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Who? Did WHAT?


I am a curious sort and, as a result, many questions flow through my brain seeking answers or, at least, clues to answers.

  •  Whilst printing an email this morning, my mind wandered off to pose the question: Who decided the standard size of paper to be 8.5″x11″?
  •  I then read an article about the MOST EXPENSIVE coffee in the world…kopi luwak from Sumatra.  Apparently, the Civet Cat eats the coffee cherries and then poops out the beans.  Now…..I have an addiction to coffee.  I love coffee!  I drink lots of coffee.  But the voices in my head united as one to ask the question: “The most expensive coffee in the world is found in cat poop?” Who was the person who figured this out?  I can’t speak for anyone else, but as much as I love coffee, digging through cat crap to get a cup of coffee will most definitely cure my addiction post haste!
  • Next I saw an advert for Fiji Water which claims to be bottled at the source without being touched by human hands.  How does water flow from the source, into pipes (made by human hands or machinery made by human hands), and then into PLASTIC bottles (made by human hands or machinery made by human hands), and then into the stores?  How do we know this isn’t the result of some guy with a garden hose mucking about in his garden filling up plastic bottles and laughing himself silly as his bank account just grows and grows?
  • Next came an advert for the Fiat 500.  This minuscule auto is not much larger than a golf cart and was intended to be the competition for the Mini Cooper and the Smart Car.  Yet, according to the advert, if you “accidentally” drop a Viagra tablet into the fuel tank, the docile Fiat 500 becomes all bulked up into a bit of a rager.  So should your Fiat 500 remain in this bulked up state for more than 4 hours, should one consult their local garage?

Other miscellaneous ponderings include such issues as:

  • Who decided how much water it would take to make poop disappear down the pipes?
  • Who decided a red light meant STOP, unless you are in a brothel quarter and then it has a completely different meaning.
  • Why does a scantily clad woman become offended when the Average Joe looks are her displayed wares?
  • If we are all so much alike, why do I like quiet while others prefer loud?
  • Why do we never see human heads stuffed and mounted on the walls of animal homes?
  • Who was the one who got to decide that scratching where it actually itches in “inappropriate”?
  • Why do the “Standard Size” windows seem to change when I need to have one replaced or re-glassed?
  • Why do women wear brasseries that “Lift and Separate” but when the lifted and separated are noticed by men, the men are told “eyes up here”?

These are just a few of my mental wanderings.

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And The Cycle Continues

vicious cycleI am more than a bit confused. Realizing that such a feat is not all that difficult, I beg you to continue reading anyway if you please.

Think about this:  We are bombarded by food adverts day in and day out.  Most of these are not for healthy food.  Such unhealthy foods lead to such things as obesity which can lead to liver damage, diabetes, arthritis, and more obesity since we are too ill to exercise.  With me so far?

Now, factor in the boom in gyms all advertising for your money to “get healthy.”  And factor in all the “quick health remedies” with their powders and their pills and all their expensive products and their cheerleader sales reps telling you that all you need to do to get healthy is sell your home to afford the first month of their products.  If their products don’t work as advertised, these cheerleaders cheer even louder that you must use MORE of their products.  The next month you have to sell off your kidney or lung, but hey, you are making progress because you are 10 pounds lighter and 500% broker.

Then there are the physicians, who fuss and fume about eating habits and exercise habits, while they require test after test, exam after exam, and referral to other physicians who are thrilled you have insurance and they all prescribe medications which require more funds you don’t have.

So you decide to eat healthier.  Go to the grocer to purchase healthier foods, where you are faced with a dilemma: do I pay the $60 water bill this month or spend that $60 on healthy groceries I can hold in one hand?  And the cycle continues.

I am not convinced that I want to be healthy while living in a cardboard box under the overpass down by the river, or live the life I have, die sooner, but have a LOT less hassles and VASTLY fewer hands digging into my meager stipend!

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WhatI have always been quite the curious lad.  My mind seems drawn to what many take for granted and I want to know of the origins, the reasons, the causes, and such.  As a child, I was encouraged to hold my tongue and keep silent (usually with the ear pinch or whack to the seat of the pants).  But my mind is relentlessly curious and occasionally observant.

