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“You really can’t get there from here.”








Sometimes my job takes me to some places that are not easily accessed. People seem to enjoy living in places that are difficult to find and reach, but I won’t digress into specifics.  Living in the Southern part of the United States can be challenging at times.  For example, when I must travel to some of the places “out past the tree line” (that GPS cannot even find), I find it necessary to stop for directions.

 On more than one occasion I am told, after some careful contemplation on the part of the person I asked, “Y’know…you really can’t get there from here.”  And thus begins a very descriptive and lengthy list of instructions which can include such colorful landmarks as “when you see Miz Clawson’s Brahma Bull in the north pasture, you’ll want to turn right next to the well about half a stick throw from the fence post.” 

You might think such is an exaggeration from an Andy Griffith rerun, but it isn’t. These folk are very sincere in their direction giving.  This is how they have come to know their home town.  Even had my GPS referred to once as “that devil box” because it pinpointed his home and the voice gave me directions on how to get there.

 The longer I get to travel to these wonderfully unique places, the more I can understand why people choose to live in such locales.  Once you get past the frustration of “you can’t get there from here” and take time to look around, they drive really is quite wonderful and relaxing.  Some of the most beautiful and seldom disturbed natural areas, you’d think were parks, but they are just spots along the road that local folks like to get out and have a look around.

As GPS becomes more accurate, these areas will become less difficult to find and my fear is the honest openness of the local folk will forever be lost.


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Between Here and There

I was reminded of an riddle from my childhood:

“How far can you walk in the woods?”

“One step…then you are walking out.”

Into The Woods

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it was thought provoking when I was a child. Think about it though, one step can make a difference.

  • Miss one step on a staircase and you can trip or fall or worse. I have the distinction of being able to trip and/or fall without ever missing a step.
  • What happens when you “miss your mouth” when drinking coffee? You get scalded and stained.
  • Miss your exit on the interstate and you have to go WAY out of your way.
  • Miss one step of a recipe…..

One step can make a huge difference.  There was a point to make here, but I missed the step of writing it down first. Go figure.

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There Has Obviously Been Some Mistake…

I’ve almost reached the point where I no longer bother to read the “news” anymore.  Why? Because of all the detritus, flotsam, and various other forms of refuse. 

“Amanda Bynes Appears In Court Again” – This is news HOW? Millions of people appear in court for all sorts of reasons every single day, why is this person any different?  Because she’s a “celebrity”? Does that mean she’s so much better than the rest of the population that people hang on her every move? It’s Lindsay NoBrain all over again.

My apologies to all who enjoy the doings of the royals, but the birth of a child happens many times all over the world every minute. Why is this particular child so special? Because he’s a “royal”? Tell you what, when the “royals” are able to live without breathing, that will be cause for attention. Aside from that, they are people just like the rest of us.

Here are a few other topics I don’t care about:

  • What a “celeb” wears to some event. Don’t care!
  • What the Kardashian’s are doing, saying, screwing, doing. Don’t care!
  • Who is engaged, sleeping with, married to or divorcing. Don’t care!
  • The latest “get rich quick” or “weight loss quick” secret. DON’T CARE!
  • The fastest production car. DO NOT CARE! In rush hour, it won’t make a difference.
  • Who gets the most “likes.” Guess what? I CARE NOT!

Let me put it as simply as I know how…unless it vastly improves my life or the lives of my family…

Who CaresBut that’s just my two cents worth…not that anyone cares.


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You CAN Fly!

You CAN Fly!

Sometimes the best way to fly is to close your eyes, open your mind, and spread your wings.

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Voices In My Head – An Answer to Rachie’s Tag

Well…….Thank you to my new friend RachieBear for tagging me in a post, as if there’s something interesting about what goes on in my head.  Shhh…The voices are singing Barbershop Quartet!


  1. Post these rules. (Tah Dah)
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

(The photo is how I see me and I have difficulty counting to 10, so we’ll see how this goes).


3.   Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post. (okey dokey. Might want to sit down for this).

