icy rocks, so……..NO! I have no interest in that.
  • How about diving to the depths of the sea? The ship crushing water pressure, the creepy critters swimming and/or slithering blindly about……no thanks.
  • I would like to find myself swaying gently in a hammock as the ocean’s gentle breezes nudge me back and forth, whilst someone brings me frozen beverages (slushies, slurpies, etc.) and let’s me nap in peace.
  • At some point, I think I’d enjoy visiting several places like the St. Peter’s Basilica, the land of Hobbits, someplace without mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.
  • Wouldn’t mind writing a book, perhaps even one that made sense.
  • Find a nice talking rock.
  • I’d like to know what my dog is thinking…..then again, that might be a bad idea.
  • But for absolute certain, I would like to say that I left a seed of inspiration.
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Whilst bungling about one morning, yes morning….meaning before coffee, I was having a bit of a stroll at O-Dark Thirty (wee hours).  Normally, I’m not one who enjoys the “bright and early” and am not among the members of the “Good Morning Club” of happy cheerful early risers, my membership card is for the “Don’t Speak To Me Before Coffee Club”.  But on this particular morning there was little traffic (miracle of miracles) and time to spend in reflection and ponderance.

 I do enjoy a good pondering and the occasional contemplation, for they keep my mind sharp as chocolate pudding.  Once in a while a thought will emerge from the mists of the cortex and bounce along the trail of the mind until it reaches a place still in operation and function whereby it can develop from thought into idea and, thus, into concept, and finally into something worthwhile.

Consider, if you will, the following:  We don’t choose to be born, but a lot of what we do after than is by our choice. 

 Yeah, it made my brain hurt too for a bit.  But don’t give up, keep pondering. 

 Follow the logic here:

  1. We are born
  2. We make a decision
  3. If it’s a bad decision, there are consequences and we must decide what to do with the consequences (get ticked off or learn from them)
  4. If it’s a good decision, there are consequences and we must decide what to do with the consequences (consequences aren’t always negative).
  5. As a result of our decision, we decide where to go from here.
  6. This continues throughout life.

I’m going to get more coffee now!!!

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Stubborn? ME?

How stubborn are you?  Some might call themselves “adamantly decided” or “unswayably determined” or some such rot.  But the hard truth is we are a stubborn lot.  I am not using the word “stubborn” in a negative connotation, so don’t take it that way.  Woggle back from the brink of stubborn close-mindediousness.  Stubborn can be a good thing, especially when it involves the resolve to make positive changes (such as drinking more water, exercising, reading more, discussing instead of arguing). Being stubborn can be good.

 Having said that…..brace yourself! Being stubborn isn’t always a good idea.  Have you ever noticed how stupid and stubborn go hand-in-hand sometimes?  It’s not that we, as humans, are inherently idiots.  Well………not ALL of us.  There are some who seem to be stubborn about that issue too.  Like the person who goes through the drive thru to place 20 special orders, or the person in the “express” check-out with enough groceries to go on a walking tour of the Nile, or the person who chats on their cell while standing in line at the coffee shop until they get to the counter and suddenly seem to forget why they are there and what language they speak.


I was told the story of a Cop (by a Cop) who was working night shift in the “wilderness” of the very rural part of the county.  As this officer was patrolling one of the single lane roads, his headlights revealed a goat standing in the road.  The officer stopped his cruiser and honked his horn.  The goat just stood there staring at the car.

 The officer hit his siren…still the goat stood there staring at the cruise.  The cop tried the spotlight and lightbar lighting the road up like a crime scene.  The goat was not impressed, undeterred, and unmoving.

 Finally, the cop decided a tazer might be more effective, so he walked up to the goat, and tazed the goat in the rump.  The goat pooped, but didn’t move.

 By now the cop was pretty ticked off, so he got back in his cruiser, floored the accelerator, and drove around the goat.  Looking in his rearview mirror, he saw the goat still standing in the road.

 What’s the purpose of this little tale?  I liked it and wanted to share it.  So there! 😛

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In A Hurry To Worry?

“Life wouldn’t be worth living if I worried about the past, over the future, as well as, focus on the present.”

~W. Somerset Maugham

We worry!  It’s just a fact of our nature.  Or so some would have you believe!  Ah HA you say with little enthusiasm…..yes, worrying is a choice.  CONCERN, on the other paw, is natural.

But, you shrilly shriek, what about all the things I’ve done?  Okay, here’s an eraser…….change them.  Go ahead, make them go away.  If you can, you are more talented than I gave you credit for.  If you can’t……learn to live with them and learn. 

But what about the future, you say in a bullying tone?  Since it hasn’t happened yet….how does worrying help matters in the least?  We can plan, but plans tend to veer toward the most unexpected rabbit trails, thus making it imperative to be flexible in our planning.  Guess what? There’s no possible way to plan for every single contingency except to be flexible enough to roll with it.

