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See With Vision, Not With Sight!

EpictetusI happened upon this quote of Epictetus, “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”  How odd that this nugget of wisdom from the ancient Epictetus is still a resounding truth today!

Take, for example, the idea that for centuries we feared sailing beyond the sight of land because we just KNEW that we would fall off the edge of the world. And yet, we were eventually able to learn the truth that the earth doesn’t just drop us off when we go so far.

For many years we just KNEW that the Moon was made of cheese, yet we were eventually able to overcome that thinking to realize that attempting to make a sandwich with the Moon was not exactly ideal for the digestion.

Consider, also, the notions regarding diet.  For a while, eggs are bad, then they are good, then they are back on the naughty list with bacon and all the other foods I find thoroughly tasty.  We also have been told that meat is bad, then it is good, then it is bad again.  The same can be said for bread, butter, sugar, coffee, beer, and other delectables.

We go to the beach and are told that the sun can cause skin cancer so slather on lots of sunscreen. Then we are told that the ingredients of the sunscreen are ineffective as sunscreen but make an excellent skin softener.

I mistrust anyone who claims to have the final knowledge on any subject!  How many times have you decided not to order something from the menu because someone you knew told you THEY didn’t like it?  How many times have you had a wonderful experience at a business only to have that experience jaded because someone you knew had a bad experience?

We seem to miss out on so much wonder found in this world because we think we already know all about it, yet we make new discoveries quite frequently.  We need to start opening our own eyes and senses to experience this world for ourselves!  Stop relying on the declarations of, let’s face it, other human beings as flawed as we are.

Why do we elevate the opinions of others above our own?  Are they the ones who will be living YOUR life?  NO!  You live your life!  You experience your own adventures!  Let’s open our senses and LIVE our own lives!  See the world with your own vision!

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Let The Adventure Begin!

dangerous business stepping out

As you may or may not be aware, I have been existing in absentia from my pages for quite some time.  Call it a “Reflective Vacation”; Call it “Extended Contemplation”; Call it “lazy”….they are all, in some way, correct.  Having wearied of this self imposed exile, ’tis time to, once more, take up the virtual pen and release the mental horde upon this community.

Life is, in and of itself, a rather dull existence.  We sleep, wake, eat, work, eat, home, eat, only to start the routine all over again.  *sigh* How boring is that?  Why even bother?  Just the same old thing every day, day after day……after day……..after day……until we realize that we are dead and have the courtesy to lie down.

Where’s the adventure?  Didn’t the brochure at birth promise us limitless adventure?  Mine also advertised fun filled relaxing holidays in an all inclusive package where I get to sit on the beach all day (baking in the sun, getting all sweaty and sand covered) whilst people whom I have never met bring me drinks of varying colors, textures, and alcohol contents.

Here’s the fact of the matter: If you want an adventure in life, then get off the couch and out of the chair!  Remove yourself from your comfort zone and step outside.  Adventure awaits the Adventurous!

Want an adventure? Go to Walmart at 3:00am wearing a rubber chicken costume.  Or go to the zoo dressed as Tarzan.  Or swim in the ocean with raw meat strapped to you.  How about starting a conversation with someone you don’t know?  Perhaps as you walk through your day make it a point to smile and speak to everyone you meet?  Better yet, do a random act of niceness and do it anonymously with no possible way for anyone to know you are the perpetrator.

Adventures don’t have to include spiders, snakes, and assassins!  Adventures are what you find to be adventurous!

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Not Sure What It Means But….

  • shrug-4


  • I have reached the age where my joints sound like someone stepping on bubble wrap when I get up in the morning and stretch.
  • Naps are, once again, an essential part of my day.
  • The noises my Grandpa used to make are now coming from my own mouth.
  • I accept that I am sexy despite what people say to the contrary.
  • Thanksgiving now requires that I wear elastic to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.
  • Friends are more than merely names on a Facebook page. I would LOVE to meet more friends face to face. Words only go so far.
  • The days that are the toughest are the days where experience pays off! Patience learned from a lifetime of mistakes actually does have benefits.
  • I have still never used the geometry I was forced to learn in High School.
  • I still have a “thing” for the girl from my most embarrassing moment. Probably always will.
  • Time is not measured in breaths taken rather than rushed through.
  • Have never figured out how to win at poker. Okay, played Strip Poker a few times and lost on purpose. 😉
  • Broccoli and Asparagus are still, and forever will be, PURE EVIL!
  • My imagination is still extremely active and highly creative. Just sayin’.
  • Find a place where you can relax, and visit often.
  • Spend time laughing and being silly every day!
  • Cry when your heart hurts.
  • Share love with someone every day!
  • Oh, and if you’ve read this far…….Thank You!
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I Was Turned Into A Newt…But I Got Better

Good afternoon.  I realize it’s been a while since last I let loose the gerbils of my mind for some fresh air, so whilst they are having a romp about, you are stuck with me.