4.    Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them. (define: NEW PEOPLE)

5.   Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged. (Must I?)

Facts About Me:

  1. I’m an Introvert. This doesn’t mean I’m shy, it means I like to think in quiet.
  2. I, big surprise, drink a LOT of coffee.
  3. I collect Sockmonkeys.
  4. I read a LOT. Mostly historical fiction and textbooks, but sometimes something fun like “The Gunseller” by Hugh Laurie (yeah, the guy from House). Sometimes I even read between the lines of a conversation.
  5. I have a specific place where I sit when I go to my favorite pub. If my seat isn’t available, I go home.
  6. I sing very loudly when I’m alone in the car (with the windows up).
  7. I love squirrels. They’re funny, adorable, and tasty.
  8. I have a greyhound who is SUCH a Drama Queen she should have been in “The Birdcage” with Hank Azaria, Robin Williams, and Nathan Lane.
  9. I am a dog person. Not because I dislike cats, but dogs are fun while cats make me feel like I’m their employee.
  10. I have a something called Misophonia (when I concentrate and focus, noises I can’t control piss me off), which makes for an interesting life.

Questions from Rachie for Moi:


  1. What Is Your Super Hero Name? (If you haven’t already made one for yourself this is your chance to make one up).  I am (dun dun DUHHHHHH), MANATEE MAN!  I am cuddly and can be docile in a split second.  My superpower is looking adorable in water.
  2. What was the last thing that actually made you laugh out loud? I suppose you mean besides seeing my reflection in the mirror as I exited the shower, soooooo I’ll have to go with the dude next to me at the stoplight; he was on his cellphone arguing with someone (I could hear through my closed windows). He stopped to sip his Starbucks coffee and the lid came off.  His expression as the hot coffee dribbled on his suit and into his lap was priceless!
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush? It was and still is Helen Hunt. There’s a story there we won’t get into.
  4. What foods are your picky about, and why? I am very picky about the food that goes into my mouth. Not so much about the food I wear as clothing (also known as dribbles). Why? Because I like the things I ingest to be recognizable to me as something I want inside of me.
  5. What do you hope people will remember about you? I don’t want to be remembered consciously. I want to be incorporated into their lives where they don’t even know I’m gone.
  6. What is the worst pick-up line that’s been tried on you? I can honestly say I’ve never had a pick-up line used on me. Well, not that I’m aware of.
  7. Do you play an instrument and which instrument? If you are asking if I play an instrument well, then NO.  But I do sing (in the car) and I once played the saxophone.
  8. When you hear the word “prayer” what are your first thoughts? My first thoughts are “continuously” because prayer, to me, is a conversation.
  9.  Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid, and what was their name? As a kid? Jeremy is still with me. We talk often, which might explain the weird looks I get.
  10. If you could pluck one memory from your head and record it on a DVD to share with others, what would it be? I can’t think of anything worthy of a DVD that has happened (well, anything I should put on a DVD anyway).
  11. Do you think the nature of time is linear? Why or why not? I believe time is more oblong than linear. I think that way because that stupid thing I do today will eventually come back to bite me. It can’t come back on a line. No, I’m not a scientist and it shows.



Eleven Random Questions for the Taggees:


  1. What is your quest?
  2. If you could select any character from the Big Bang Theory to describe yourself, which one would you select and why?
  3. When was the last time you laughed hard enough to snort (aka Donkey Honk) and what was so funny?
  4. If you could travel anywhere and live all expenses paid for a year, where would that be? (No you may not select Uranus. Stop giggling!)
  5. What was the last book you read that you actually enjoyed and why would you recommend it?
  6. What is your motto or mantra for your life?
  7. You have one chance to witness first hand any event, you cannot alter it only witness it, what would it be?
  8.  A book is being written about your life by an observer, what would the title be?
  9. What would creep you out the most? (seeing me naked is NOT an acceptable answer!)
  10. You have a friend who really needs a laugh, how do you get them to laugh? (dress in a hamster suit and dance the Macarena is funny)
  11. What is the worst pick-up line you have heard used that worked?

