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Time….It’s What You Make Of It


Truly it is an amazing, and often astounding, sight to see people rushing through their lives completely oblivious to everything except their electronic devices and their schedules.  You see, time is a continuum whilst our lives are momentary snapshots of that continuum.

This is a lesson I learned many years ago when I chose to spend my time reading a book, and one of my professors happened by and commented on my “wasting time” in reading a tome that sparked my brain to think.  I like to think.  I embrace it wholeheartedly.  Never have I thought that thinking was a waste of time because time does not change or alter its stream for me or anything I am doing.

Granted, there are scenes in life’s grand play where time seems to stand still….like waiting to be called from the big waiting room in the doctor’s office to the little waiting room (which is also called the “exam room”).  Then what happens?  Time goes into warp drive when the doctor comes him, spends a total of 4 minutes diagnosing you and off you go back into the stream of time.

As a child, I thought Christmas Eve made time stand still so Santa could make all of his deliveries by Christmas morning.  I didn’t, for one moment, believe Santa could go all over the world in a single night, so time HAD to stand still for him to accomplish such a Herculean Task.

There are those who say that Time is relative.  Well, I can assure you that time is no relative of mine.  My relatives are a rather gregarious mob, with a couple of introverted members, who enjoy raucous laughter and stories to embarrass the rest of us.

But think about this, why do we wear watches?  So we know what time it is.  Why do we need to know what time it is?  Because we have very busy schedules.  Sadly, those schedules have not slowed in the least, despite advances in technology.  And why do those people who can afford the latest technological gadgets always smile?  Also, what do they do that they can always afford the latest technological marvel?

But, you see, time never speeds up nor does it slow down.  Time always moves forward.


My question to you is this, Gentle Reader, during your time swimming in the stream of time, what shall you do to make it memorable?

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Time Well Spent?

Spending Time

Isn’t it odd?  Each day we have approximately 24 hours to spend (give or take a few microseconds).  Each one of us.  

Some facts about time:

  • It marches on at the same measure, even though sometimes it feels like it drags or rushes.
  • It always moves forward.
  • It cannot be stored, saved, earned or purchased.
  • Once it is spent, it can never be unspent.
  • We aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of time.

What do we do with our time?  Some of us try to cram as many activities as we can into the time we have.  Some seem to put in more and more hours at work.  Some choose to do nothing with their time.

Time is a gift to be spent. Time is precious, invest it well.   

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Time Is An Artist

Time.  I remember as a student in elementary school, staring at the clock.  In my mind I was pleading for the minutes of Math class to MOVE FASTER!  But time is immovable.  Believe it or not.

 You see, time just marches on, with or without our permission or desire.  Time does not stand still, even if we want it to.  Time waits for no one.

 We can waste time, but we can’t horde time.  We can spend our time being productive or relaxing, but we cannot put it in a pouch or a bank to be used later.

 Our schedules are based on time, but time doesn’t schedule itself to us.  One might think we were irrelevant to time, and to a degree we are.  Everything works on a timetable, but we are seemingly the only ones concerned about tracking time.

 Why is that?  Why are we SO focused on time when we cannot control or alter it?

 Time is an artist though. Just look around you.

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