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Resolutions? Really!


It’s that time of year again.  That time when we take a look at our lives and decide to make changes in the coming year.  It is a pointless exercise for most of us because we very quickly lose momentum, get distracted, or just forget what we resolved to accomplish altogether.

So why do we resolve to make changes when we have failed again and again to the point that we just shrug our shoulder, laugh and say “Well, there’s always next year”?

Here is a bit of wisdom that I have garnered regarding Resolutions:

  1. Change cannot be contradictory. If you are determined to lose weight, go to the gym, stress less, and spend more time with family, then, while all these SOUND wonderful in and of themselves, they are really quite self-defeating.  Losing weight requires dietary changes and exercise changes.  Change CREATES stress!  And stress tends to cause us to isolate ourselves from our families.  Not to mention you will have the fitness gurus screaming at you that “It’s EASY IF YOU JUST TRY!” or the ever famous “If I can do it, YOU can do it!”.  Ever notice that most of the fitness gurus who do most of the screaming and wielding of the guilt stick are the ones who are thin and have the energy of the Eveready Bunny?  Very seldom do you have people who are just as out of shape as you are asking to become part of a team so you can lose weight together.  Hmmmmm….
  2. Change must be achievable.  Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that one of my resolutions is to eat healthier.  Sounds good, but what does “healthier” really look like?  Does that mean I go from eating cheeseburgers every day to nibbling on celery instead?  Yeah, THAT resolution will last.  Set goals that are achievable.  Healthier eating might mean you have salad instead of fries and drink two bottles of water for every soda you consume.
  3. Change must be enjoyable. I have people in my life who are dead set on setting my changes for me.  Not only that, but they never miss an opportunity to remind me of the changes THEY have “encouraged” me to make.  Here’s the way change works for me, if I don’t like it, I won’t do it.  This applies to eating habits, exercise habits, work habits, any change I need to make.  If it feels like slavery, that change will not last long and I will become resentful of those pushing me.
  4. Change works best as a team.  This is true in pretty much any format.  Get a bunch of people who are pretty much in the same situation and you have a team.  If the team sets a goal, then the team can make the goal a reality.  Encouraging each other, being accountable to each other, working together, pretty much any goal can be realized.
  5. Change will only happen when I make a plan I can stick to. I am NOT a morning person by ANY stretch of the imagination.  I have absolutely NO inclination to drag myself out of bed before daylight so I can go to the gym and torture myself while my brain is trying to make my body die so rest can be had.  So if my resolution is to get to the gym, then I must make a plan to do it.  Therefore, I can go to the gym instead of stuffing pizza in my face at lunch, or I can go when I hit that mid afternoon slump and just need a think.  If I make a plan that my mind can work with, the resolution can become a reality.
  6. Change can only work if you are willing to forgive yourself.  When we start making changes, we’re going to slip up!  We’re going to miss a day at the gym.  We’re going to indulge our craving for meat once in a while.  But if we beat ourselves up over these slip-ups, or worse let others beat us up over them, the guilt will destroy any hope of lasting change.  If we mess up, okay, we messed up….get back on track and try to make the time a little longer before we mess up again.
  7. Change can only happen if it is realistic.  We’ve all heard the fantastic claims by the “Healthy Eating/Exercise” companies who peddle their powders and machines and supplements and “systems.”  They all claim that you can have the body you always wanted in just a few months if you will only go broke, sign over your life, and surrender everything to them (and if you help generate more followers of their cult, you can “get rich” too).  Listen, the body I have always wanted is currently being occupied by someone else who doesn’t know I exist, so let’s just put that puppy to rest.  The body I currently have could use a bit of renovation, but nothing drastic.  After all, Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day or a month or even a year.

Hopefully you will join me in welcoming the new year with realistic, achievable resolutions!

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Perspective…It’s All In How You Look At It!

perspectiveMany years ago, when textbooks were written on stone tablets, my Philosophy Professor shared with us a story.

One brilliant professor decided to gather all of his colleagues from across the world for a symposium where they would pose a question and then share their wisdom, knowledge, intellect, and show the world why they were so brilliant.  So he issued invitations which included the question to be discussed: “If you found yourself stranded on an island, what single would you want?”

The Symposium began and each scholar was to present their conclusion to the premise and the others would discuss the answer in order to determine which would be the most brilliant answer to be presented to showcase the amassed intellect.  One professor boldly declared that he would need all of his books, in order to keep his mind occupied for the rest of his life.  Another shouted him down stating that he would need his wine collection in order to maintain some semblance of civilization.  While yet another proclaimed that the only possible answer would be endless delicacies, after all, one needs to eat and should be able to dine well.

Before long the discussion went from simple to ludicrous to bizarre to over-the-top extravagance in which only a mansion of purest polished marble with priceless furnishings and gardens with fountains and endless luxuries would be required in order to survive on this island.

During this Symposium, Wilhelm the Janitor, had been sweeping and emptying the trash in each room in the building.  The conference auditorium was the last one in the building so he waited patiently for these learned men to finish their discussion so he could clean up.  The hosting Professor, thinking to have a bit of fun, told Wilhelm that if he had a better answer than anyone else, then the Professors would do the cleaning for him for the rest of their lives.  Wilhelm agreed.

