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Fitness Fanatics, Servers, and Annoying Salespeople…A Rant!

Workout Creature

I get the fact that some people wish to work out and work out and work out and work out.  I get that all their working out apparently triggers a “piss everyone else off” synapse because they suddenly become like the Energizer Bunny with a volume and intensity that can be felt moment they step into the same building.  They puff and posture as they talk about their latest workout/fitness routine as they drink gallons of some concoction from their “shaker bottles.”  And THEN they start in on everyone else with such comments like: “You depressed? Don’t wuss out and talk about it, SWEAT IT OUT!” or “Why are you eating all that crap?” or “Crossfit/Basic/Powerlifting/etc. changed me into AWESOME!”

I get that they are proud of their accomplishment, yet I am curious as to whether they realize how much it will take to maintain their “AWESOME” for the rest of their lives.  I give as example my High School reunion of a number of years which we won’t discuss.  The beefy jocks had become more paunch than muscle…their beefcake had deteriorated into jerky…yet the jerk attitude remained.

And then I have people who constantly tout the latest multi-level marketing health and fitness company which has “the best products out today.”  More powders to mix in your shaker, more vitamins and supplements to ingest at specific times and an entire menu of raw foods which are to be eaten every two hours.  And all at a nice little price tag that is more than I earn in two-months. I admit that I was suckered into a few of these programs because the people who were selling it were friends and they were pretty and they said the right cheerleader type peptalk peppered with zen like wisdom, and I am basically just a big sucker for a pretty face.  But when I commented about how expensive this program was getting (to the point I was having to choose between putting fuel in my car to get to work to earn the money to buy their crap or live in a van down by the river so I can spend my unemployment check buying a small bit of their crap), and I was suddenly considered to be a “loser” and an “inconsequential.”

Then I happen to have to deal with the salespeople who, I realize, work on commission and are so very eager to make a sale quick so they can move on to the next sale.  I actually had one overly excited young man start trying to finish my sentences for me when I was trying to tell him what I was looking for.  I could tell he was getting irritated with my questions when he began scanning the people walking through behind me and his eyes teared up.  Let me be extremely clear here: There is a reason I came to your establishment, and if you want me to spend MY money in your establishment, then give me the courtesy of your attention and make the experience such that I will not only want to come back, but I will want to recommend to others.

pushy salesperson

Finally, I would like to discuss bartenders and servers.  Yes, I know you work for LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE, so I don’t need to be told that every time I come in.  Yes, I know gratuities are your bread and butter.  Yes, I realize that I am not a hot hunk of eye candy.  But YOU need to understand that when I come to your establishment (especially if you know I am a regular whether I am your regular or not) I will be spending my money.  I CHOSE to come to your establishment to spend my money.  And when I have chosen to spend my money at your establishment, I have factored in a HUGE gratuity often in the 75-90%.  But you see, the gratuity YOU will receive depends entirely on YOU!

wild-wing-cafeThere was an restaurant I had been frequenting for the last 10 years.  I was friends with many of the staff and the staff made it clear that they WANTED me to sit in their section.  They would smile, some would even hug me, they remembered my name, and even seemed to be glad I had come in.  Slowly, over time, as life is wont to do, these staff members went on to further their educations or had taken another job or simply found something else to do with their lives.  So, the staff who was left, knowing that I had been a good regular customer because they had witnessed it, ignored me when I came in.  The last time I went in to get a beer, not only did the bartender no even acknowledge my presence, but none of the staff even smiled at me.  They were ALL huddled in the corner of the bar area, with the “pretty people” (who leave no gratuity) laughing about something that had been posted on Facebook.  After 30 minutes of this (and I was one of only four people sitting at the bar), I left.  I am a advocate of: “If you want good customer service, BE a good customer.”  But I am also an advocate of: “If you want a good gratuity, BE a good server.”

Okay, rant over and I am off to find a new place to spend my money!

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You Rang?

Imagine my annoyance when I get a call on my work cellphone from……a telemarketer!  I will admit that I am FAR from a fan of the over advertising which has become so common place.  Advertising has become so over the top that people are actually selling space on their bodies for companies to advertise their products or services. 

Having done some thinking, brainstorming (there was lightning AND thunder), and creative pondering, some ways have been suggested to vent and express displeasure at being bombarded with such annoyances since the “opt-out” and “do not call” are ineffective options:

  • when the envelope arrives stuffed full of cards requesting a mailing address so they can send me information (and sell my address to other marketing firms), place the cards in two stacks. Take the company addresses in stack one and write it on the cards of stack two…and likewise for stack two onto stack one.
  • I have downloaded a recording of a staged “amorous event” in which the actors quite “vocal” (script writing for such things must be extremely tedious). When a telemarketer calls, I simply ask them to hang on for a second while I finish something up, then play the recording at an enthusiastically appropriate volume.
  • Then there’s the idea of stuffing post paid envelopes with various other coupons, cartoons, photos of pets and hope the recipient enjoys the effort.
  • Telemarketers seem to be offended when asked for the best way to dispose of a dead and dismembered door-to-door salesperson.
  • Speaking of door-to-door salespeople, they do seem to be rather taken aback when you answer the door wearing a BBQ apron, no shirt, (shorts which are hidden behind the apron) and a smile. Then ask them, “So you’re the hooker I ordered? BRAVO! Come on in, the party is on the deck!”
  • Another variation of this is to snatch the door open, look around furtively and state loudly, “What took you so long? The sacrificial table is ready and we just can’t wait all day!”

Let me be clear, I have nothing against those who have to deal with the public as a telemarketer, envelope stuffer, or door-to-door sales.  I do have a beef with those who seem to think bombarding me with endless advertisements will somehow entice me to purchase products and services that, apparently, I am too stupid to seek out myself.

But that’s just me.You Rang

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