 Gerbils on a Bender

When you stop laughing and start breathing, we can continue…..


Here’s a gasper for you, a realization that slapped me awake faster than my morning coffee: I’m not perfect!  Give that a moment to sink in and the screaming of disbelief to subside.


It’s true though. I am in no way perfect, or invincible, or “good enough” by any standard.  But guess what? I don’t care!  I’m not here to impress anyone, smug though that may sound, it is, nonetheless, the truth.  I am rather an introvert, not given much in the way of “chatting” or small talk. As a matter of fact, I am a contemplative by nature, preferring to ponder and consider and observe.  That moment when you pick your underwear out of your butt and thought no one saw, you were seen by a contemplative.  I’m the person in the car next to you cringing while you attempt to sing the high part on Bohemian Rhapsody (and let you get well ahead of me in traffic so I no longer have to hear it).


But for most of my life, I dealt with Atelophobia.  I believe most of us have to some degree, and many still face it every day.  Atelophobia, for those who haven’t looked it up by now, is the fear of being “imperfect or not good enough.”  In a world that demands perfection, it’s difficult not to have this phobia. Thank goodness for airbrushing photos, photoshop, masks, and darkness (those who have photos of me are thankful for these).


But here’s the part I like best: I no longer care.  I have FINALLY reached the point in life where I no longer give a rat’s dinkle if I “measure up” or have reached “this tall so I can ride this ride.” Why? Because it is much easier to be who I am than pretend to be what someone else expects of me. 


I sing badly, so I sing where no one can hear me (i.e. in the shower where the acoustics are fabulous).  I dance like a one legged frog on a hot pavement, so what? If that bothers you, don’t watch me.  I’m not a good conversationalist until we get to know each other, so feel free to inquire and let’s get to know each other.


When you look in the mirror, do you see someone trying to be what others expect you to be or do you see the wonderful gift that is YOU? So….Am I “good enough”? No! I am so much more than merely “good enough,” I am ME and I enjoy it!

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There Has Obviously Been Some Mistake…

I’ve almost reached the point where I no longer bother to read the “news” anymore.  Why? Because of all the detritus, flotsam, and various other forms of refuse. 

“Amanda Bynes Appears In Court Again” – This is news HOW? Millions of people appear in court for all sorts of reasons every single day, why is this person any different?  Because she’s a “celebrity”? Does that mean she’s so much better than the rest of the population that people hang on her every move? It’s Lindsay NoBrain all over again.

My apologies to all who enjoy the doings of the royals, but the birth of a child happens many times all over the world every minute. Why is this particular child so special? Because he’s a “royal”? Tell you what, when the “royals” are able to live without breathing, that will be cause for attention. Aside from that, they are people just like the rest of us.

Here are a few other topics I don’t care about:

  • What a “celeb” wears to some event. Don’t care!
  • What the Kardashian’s are doing, saying, screwing, doing. Don’t care!
  • Who is engaged, sleeping with, married to or divorcing. Don’t care!
  • The latest “get rich quick” or “weight loss quick” secret. DON’T CARE!
  • The fastest production car. DO NOT CARE! In rush hour, it won’t make a difference.
  • Who gets the most “likes.” Guess what? I CARE NOT!

Let me put it as simply as I know how…unless it vastly improves my life or the lives of my family…

Who CaresBut that’s just my two cents worth…not that anyone cares.


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Who’da Thunk It?

This is just to distract you for a moment or perhaps forever.


ABC Award

Well now….It’s not everyday that a misophonic introvert like me gets nominated for such a prestigious award. And I must thank my buddy Ames for this nomination. Sneak over and poke about her kingdom of worditude, I must forewarn you, tread lightly upon the lawn of her castle or she’ll put you to work. She’s a teacher, and you know how they enjoy inflicting work on others. 😉 Really though, love you Ames. 

The rules of the Awesome Blog Content Award are:


Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.

Write a one-word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.

Nominate some blogs.

Leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!

Okay, lets see how well I can remember the alphabet:

A – Awesomenessosity (what can I say, I make up words. It’s part of my awesomeness.

B – Blank Stare (what I usually have before the coffee has kicked in.)

C – COFFEE! That nectar that kicks my brain into gear.

D – Deaf…..well, not really. More of a “selective hearing” thing guys seem to be most proficient.

E – Efficient (yeah, call it a pipedream, but I’m still claiming it)

F – Fortunate (why, because I am still breathing)

G – Gigantic Goof (self explanatory)

H – History (huge fan of history)

I – Introvert (no really, I am quite introverted. Almost painfully so.)