The only venue we can change, alter, shape, or otherwise make different is the present.  We take what we’ve learned from the past, and change the present.  In changing the present, we alter the future.  No hurries, no worries, no muss, no fuss.  Call with your credit card, if you can get a dialtone on yours, and call in the next 10 minutes so we can double the offer of changing your present to alter your future.  Operators are on strike so they’re standing by somewhere besides here.

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Sir Henry Morgan

When I was younger, and, apparently, according to some who shall remain somewhat nameless, I was around shortly before dirt was invented, I often dreamt of what I had idealized the life of adventure would entail. I imagined the rolling waves, the cannons blazing, the winds filling the sails, the treasure, the yo-h0-h0ing, and could lose many an hour in such daydreams.

As I got older, and no comments from the peanut galleries, I learned that a life of adventure is still possible.  We experience it every day.  No, we don’t dash about slashing and burning, or at least I hope not, but we do have adventures and find treasures.  Don’t believe me? Look at your friends.  Not those idiots, you’re REAL friends.  They are treasures, and I can guarantee it was quite an adventure getting to know them.

Perhaps you met them at the office, perhaps you met them at the opera (ahem), perhaps you met them while fleeing the authorities after you escaped from a hidden gulag deep in the Siberian wilderness, or you might have met them hitchhiking from some other universe.  The point is, you have lots of gems called “friends.”  Cling to them! Surrender them not without a fight!

As for adventures…..finding a parking spot can be quite the adventure at times unless you happen to drive a tank.  Every moment you draw breath carries with it the potential to live fully or hide from life.  Raise your sails, hoist your flag, and let’s weigh anchor for adventure and treasure! (parrot and pegleg optional).

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Creative A Bit Of Chaos

Each Day Is New!

Have you ever wanted to create a little chaos?  And did you?

Did you know you can create chaos without getting arrested?

You will probably get some pretty odd looks, but it’s perfectly legal and safe!

So here is how you Create some Chaos in your world……

Are you ready?

Sure?  Go get a snack.  We won’t start without you.

Do you need to feed the tarantula?  The snake? The dog? Cats are on their own.


In order to Create some Chaos…….change how you think.  Simple, isn’t it?

Think about it, every single day of your life is new!  A brand new day every single day.  Instead of trudging about as if you were attempting to pull the Titanic off the ocean floor, make sure to enjoy the gift of today.  It’s the only today you get before it becomes yesterday.  And….since you can’t change yesterday…make the most of today!

We expend far too much of ourselves trying to either cling to the past, fight the past, or prepare for the future, that we neglect the present!  Take that chance and annoy those around you by laughing more, smiling more, lighten up, have more fun!  Remember when you were a kid and you’d take off outdoors at full speed to a day of fun?  What happened? We quit living and “grew up” which to some people means you are no longer allowed to enjoy anything forevermore.

Have you seen those people who look like they’re angry ALL of the time?  Don’t they look old?  Create Some Chaos and BE WEIRD!!!

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Well Now…

YOU are inspiring to someone!

Eyes creaked open as the alarm rudely screamed its skin shredding shrillness!  After several vile words, some thoughts what were far from kind, and a smidgen of violence, the noise ceased and I had a moment to contemplate whether or not to take a sick day or not.  But I’m not exactly ill…..just unmotivated.  Why is that? 

I managed to accost the coffee pot, and having retrieved the soothing elixir, toddled off to the shower for my daily ritual (yes, I shower daily…..most of the time…..whether I need it or not).  Drove to the office, after having dressed, so you can stop snickering, and was still feeling unmotivated.  Nothing I could truly set my finger on, just a general feeling of BLAH-ness.  I began to ponder this, as my mind is wont to do. 

Did I get enough sleep? Yes, functionally speaking. 

Did I get enough coffee?  Working on that part, it’s an all day process of careful balance. 

And then, as I was walking across the parking lot, I saw it…a flower growing through the pavement.  “What’s the big deal about that?” Glad you asked, think about how heavy asphalt is.  Now imagine how much sunlight makes it through.  Imagine how much water rushes through.  And yet, this flower still made its way to the surface and shared with me its beauty. 

That is inspiring to me.  In spite of all that may lie against me, to still bring out some spark of wonder is inspiring and motivating.

Or it could be that I just need more coffee!

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Musing of a Wandering Mind

You can stand out just by being you


How many would admit to trying to “fit in” by acting outside of their own personality?  I’ll admit it.  I used to try so hard to find acceptance in the eyes of others and found that their “acceptance” was, more times than not, fickle and unattainable.  I’m just a tad different in ways we won’t be discussing here, but I finally found the acceptance that I craved when I accepted who I am……frightening, isn’t it? 

Look to nature to see this true…

  • How many colors or roses are there?  Different….yet the same.
  • How many animals are of the species yet have different markings?  Different…..yet the same.

So why do we try to be who we’re not?  We are all different…..yet the same!  Embrace your own weirdness and enjoy life much more than trying to keep masks in place.

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