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Did I Stumble Into The Ministry of Silly Walks?

Wax On Wax OffOdd thing happened yesterday…I was to meet a friend at a local Wild Wing eatery, which happened to be located in a strip mall.  Wild Wing being on the corner, with a Travel Agency to the left of it and a Waxing City to the left of the Travel Agency.  I surmised that the placement of the hair removal salon next to the travel agency was fortuitous being that one does want to have a smooth companion when one frolicks about the vacation locale.

On this particular day, I arrived a few minutes early (having parked at the curb near the Travel Agency) and was checking the messages on my phone whilst I awaited the arrival of my lunch appointment.  Whilst investigating the messages, I noticed a rather attractive and tanned young lady walk briskly into Wax City.  Thinking nothing more about it except that the movement had caught my eye.

My appointment arrived and lunch was delicious.  We talked, laughed and cut up. We shared tales and stories.  When it came time to leave, I walked back to my car and checked to see if anyone had called (on appointments my phone stays in the car), when I noticed the same young lady coming out of Wax City that I had seen entering this grooming salon.  However, this time the bold and purposeful stride was gone. You see, now this young lady moved as if she were walking slowly down the dusty old Main Street of Tombstone ready for a gunfight.  Her gunslinger’s bowlegged gait left little to my imagination as to her purpose for visiting Wax City.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do greatly enjoy the softness and smoothness.

smooth and silkyAND am very much appreciative of all it takes for a woman to achieve said softness and smoothness.  But I could not suppress and chuckle at the change in her stride.

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