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Life? Really?

no sportsI know many will hate me.  The Torch & Pitchfork Society may even go so far as to run rampant through the towns and villages raping, pillaging, burning, screaming, and causing lots of chaos and mayhem simply because I don’t like sports.  And before the exaggerated melodrama begins, I have never said that I am ANTI-SPORTS! I merely point out that I, personally, do not like sports.

This morning I was attempting to put together a list of classical music for an upcoming wedding using YouTube as the preview.  EVERY SINGLE video began with a commercial for Sportscenter!  EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!  It’s as if every single sporting event must be preceded by seemingly endless analysis and commentary about every single player and every single game they have played (regardless of how many decades ago it took place).  Then there is the game, which is crammed with lots of advertisements packed with sports euphemisms, followed by more commentary during this “brief break” in which OTHER sporting events are analyzed, then back to the game which is filled with more commentaries, replays, commentaries on the replays, replays of the replays, commentaries on the commentaries of the replays of replays…..and on and on and on and on.  All the while, rabid fans rage, spend untold gazillions of dollars (which could be used to actually HELP people, fix roads, repair schools, pay teachers, etc.), guzzle oceans of beer, eat tons of food that would kill an rampaging rhinoceros, followed by the mayhem of the winning team’s fans leaving destruction and havoc in their wake should their team win a coveted championship.  Heaven forbid if the Apocalypse occurs on “game day” because there will be zillions of really pissed off fans whose entire existence hinges on every game.

I am not a sports fan.  Plain and simple.  I will watch a game if it is on (with the exception of golf or figure skating which render me unconscious at the mere thought of being exposed to them), but I don’t track statistics in any way shape or form.  If the team I like wins….huzzah.  If it doesn’t…..better luck next time.  I am off to actually learn something useful, thank you very much. Please keep the noise and chaos to a dull roar.

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