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Between Here and There

I was reminded of an riddle from my childhood:

“How far can you walk in the woods?”

“One step…then you are walking out.”

Into The Woods

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but it was thought provoking when I was a child. Think about it though, one step can make a difference.

  • Miss one step on a staircase and you can trip or fall or worse. I have the distinction of being able to trip and/or fall without ever missing a step.
  • What happens when you “miss your mouth” when drinking coffee? You get scalded and stained.
  • Miss your exit on the interstate and you have to go WAY out of your way.
  • Miss one step of a recipe…..

One step can make a huge difference.  There was a point to make here, but I missed the step of writing it down first. Go figure.

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