  • Why does Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal promote cannibalism by showing their cereal bits devouring each other on their commercials?
  • Who was the first person to get a college degree?  How did they know they had learned enough to earn that degree?
  • Why do we, as a society, continue to make stupid people famous?  Do we truly have nothing better to do with our lives than to watch their lives implode?
  • Why do we insist on enhancing our bodies surgically in an ongoing effort to “look younger”?  What’s wrong with being who you are?
  • Why are there no quiet wrappers on foods or candies so you can eat in peace without having the scroungers coming around to pester you for some?
  • Why do parents bring their children to a quiet place, like a library or a coffee shoppe, only to let them run rampant like screeching monkeys attacking each other for the last banana?
  • Why do we demand respect yet believe showing respect is a sign of weakness?
  • We spend so much time working that we have to have someone else raise our children (that we somehow found the time to create and birth), and then complain about how tired we are only to take a vacation to go someplace coastal only to spend the time either cramming so many activities into our time away that we return more tired than when we left, OR we spend the time away working through our phones, tablets, and various other devices?
  • Why do people poke holes into their bodies big enough to show the inner workings of their bodies then complain that no one will hire them and expect those with jobs to support them?
  • Why is it that on all the episodes of people being stranded in the wilderness or on some deserted island or forsaken encampment it is only the men who end up needing a shave?
  • Why is it on these same episodes that only the beautiful girls get lost?
  • Why do we need “reality shows”?  Do we not live true reality every day?  Of course, true reality is not as melodramatic or so badly overacted.
  • Why are there some people who simply seem incapable of NOT talking?

I’m just a curious lad whose mind seeks answers.

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I’m Confused……Sort Of…….Perhaps……Yeah, Definitely!

Are You SeriousMy mind generally likes to run rampant among the quiet villagers, keeping them awake at night, and causing slight mayhem when possible.  My mind especially enjoys a good loud romp through the minefields when it’s time for me to sleep and I have an early meeting in the morning.

*  Think about this for a moment:  We used to write on tablets of stone; we graduated to papyrus, parchment, then books.  Now, we are back to tablets.

*  For some reason, my mind ventured off to a jaunt back to my college days.  I remember one of the girlfriends I had.  We were, shall we say, enthusiastically adventurous when it came to amorous activities.  During the afterglow snuggle, if I had to release the bladder, I would get up, take care of the matter, and come back to bed all the while wearing nothing but a smile.  However, when she had to take the same journey, suddenly the sheets were whooshed off the bed, wrapped around her like a mummy and off she would go, and then she would come back to bed STILL wearing the tightly wrapped sheet and slide into bed so I wouldn’t see her nakedness that I had so vigorously enjoyed earlier.  I could tell you about every mole and freckle; about every spot that got a great reaction to the “don’t touch” spots, but she’s now fearful of my seeing her naked?

*  And speaking of women (who confuse me more and more), why is it that women dress to flaunt their physical attributes but take offense when they are noticed?  Are they flaunting only for a select few and everyone else is supposed to somehow realize this and avert their attentions elsewhere?  If you are bold enough to put it out to be seen, I am bold enough to look! If you don’t want it noticed then don’t put it on display!

*  Have you ever noticed that people tend to push their grocery carts the same way they drive their cars?

*  I remember, as a child, going to the grocery store with my Mom who got herself all cleaned up like she was going to church.  Now, you walk into Walmart…….

*  When cellphones first became popular, they were HUGE! There was the over the shoulder bag phone that weighed a ton, and there was the brick sized phone.  Gradually they became smaller and smaller until they became the size of a credit card.  And then just this morning I saw a kid pull out a cellphone that was the as big as my shoe!

*  When I was growing up, weddings and funerals were respectful events where you wore your best suit or dress and men made sure they took their hats off when they entered the building.  At the most recent wedding I attended, people were dressed as if they had just taken time to come from the beach to see the ceremony and then they were going back to the beach.  Even had some who showed up in what appeared to be band-aids and string which was a HUGE distraction for the groom…not to mention the minister.  And the last funeral I attended had people show up in raggedy shorts, tank tops on the girls barely covering a freckle much less any skin, and flip flops.  Sunglasses and hats remained ensconced during the entire inside event, never once were they removed.

I am confused and bewildered by our behaviors as humans or are we reverting back to animals?

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Sloshing About In The Gene Pool

If you’d like to see the entire spectrum of the gene pool…..might want to overdose on some Dramamine first, for that sea is stormy and full of tall toxic waves that do ripple about like pudding in a balloon. Yet if you are stalwart of heart and foolhardy of sanity, step forward and peruse the clientele at your local StuffMart.  Here, you shall be bombarded with almost every critter that ever crawled out from under a toad’s turd to breathe air, all the way up to those who believe their conception was immaculate.

