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Who? Did WHAT?


I am a curious sort and, as a result, many questions flow through my brain seeking answers or, at least, clues to answers.

  •  Whilst printing an email this morning, my mind wandered off to pose the question: Who decided the standard size of paper to be 8.5″x11″?
  •  I then read an article about the MOST EXPENSIVE coffee in the world…kopi luwak from Sumatra.  Apparently, the Civet Cat eats the coffee cherries and then poops out the beans.  Now…..I have an addiction to coffee.  I love coffee!  I drink lots of coffee.  But the voices in my head united as one to ask the question: “The most expensive coffee in the world is found in cat poop?” Who was the person who figured this out?  I can’t speak for anyone else, but as much as I love coffee, digging through cat crap to get a cup of coffee will most definitely cure my addiction post haste!
  • Next I saw an advert for Fiji Water which claims to be bottled at the source without being touched by human hands.  How does water flow from the source, into pipes (made by human hands or machinery made by human hands), and then into PLASTIC bottles (made by human hands or machinery made by human hands), and then into the stores?  How do we know this isn’t the result of some guy with a garden hose mucking about in his garden filling up plastic bottles and laughing himself silly as his bank account just grows and grows?
  • Next came an advert for the Fiat 500.  This minuscule auto is not much larger than a golf cart and was intended to be the competition for the Mini Cooper and the Smart Car.  Yet, according to the advert, if you “accidentally” drop a Viagra tablet into the fuel tank, the docile Fiat 500 becomes all bulked up into a bit of a rager.  So should your Fiat 500 remain in this bulked up state for more than 4 hours, should one consult their local garage?

Other miscellaneous ponderings include such issues as:

  • Who decided how much water it would take to make poop disappear down the pipes?
  • Who decided a red light meant STOP, unless you are in a brothel quarter and then it has a completely different meaning.
  • Why does a scantily clad woman become offended when the Average Joe looks are her displayed wares?
  • If we are all so much alike, why do I like quiet while others prefer loud?
  • Why do we never see human heads stuffed and mounted on the walls of animal homes?
  • Who was the one who got to decide that scratching where it actually itches in “inappropriate”?
  • Why do the “Standard Size” windows seem to change when I need to have one replaced or re-glassed?
  • Why do women wear brasseries that “Lift and Separate” but when the lifted and separated are noticed by men, the men are told “eyes up here”?

These are just a few of my mental wanderings.

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And The Question Is…

Stress ReductionHaving a bit of a mental wander today. Part of my habit includes listening to people. And of all the conversations I have been party to, there are a few things I’ve never heard:

  • Will you hold my kangaroo while I paint the piano?
  • I really don’t have enough stress in my life.
  • I never learned to smile.
  • I like being around crabby and critical people.
  • Love doesn’t exist.
  • If this makes me look fat then I’ll just have to go naked.
  • Would you please pass me that honey badger.
  • I think I’ll start working on becoming an alcoholic today.
  • Why no, my poop really doesn’t stink.
  • Don’t need to turn the light on, the furniture will move out of my way.

There are probably more, but that would require more coffee and another mental wander.



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Voices In My Head – An Answer to Rachie’s Tag

Well…….Thank you to my new friend RachieBear for tagging me in a post, as if there’s something interesting about what goes on in my head.  Shhh…The voices are singing Barbershop Quartet!


  1. Post these rules. (Tah Dah)
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

(The photo is how I see me and I have difficulty counting to 10, so we’ll see how this goes).


3.   Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post. (okey dokey. Might want to sit down for this).

4.    Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. (define: NEW PEOPLE)

5.   Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged. (Must I?)

Facts About Me:

  1. I’m an Introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m shy, it means I like to think in quiet.
  2. I, big surprise, drink a LOT of coffee.
  3. I collect Sockmonkeys.
  4. I read a LOT. Mostly historical fiction and textbooks, but sometimes something fun like “The Gunseller” by Hugh Laurie (yeah, the guy from House). Sometimes I even read between the lines of a conversation.
  5. I have a specific place where I sit when I go to my favorite pub. If my seat isn’t available, I go home.
  6. I sing very loudly when I’m alone in the car (with the windows up).
  7. I love squirrels. They’re funny, adorable, and tasty.
  8. I have a greyhound who is SUCH a Drama Queen she should have been in “The Birdcage” with Hank Azaria, Robin Williams, and Nathan Lane.
  9. I am a dog person. Not because I dislike cats, but dogs are fun while cats make me feel like I’m their employee.
  10. I have a something called Misophonia (when I concentrate and focus, noises I can’t control piss me off), which makes for an interesting life.

Questions from Rachie for Moi:


  1. What Is Your Super Hero Name? (If you haven’t already made one for yourself this is your chance to make one up).  I am (dun dun DUHHHHHH), MANATEE MAN!  I am cuddly and can be docile in a split second.  My superpower is looking adorable in water.
  2. What was the last thing that actually made you laugh out loud? I suppose you mean besides seeing my reflection in the mirror as I exited the shower, soooooo I’ll have to go with the dude next to me at the stoplight; he was on his cellphone arguing with someone (I could hear through my closed windows). He stopped to sip his Starbucks coffee and the lid came off.  His expression as the hot coffee dribbled on his suit and into his lap was priceless!
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush? It was and still is Helen Hunt. There’s a story there we won’t get into.
  4. What foods are your picky about, and why? I am very picky about the food that goes into my mouth. Not so much about the food I wear as clothing (also known as dribbles). Why? Because I like the things I ingest to be recognizable to me as something I want inside of me.
  5. What do you hope people will remember about you? I don’t want to be remembered consciously. I want to be incorporated into their lives where they don’t even know I’m gone.
  6. What is the worst pick-up line that’s been tried on you? I can honestly say I’ve never had a pick-up line used on me. Well, not that I’m aware of.
  7. Do you play an instrument and which instrument? If you are asking if I play an instrument well, then NO.  But I do sing (in the car) and I once played the saxophone.
  8. When you hear the word “prayer” what are your first thoughts? My first thoughts are “continuously” because prayer, to me, is a conversation.
  9.  Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid, and what was their name? As a kid? Jeremy is still with me. We talk often, which might explain the weird looks I get.
  10. If you could pluck one memory from your head and record it on a DVD to share with others, what would it be? I can’t think of anything worthy of a DVD that has happened (well, anything I should put on a DVD anyway).
  11. Do you think the nature of time is linear? Why or why not? I believe time is more oblong than linear. I think that way because that stupid thing I do today will eventually come back to bite me. It can’t come back on a line. No, I’m not a scientist and it shows.



Eleven Random Questions for the Taggees:


  1. What is your quest?
  2. If you could select any character from the Big Bang Theory to describe yourself, which one would you select and why?
  3. When was the last time you laughed hard enough to snort (aka Donkey Honk) and what was so funny?
  4. If you could travel anywhere and live all expenses paid for a year, where would that be? (No you may not select Uranus. Stop giggling!)
  5. What was the last book you read that you actually enjoyed and why would you recommend it?
  6. What is your motto or mantra for your life?
  7. You have one chance to witness first hand any event, you cannot alter it only witness it, what would it be?
  8.  A book is being written about your life by an observer, what would the title be?
  9. What would creep you out the most? (seeing me naked is NOT an acceptable answer!)
  10. You have a friend who really needs a laugh, how do you get them to laugh? (dress in a hamster suit and dance the Macarena is funny)
  11. What is the worst pick-up line you have heard used that worked?

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The Fabulous LaLa






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