The professor could hardly contain his smirk, and the others chuckled none too quietly, as Wilhelm was asked the question: “If you found yourself stranded on an island, what single would you want?” Wilhelm, without batting an eye, answered: “To be rescued.”

You see, we tend to take that which is simple and complicate it by taking it to extremes it was never meant to experience.  Perspective is all in how you look at life.

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Nugget From Wisdom Owl #2

Wisdome OwlIf your boat floats, don’t wait for the wind, grab the oars and row!

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Nugget From Wisdom Owl

Wisdom OwlWhile traveling life’s road remember: “A great parking place is tempting but doesn’t mean you’ve arrived at your destination.”

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Wisdom Comes From Odd Places


It’s been awhile since last I put fingers to keyboard and mind to focus to write.  During my hiatus, I took time to ponder and contemplate (as introverts are wont to do) and I enjoyed one of my favorite movies.


One of the things about a good movie or book is that each time you view or read it, you learn something new.  And such has been this was no exception.  The movie I watched is, in reality, rather cheesy but I enjoy it nonetheless.  Kung Fu Panda actually has some remarkably insightful lines that bear repeating.


My favorite character in this movie is Master Oogway.  He is the gentle wise Kung Fu Master of Masters. He has many sage nuggets of wisdom to share, but here are my favorites:


One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.


Consider this for a moment. Sometimes we make the choice to try to avoid a situation only to find the situation staring us in the face at every turn.  Trying to avoid the inevitable is like trying to live underwater without taking air to breathe….unless you’re a fish, it’s not possible.


Look at this tree. I cannot make it blossom when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before its time.


If you plant an orange tree, you will get oranges.  You cannot plant an orange tree and get bananas.  You might go bananas trying to make it give you something it can’t though.  Be careful what thoughts, ideas, words and attitudes you plant.


You are too concerned with what was, and what will be.


Learn from the past, it cannot be changed.

Change your future by altering your present!


I am rather dorky, I know, but some things just strike me as interesting and worth sharing.


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Tantalizing Tidbits Of Thought

Learning From Others

I love talking with people.  Especially if they have a lot of life experience.  They seem to have wisdom that oozes from every pore.  


Granted, some are cynical and angry.  And also granted, wisdom is not limited to those with a lot of life experience.  There’s an amazing difference between being “smart” and being “wise.” 

To be smart, you have to learn a lot of things you may or may not ever use again, usually from books and lectures. 

To be wise, you have to learn a lot of things that you will use again and again in the actual functioning of your life.


Here are of the tidbits of thinking I’ve discovered, borrowed, found, stolen or otherwise acquired during my dance around this orb:


“Don’t piss off a skunk!”


“A bear can’t make Moosetracks properly, it’s the whole ‘opposable thumb’ issue.”


“Camels don’t drink often, but they still need to drink.”


“If you’re dumb enough to grab a snake by the tail, expect him to bite yours.”


“Elephants and women remember everything!”


“If you don’t want me looking at it, don’t put it where I can see it.”


“When you listen, use both ears and your heart.”


“Bridges help you get to the other side. They also help whatever is on the other side come to you.”


“Never say ‘if it were up to me, I would…’ if they had wanted your input, you would have been in on the ground floor.”


“If you want to guarantee to wake up early on the weekend, advertise your yard sale.”


“If you don’t want advice, don’t air your concerns.”


“If you don’t like the way something looks, don’t look at it.”


“Never look up when you walk under birds.”


I’m always amazed by the simplicity of wisdom and love sharing what I’ve learned. 


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Wisdom McNuggets…

Sometimes the best step to take is a step back!

Some ideas seem brilliant until they're actually carried out!


Sometimes the best place to be is alone.

When you feel overwhelmed, don't fear reaching out.


Sometimes the path may seem unclear.
It that case, move a little slower,
but keep moving!



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Musing of a Wandering Mind

You can stand out just by being you


How many would admit to trying to “fit in” by acting outside of their own personality?  I’ll admit it.  I used to try so hard to find acceptance in the eyes of others and found that their “acceptance” was, more times than not, fickle and unattainable.  I’m just a tad different in ways we won’t be discussing here, but I finally found the acceptance that I craved when I accepted who I am……frightening, isn’t it? 

Look to nature to see this true…

  • How many colors or roses are there?  Different….yet the same.
  • How many animals are of the species yet have different markings?  Different…..yet the same.

So why do we try to be who we’re not?  We are all different…..yet the same!  Embrace your own weirdness and enjoy life much more than trying to keep masks in place.

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More Weird Wisdom

Today is apparently a continuation of the contemplative mood. 

Thus, igniting another spark of Weird Wisdom:


“Like it or not, you impact the lives of others.

How?….that’s up to you.”

Everything you say, everything you do, has an impact on someone.


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Weird Wisdom

Feeling rather contemplative today so just a tiny bit of wisdom to pass along:


“Hold lightly to that which you think dear.

 In so doing you do not crush it, nor hold it captive.”


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