Be that as it may, you will be amazed and astounded (not to mention completely disgusted) by the wide variances of persons, and I do use that term in its broadest conceivable idealized meaning.  Some will have multiple children, all of whom are shrieking as if they were at the fair livestock show (and they are the livestock) and you look at, what you presume are, the “parents” and say to yourself, “Self…….how much did they have to drink in order for this to happen?”  Then shalt you continue with your shopping, expressing prayers of thanksgiving that one of the parents of this gaggle of flying fartmonkeys wasn’t you. It also causes you to wonder if Darwin was a certifiable lunatic, because if these represent the fittest of our species…….

We’ve seen those people before.  The ones that make you wonder how on earth one could look in a mirror and decide that a camouflage cap that’s been under someone’s truck seat for 10 years, a mullet, and spandex saying to themselves, “It it good!”  Then believe it is a visually pleasing look to be thrust upon a now nauseated public.  And yet…there it is right before you, making your eyes wish they were feet so they could leave!

While tis very easy to poke fun at others, I would be remiss in my narrative if I did not also take a good look at my own slime encrusted gene pool.  Okay, I looked and the crust is still in tact so moving on to something equally irrelevant and tedious (which usually means I was interrupted mid-thought and forgot where I was going with this). 

Have you ever wondered why superheroes are always tall, good looking, and muscular?  Not to mention they all have some pretty catchy theme music.  Think about it, they wear spandex and look good in it.  The guys are all chiseled and defined like granite with all the appropriate bulges that radiate vim, vigor, and vitality.  And the girls are, well…….scantily clothed, and very pleasing to the eye, and I’ll stop there.

Let’s face it, would you rather be seen with this:

This is what I look like, by the way.

Or would you rather be seen with this:

Here’s my point I’m trying, apparently not very hard, to make: To someone, you are a hero!  Whether they see you as that stunning, muscular, chiseled cliche or as a normal, not-so-muscular-or-chiseled normal person.  What would you choose as YOUR theme music?

You may now return to your nap, work, worknap, activity, or zoneout.

My name is Poole…….Gene Poole!

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I’m Just SPARKLY!!!


There’s no way to continue without expressing my gratitude, admiration, and appreciation to Pia Valentin for this recommendation and nomination.  Go forth and shower her with lots of love, gifts, and the occasional stalkery act. WOW!  I am humbled and actually pretty much at a loss for words except to say THANK YOU!! And then give a big hug! Yeah Yeah, people get nominated all the time……well, I can tell you that this is extremely wonderful to me, because it means someone actually read my words and like them!

There is, of course, a catch to this extraordinary honor….that being the rules.  As a rule, I’m not a HUGE fan of arbitrary rules, but in this case I will make an exception to my rule.  The rules are as follows, in no particular order (here’s where I get to break the rules):

Here are The Sunshine Award rules:
• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
• Answer 10 questions about yourself (I’m changing the questions too).
• Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
• Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

And here are my 10 answers to the 10 questions:

1. Favorite sandwich? Peanut Butter, Swiss, and Turkey with Fritos between the turkey and the cheese.

2. What Is Your Quest? To wander about this life enjoying many of the sights, sounds, a few of the smells, and sharing a smile where possible.

3. Favorite Fruit? Fresh

4. Favorite Dessert?  YES

5. Favorite Hobby?  People Watching

6. My passion?  This one is remains BREATHING!

7. Do you have a secret talent or hobby? If I told you then it wouldn’t be secret now would it? But YES I do.

8. Beach, Mountains or Desert? Love the beach, Like the desert, not much on the mountains though.

9. Favorite day of the week? The ones ending in “y”

10. Favorite Song? “I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne (when he was still coherent).

And my 10 – 12 Nominees are……..(insert appropriate fanfare here)………The first 10 – 12 people to read this!

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Distracted Thinking…

If you’ve ever seen a ship in a bottle (that is done well) it lends itself to the curiosity as to how did the artisan get that ship into the bottle?  While the truth of the matter is rather simple (it was assembled inside the bottle, which is a talent unto itself), the actuality of my point is this: Why is it SO important for us to know how it was done, instead of appreciating the fact it was done and done well?

Who cares HOW? Just enjoy!

I’ve got one of those personalities that tends to wonder (and wander) about things that are pretty much useless tidbits of information.  For example, I wonder about “Firsts”:

  • What was the first person to eat lobster thinking?  Lobster is usually not a shoreline critter, isn’t exactly pretty to look at, and doesn’t seem to be overly thrilled about being dropped into a of of boiling water. So what kind of person was it that decided on this course (pun intended) of action?