You’ve Been Tagged:


The Fabulous LaLa






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Stand Out

Stand Out

Blend in and go with the crowd or stand out and make a difference. You’re choice.

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Clown Cars and Other Relationship Fun

We’ve all heard the stories before. Some so sickeningly sweet that they leave a syrupy feeling on your skin.  Some so incredibly horrendous that the truly dark side of rage begins to manifest within.  Some are a series of ups and downs that are reminiscent of mountain road.  Some are so packed with stories that it’s as if you’re watching the clowns pop out of the clown car next.

 Clown Car

Every one of us has a trunk full of relationship stories. Understand, I am not the ideal advice giver, by ANY stretch of the imagination.  I have had a few foul-ups, screw-ups, bloopers, and the odd wasp in the ointment. So take from my experiences what you will, and do attempt to keep an open mind. Giggling, gafortling, and raucous laughter are acceptable. Judgementalism is welcome to leave now!


The first piece of the relationship puzzle I’d like to address are the “games.”  Why are we SO afraid to let someone know how we feel?  Because they may not feel the same way? Okay, if they don’t, MOVE ON!  And, while we’re on the subject, how do you know how they feel about you truly?  Could they simply be telling/showing you whatever will get from you what they want?  Been there, got the scars to show for it.


Second, as a people watcher, I’ve seen people (and experienced this first hand) completely change personalities when the object of their affection is near.  They can go from verbally giving a store clerk a two-fisted prostate exam, to the gentlest butterfly in a single breath.  Why is that?  If you wear masks in relationships, what do you do when the mask slips?  Isn’t that mask a LOT of extra effort to try to maintain?


Third, expecting your special flutter builder to change their personality to suit you…? Seriously? How many times do you think they’ve had someone try to change them? Now if you and your finkleheimer truly want the relationship to grow, then changes will be made by BOTH. 


If you don’t seem interested…don’t expect your partner to continue to seem interested.  Leave the whole coy thing to the fish (yes, that’s koi but I was making a pun). If you are interested, show it. If you’re not, don’t wonder why nothing happens.


In short, if you want a relationship to work, treat your partner the same way you want to be treated.  Quit the games.  Have fun! Talk! Laugh! Enjoy!


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Blaze Away!

While reading a post from a wonderful friend of mine, (Reality In Progress  Go ahead and poke about her blog), a thought bonked me in the back of my skull and left an indelible mark.  She produced a work of art called “Naked Necessity” and, no, it’s not about getting naked. At least not overtly.

But the idea of blazing a trail (aka, trying something new) has stuck with me.  People, as a cluster, tend to follow the leader without thinking for ourselves, seldom trying anything new once the trend has been set, and we spend our lives wandering about in the same rut wondering why our lives seem boring.

Why? What is it about taking a path that is new to us that terrifies us so much?  Why do we spend our lives bumping into the walls of our rut? Have we lost the ability to think and dream? Have we abandoned the desire to blaze a new trail?

Here’s my challenge for you: Blaze A Trail! It doesn’t have to be a new trail, just a new trail to you. Have you had a dream of doing something? DO IT!  Have you felt the tug of adventurousity? Follow that tug!  Has the Muse of some artistic endeavour softly sung to your imagination? Heed the song!

Post your adventure!

Blaze Your Trail!

Blaze Your Trail!

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I Have A Confession To Make

I have a confession to make.  It’s not exactly something I enjoy discussing, but figured if it could be of any help to even one person, it would be worth it.  I say “confession” but it’s actually more of a “soul dumping.”


Most of my life, as far back as I can remember, has been a struggle.  Not from a financial perspective, although money has always been fairly tight. But more from the perspective that I never liked who I was. I was always the smallest. I was that person that tried, but could never quite get it right. Always picked last for any team event. Painfully shy and bashful. Preferred to spend my time alone. About as athletic as a rotted stump. And about as bright as a black hole. Never quite measuring up to the standard I felt was being used.