J – Just An Instigator (yeah, I like to quietly get things started and then sit back and watch the fun)

K – Klutzy (Hey, it’s MY alphabet game so I make up the words)

L – Lost (what has happened to my mind as time passes)

M – Misophonia (NOT a fun thing to endure)

N – Nuts ( take that as you will)

O – Oreos (wonderful treat with peanut butter)

P – Peanut Butter (that delightful food group that makes almost everything taste better. BTW, extra crunchy is the best!)

Q – Quietly Quirky (nuff said)

R – Indicative of a pirate. Go ahead say it outloud. See? You sound like a pirate.

S – Secret Agent (as a child, this is what I wanted to grow up to be. Shhhhh.)

T – Tattoo (yes I have one and no, you may not touch it)

U – Understanding (I try to be. Perspective has a lot to do with this attitude)

V – Ago Vacuus Desiderium “Live Without Regret” (My turn at this game so I emphasized Vacuus)

W – Words (I frequently use them. I also use grunts, gestures and bodily noises to get my point across)

X – Xylglyphy (I like these. No, look it up)

Y- Yearn to Learn (always learning. Some of it even helpful information)

Z – Zoo (one of my favorite places to visit. Yes the monkeys are adorable, but the birds like me it when I feed them)

For those who didn’t think I could do it, you may now breathe again. Now, if you don’t mind, I feel the need to remove my pants and drink coffee. No correlation, it’s just easier to appreciate the air conditioning AT HOME in shorts and I happen to like coffee. So there! 😛

And now for MY nominees:


Laura Beth


Michele Marie

Comfortably Numb


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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


“I just want to be happy.” Let’s face it, we’ve all heard it and we have most likely said it. Happiness is something we pursue with every fiber of our being. But what if I were to tell you that happiness is a state of mind, not a state of accumulation? Would you think me to have gone completely mad?

Nay, I assure you that this has been pondered and contemplated thoroughly and a secret has revealed itself. Happiness does not come from outside influences. Now, outside influences trigger feelings which enhance the happy state of being, but they do not, in and of themselves, cause our happiness.

If you find yourself unhappy, change what you can (thought processes are a good place to start), either accept or ignore what you cannot change, and keep moving forward. Why? There are some things that are within our power to alter. We can change jobs, for example. We can also change locations. We can also change our perception. We can change our “friends” or we can choose to avoid this who try to bring us down.

There are some things we cannot change, like what others think about us, what the company will do with our position, the overall economy, how other people feel and even the weather.  Let me ask you, stressing over things we cannot change helps how? Okay, it burns up time and lots of energy. But does stressing make it better? Probably not. In fact, it probably makes it worse for you and thoe around you. So why stress over the things you cannot control?

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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Blaze Away!

While reading a post from a wonderful friend of mine, (Reality In Progress  Go ahead and poke about her blog), a thought bonked me in the back of my skull and left an indelible mark.  She produced a work of art called “Naked Necessity” and, no, it’s not about getting naked. At least not overtly.

But the idea of blazing a trail (aka, trying something new) has stuck with me.  People, as a cluster, tend to follow the leader without thinking for ourselves, seldom trying anything new once the trend has been set, and we spend our lives wandering about in the same rut wondering why our lives seem boring.

Why? What is it about taking a path that is new to us that terrifies us so much?  Why do we spend our lives bumping into the walls of our rut? Have we lost the ability to think and dream? Have we abandoned the desire to blaze a new trail?

Here’s my challenge for you: Blaze A Trail! It doesn’t have to be a new trail, just a new trail to you. Have you had a dream of doing something? DO IT!  Have you felt the tug of adventurousity? Follow that tug!  Has the Muse of some artistic endeavour softly sung to your imagination? Heed the song!

Post your adventure!

Blaze Your Trail!

Blaze Your Trail!

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Ah HA! There IS Adventure To Be Had!!!


I’m a coffee drinker.  Well, that might be a bit of an understatement. I am one of those who believe that coffee is it’s own food group and is at the top of the food pyramid glistening hotly on the peak of freshness.  But I digress into daydreams.  Whilst enjoying one of many cups of coffee this morning, a thought blitzed me like a blot of caffeinated lightning. 

Permit me, if you will, Gentle Reader, to pose to you a small detour in the train of thought (feel free to blow the train horn as you will).  What constitutes an adventurous life?  Have you had one thus far?  If so, what?  If not, what’s stopping you?

In my mind, scattered and zinging along as it does, an adventure is anything that is out of the ordinary routine.  Actually, now that I ponder it, that’s not exactly accurate. Adventure is what you do with the out-of-the-routine events that happen to us too.  We tend to avoid adventure and cling to routine.  Rather predictable that.  But it’s fun to have the occasional deviance from the norm. 