  • Cashew nuts are wrapped in a shell that is poisonous. Who was the first guy to discover the nut inside the shell?  Probably not the first guy that actually bit the shell, obviously, but there are some hardcore people out there that would fight through the poison just to prove there’s a nut.

  • Think about the cup of coffee you’ve enjoyed (or are still enjoying).  That coffee has been through quite a process.  The beans were grown, picked at a certain time of year, roasted at a particular temperature for a specific amount of time, then they are ground up, hot water is passed through them, and voila….you cuppa joe is born.  Who was the first person to think up THAT process.

  • I also read about a particularly rare and delicious coffee that takes an even more bizarre journey. First, the beans are eaten by a particular goat and the outer shell is digested.  The actual bean is pooped out by the goat, and that bean is harvested from said poo, to begin its roasting and water adventure.  Who was desperate enough for a cup of coffee so as to dig through goat poo to get the beans?

  • The person who figured out that copper wire was a good conductor of electricity; I can see them in a lab (complete with lots of buzzing electrical thingies) running up to the lab tech with the ends of two copper wires.  “Here, hold these for a second.” Dash back, crank the handle on the generator, and the smell of roasting lab tech hair fills the room, and the Don King hairstyle is born.

I remember as a child, and YES I was once a child, asking all sorts of questions trying to figure out “why?” and being told by many a frustrated (and longsuffering) adult that I should really spend more time appreciating the inventions instead of constantly trying to figure out why or how.  This is true up to a point, I believe.  We do need to appreciate the things of life we enjoy, for we do take them for granted far too often.  Yet if we are satisfied and become complacent, then there can be no discovery or invention.

Imagine if the Neanderthals were satisfied roaming about the countryside fire free and clothing free.  Gnawing on bits and branches they find lying about.  What would we be doing right now? 

Ponder, appreciate, and seek!

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“Why Am I Here?”

Why Am I Here?

Ever ask yourself this question?  Or, perhaps, pose the question to…anyone who might be listening?  If we are breathing, I can guarantee that this question has popped up more than once. We want to know our purpose for existing! We ponder the point; we dwell on the issue; we stay awake at night wondering.

The “why” part of our existence isn’t nearly as important as the fact that we are here, and we are not here alone!  It’s not by accident that you are where you are.  It’s not by accident that you have the friends that you have.  It’s not by accident that you’re reading this point right now.  There are over 7 BILLION people on this blue marble right now.  That’s 7,000,000,000 people!  That’s quite a crowd.

Ever wonder why you’ve gone through the things you’ve had to endure?  How about this…look at the fact that you endured!  You are still here and you are still breathing.  Believe it or not, that is not as easy as it may sound.  Remember though, if you didn’t have a purpose for enduring, you wouldn’t be here.

So why are we here?  Simple, to make a difference!

Consider Walt Whitman’s words:

Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the foolish,
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the struggle ever renew’d,
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me intertwined,
The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?
That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
“That the powerful play goes on, and YOU may contribute a verse.”
What verse will you contribute?
One of hope or one of despair?
One of caring or one of apathy?
What verse would you like to contribute?
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Stare Or Dare

Sit and watch the world go by or get up and take part?

I enjoy sitting and thinking.  There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the beach in my lounge chair, feeling the warmth of the sun with the sea breeze washing over my face.  That is my idea of a vacation, just sitting and doing nothing.  I’m a contemplative, by nature, and enjoy pondering things.

Okay, some of the things that bounce around my brain are, shall we say, a bit odd. Why is the sky blue?  Of all the colors in the spectrum, why blue?  Why that particular shade of blue?  Why are clouds white?  Why are storm clouds grey?  Who got to set the standard of ‘normal’ and who set the standard for ‘weird’?  Who got to determine what day to start the calendar?  So you can see that my thoughts, while not always constructive, still exercise the synapses to a degree.

But think about this: Every single moment of every single day, we decide whether to passively watch the world go by or actively take part in it.  I’m not suggesting that we stop watching or stop thinking. I am suggesting that we take a more active role in time.

“I may not be able to change the world, but I can change the world for one person.”

Take some time to have an adventure or two. Who knows? You might enjoy it!  Will you stare at the World passing you by or will you dare to make a difference!

See? I’m Not Lost, Just Weird.

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When The Coffee Runs Out

Hope Is Just One More Heartbeat

If you feel as if your world is crashing in around you,

If you can’t believe your day couldn’t possibly get any worse,

If you wonder if there’s life after the coffee runs out,

If you’ve ever wondered what to do next,

Remember, Hope Is Just One More Heartbeat More Than You Had Before!

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