Before this begins to sound like a pity party for myself, remember this was my perception of events.  And because of these perceptions, I often wondered why my self esteem was non-existent.

 No One

It wasn’t until I was an adult (in age) that I was actually diagnosed with Clinical Depression.  This is different from situational depression, which is what we all get in certain situations. CD is like waking up each morning wondering why you aren’t dead, pulling yourself through your day as though you have an elephant on your back, dragging yourself through your routine always wondering “What’s the point?”.  CD is physically painful, emotionally exhausting, and spiritually debilitating. True, there are chemicals that help ease some of the symptoms, but not all of them (at least not that I have found), so one must learn to cope. 


And because CD is not something people who don’t have it are reluctant to be around it, because let’s face it, the least happy person is the one who is avoided, which adds to the impact of it.  And there are those who are the gung ho, pull yourself up and kick yourself in the ass types who have NO idea how difficult it is not to drop kick yourself off of a tall bridge.


During my years of existing with CD, I have discovered a few coping skills that have kept me a survivor for lo, these many years:

  1. Write it out. Whatever is on your mind, write it. Regardless of how frightening it is or disjointed, no one will read it, so write it.  Use writing to refocus your thoughts.
  2. Find a confidant who will walk with you.  Not a cheerleader who will annoy the crap out of you with their always perky view of their sunshine filled existence. Find someone who will help you think it through.  Someone who is willing to ask you, “Okay, you feel like ending your life, how do you want to do it? Who will you leave behind? Would it REALLY be worth the effort of all the planning, acquiring the materials, etc.?”
  3. Keep breathing, even and especially when you don’t want to.
  4. CD is a condition, not who you are!
  5. There will always be those who will treat you like you’re a nobody.  They lie! You wouldn’t be here if you were a nobody.
  6. Accept that this war is a daily battle.  Each battle you survive is a victory.
  7. Finally, understand that you are NOT alone!
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Introversion Is NOT A Disease!


Perhaps I have mentioned this in the past, and perhaps I only thought it was mentioned, but here it is: I am, by nature, a Contemplative Introvert.  What does that mean, you ask? How wise you are and thank you for inquiring. 


A contemplative is one who ponders.  I like to think.  I can sit quietly for hours and just think, allowing my mind to saunter (and on occasion leap) from thought to thought letting the meandering take me where it will.  I also have an aversion to noise made simply for the sake of removing the quiet.  Yes, I do understand that sounds are necessary and part of life, yet not all sounds are necessary.  For example, if I am sitting quietly enjoying a ponder, and someone comes up to me and asks that age old question, “What are you doing?” my knee-jerk response is to box them up and ship them off to the Sahara.  Coming in a close second would be to look them squarely in the eye and, in all seriousness, state proudly “I have just released my best fartwork ever! Breathe deeply and enjoy!”


I have not been able to understand why people seem to insist on asking such questions.  Take the friend who telephones you and immediately asks, “What are you doing?” My initial response is, and has been used frequently, “Talking to you on the phone, you idiot!” However, another, less favorable, response involves the caller’s mother, sister, and perhaps the family pet.


Ah, and I have wandered from the primary path of explaining the Contemplative Introvert.  An Introvert is one who is energized and is recharged through introspection.  Introverts make good observers because they like to be unobtrusive and soak in what is around them.  We may look like we aren’t paying attention, but I can guarantee that I noticed when you picked your nose, adjusted your shifting undergarments, and am not too bashful to admit that I have seen, heard, and noticed those things you thought no one would.


Introverts do NOT like being the center of attention and strongly resent the more gregarious of the species attempting to crush our spirit by dragging us into the limelight.  Remember, we are observers and are familiar with your idiosyncrasies and weaknesses.  Introverts are, for the most part, normal creatures and enjoy good conversations over coffee.  It just takes a bit of patience to get to know us enough for us to be comfortable with you.


Just passing on a bit of knowledge.  File it as you wish.

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