Call me dull if you will, but I had an adventure just this morning, as a matter of fact.  Nay, it wasn’t as exciting as bouncing down a runway in a wind-up propeller plane whilst soiling oneself.  Rather, I had the opportunity to go to the dentist for my regular check up. 

Trips to the Dentist can be quite interesting and somewhat uncomfortable.  While I enjoyed the polite, courteous, and friendly banter with the hygienist who would be placing sharp pointy things in my mouth and poking at my teeth with them; and also enjoying the relaxing strains of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” wafting gently through the ceiling speakers, while said hygienist was insistent on inquiring about my life since my last visit, all the while being almost elbow deep in my mouth.  The polishing was pretty adventurous as I got to try the new strawberry flavoured paste (which has the consistency of caulk), which is a break from my usual fare of bubblegum.  Finally, there was the gland check, which include maneuvers similar to various professional wrestling submission holds.  I also discovered that Bill Cosby was absolutely correct, it IS possible to walk using your buttocks if there is pain involved.

By the by, no cavities and I got a lolly. What’s YOUR adventure?


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Surely You Jest!

Welcome to 2013 everyone.  Perhaps I am somewhat tardy in my felicitations, but I wanted to make absolutely certain that the Mayans had simply run out of room on their calendar before issuing that a greeting.  Among so many others, I have succumbed to the ill-conceived, and perhaps ill-fated, habit of making resolutions for this year.  Among them are to change my eating habits (somewhat), and actually exercise more than my channel surfing digits. 

Needless to say, in order to accomplish the second of these objectives, I ventured forth to an exercise facility (a.k.a.: torture center), and inquired about their programs.  I was greeted by a lively young spandexed vixen who was not only thin enough to disappear at times, and perky enough to make me want to smack her, she was quite knowledgeable regarding the various ways they could make one hurt, sweat, and regret their conception.  As this lithe creature droned on and on in her childlike whiny voice (with EXTENSIVE over use of “like”), I realized that proper grammar and pronunciation were tortured here as well.  According to her name tag, “Kandyce” is a registered fitness instructor.  I stated that I had a couple of concerns, being that I have had, one: very little exercise in several years, and two: quadruple bypass surgery, and would there be a program that would help me ease back into some sort of shape.  “Kandyce” informed me that she could recommend the “like absolute like PERFECT program that’s like so amazing that it’s like awesome!”  Imagine, if you will, my reaction to this tidbit of enthusiasm:


Yet “Kandyce” wasn’t phased in the least by my derisive snort or sarcastic look.  She blathered on and showed me the various devices which stretch, pull, pummel, rend, and inflict pain and torment upon one’s body.  Yes, I do realize that some enjoy this mode of life, but I do not happen to be among them.  Finally, towards the end of our tour, I was shown……THE ROOM!

Permit me to describe THE ROOM.  It was pleasant in its decor, very peaceful, with a fountain at one end and lots of padded mats lined up in several rows.  The air was cool and flowing freely, with the scent of the sea wafting about, and the sound of the gentle surf.  If I were to close my eyes, I would picture this:


And then I met the keeper of THE ROOM, known as “The Yoga Instructor” whose name badge stated boldly that her name was “Helga”.  Remember, my body has not been subjected to much strenuous activity for some time and would likely rebel against me, even threatening a violent overthrow of my ownership of said body, should this coexistence be disrupted.  Yet, here I found myself left in the hands of “Helga” for a flexibility evaluation.  Hmmmm…..oddly, not once did I notice a staff physician on hand, just as a sidenote observation. “Helga” hunkered down on one of the mats and immediately began a series of contortions that made me wonder if she, in fact, had bones at all, and asked me if I could do something like this:


“Surely you jest!” thought I. She didn’t seem to notice, by looking at me, that touching my toes would be more than a lost cause, and touching my toes to the back of my head would only happen if my legs were forcibly removed from my person.  Nevertheless, I gave it a go, and after much grunting, groaning, straining, sweating, and rolling from mat to mat as if I were a wrestler trying to pin myself, I surrendered to the idea that toe touching would not be happening this day.  “Helga” actually laughed and told me I needed to get in shape before coming back to that particular facility.  Always a good way to get members, methinks. So I toddled off to a different facility which offered much the same torture devices, but the staff seemed much more at ease.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw several people who were in the same shape, or out-of-shape, as I, yet they were working hard to change that aspect of themselves.  Intrigued, I was, and more than a bit surprised:

Marty Feldman

Thus, after the tour, I began a regimen, which I am daily wanting to continue.  So far, according to the scales, I am 13 pounds down, and feel a bit better.


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